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Alicia VanderMartin

Hi Karen,
I am a demo. you can place an order online at my site or email me and I can have it sent sent directly to you. That's if you have not found anyone yet! Love your blog by the way!

Cassi T. -- aka Mrs. T

I'm a demo too, but it looks like Alicia beat me to it.


Drat! I'm in Canada and we can't order cross border...but boy would it have been a treat to put an order in for you!


i'm not a demo, but i have a laundry basket full of new stamp sets i'm about to sell if anyone is interested. HAHA! :) btw - i'm loving their new book! :)


I'm a demo too, but it looks like I'm too late!
Have fun shopping. Stampin' up! has just released a bunch of very cool stuff!

Amy N.

well, if alicia and cassi don't work out i'm a demonstrator. just e-mail me.


My friend, Nancy, is a demonstrator. Her email address is NKLIEWER@COX.NET and her website is

Tina Powell

well it looks like I was a bit too late. My computer froze up and I had to reboot...ugg. I was a su demo for 3 years until just recently,due to the economy,but my mom is still a demo. She does offer discounts!!! Hope that helps!! If you are interested you can email me
Thanks so much

Robyn Werlich

Hey Karen! :) I'm a demo! :) You can order from my online site by going to:

Click on 'Shop Now' in the top right corner! If you have any questions on anything - let me know!



I'm one too! Obviously just a little too late...oh well. It just goes to show you how great minds think alike, right? I love creating with paper and I love my DSL camera! Great blog, by the way... Thank you for the inspirations, and all the hard work and time you share with all of us!

Sarah E

I'm not a demo. but I have several sets I would love to sell. Most of them are hardly used. You can email me if you are interested and I'll let you know what I have.


I just want to know what you're ordering so that everyone can rush out and order it, too! ;-) ha ha ha


If you ever need anything Close To My Heart I'm a demo for them. :) We have great stuff too!



Well I see that you have already had a ton of responses but I though I would give you my info anyway.

Keep in mind that Sale-A-Bration starts on Feb. 1st! When you order $50 in merchandise you get a free stamp set! Also right now when you order online you get a free catalog with your order.

If you are ever in the Portland/Vancouver area feel free to stop in to my stamp club on the second Sunday afternoon of the month. ;) Hey a girl can dream right?!?

Rachael Giallongo

I havent seen a catalog in years.... is the new one any good?

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thank you! I will leave my address soon, that project it's a big deal.

Elizabeth D.Taylor

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I'm also in search of a demonstrator for my business, If you know on now, please give me her/his contact

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If I knew, I would say....I will search for you!

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I will send you my email, thanks!

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If you are ever in the Portland/Vancouver area feel free to stop in to my stamp club on the second Sunday afternoon of the month. ;) Hey a girl can dream right?!?

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