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I bet you'll find most of the ladies on the cruise are thinking similar thoughts about themselves - enjoy and still chuckling over your Heidi Swapp story from your previous post.


Have a great time. You won't catch me on a ship:( That is my irrational fear!


You totally sound like me. Totally!
I don't own shorts. I only own skirts that go below the knee (and I wear those with tights and... well - honestly, I think I've worn like TWO of them like once each...). ´
I can't tan. (I get pink and bright pink skin is not pretty on redhaired people...!)
In the summer, I go from light blue to... dark white...
I aim to lose weight but despite my (actually) efforts, I seem to only pick up and put on the wiigh others lose. Or something.
...but I promise you one thing: everyone else will be too occupied with their own issues and body hangups to consider that you might have some too.

Ps. Have fun!


Have a great time on the cruise!


Just remember how beautiful you looked on your wedding day and push all those insecurities overboard!
Cruises are F.U.N. and I can't wait to book one for this summer!!


I knew this day was coming...

I had hoped to win the lottery by now so I would be on that cruise with you and Heidi (and all those wonderful people who don't know me yet, but when they do they will fall in love with me). Because I had WON the lottery, I would have gotten a personal trainer and chef and I would have dropped 25 pounds! And, because I am pasty white AND genetically geared for skin cancer, I would have my SPRAY-TANNED self in the cutiest outfits with an awesome purse to go with it. Alas, I have not won the lottery yet, so here I sit (fat, happy, and sassy).....

I will miss your blogs and await your return. Be safe.



I am so bummed that I am not going. I hope you have a great wonderful time and I can't wait to see the pictures! Especially of the projects!


Women and their body image issues. We all have them. I'm sure you will look great in whatever you wear! Have fun! I wish I could be in on such an awesome experience.


Wow that trip sounds awesome! How lucky for the attendees to have all you great talents there! I hope you have the best time!
I always look forward to your new posts, (not in a weird blog stalker kind of way!LOL)

So very excited for you! We will miss you, both on your blog and the photography workshop site. Have an AWESOME time!!


Have a wonderful time!!! We will miss you and look forward to your cruise photos!! And don't worry about what you look like--I am sure there will be every shape and size on the cruise!

Beth P.

Yep, I pretty much feel the same way about my body. I haven't worn shorts in several years, but keep a couple pair just in case. I actually loved last season's style because it was okay to wear those long bermuda shorts. I have a really cute pair from Eddie Bauer that cover my ugly knees. And I have the same unreasonable issues about my fat arms! I never expose them out in public if I can help it. Living in the south, that becomes very difficult in July and August when the humidity makes being outside almost unbearable.

Try to ignore your thoughts and enjoy the cruise... and the week away from reality.


Have fun. I know you'll take tons of photos to share. :D


I'm so jealous! How I would love to be taking a cruise right now, and with you and Heidi? That would be a dream come true!
Try not to worry about your body. There are not too many people in this world who have perfect bods and we all have hangups about our own. Besides, they will be having way too much fun to even think about what your legs look like. Just enjoy yourself.


Have fun! Enjoy your time with your sister and Heidi. And all your students. :-)

Jenn R.

Wow... have a WONDERFUL time Karen ! BE SAFE! Will you still be able to blog for us while on the cruise ??? LOL ! Just kidding.. enjoy yourself!

When I was a Senior in High School I went to Europe with Girl Scouts (you have to sell a lot of cookies to get to go to Europe) and I was obsessed with getting a few more new outfits to go. I shared this with my grandmother who I was secretly hoping would give me the money to buy them and she responded to me with a statement that changed my life. She said, "Why? No one in Europe has ever seen you in those clothes." That was 15 years ago and that statement has hung with me every time I pack a suit case.

I'm insanely jealous and I hope you have a wonderful time.


I'm going too and I am STOKED! I will be wearing jeans 24/7, and I didn't manage to lose any weight either. You have not seen body images like mine, sister. I don't leave until Saturday. So looking forward to finally meeting you.


Sausage is new skinny! ;)
Don't worry about what doesn't matter. Just enjoy the entire moment of the experience. May you have a fun trip and safe return. I, as others, look forward to the great pics & cool ideas!


Have a BLAST!!! I just can't imagine how much fun this is going to be for all of you. Can't wait to see pictures and hear stories.


wow I could have written this post!! well, minus the going on the cruise bits... LOL... I hope you have a BLAST-body issues & all :)

Alis in Wnderlnd

Have a great time! I don't own a pair of shorts either, but I LOVE capris, especially if they flare a tiny bit...make me feel like I have skinnier legs. I think you'll be fine in capris. Besides, it might get chilly at night.


I'm sure you're not the only one with those kinds of thoughts, as they pack their bags for this great trip. Just enjoy the fun and well, just think, you're not the only one out there covering their sausage legs, and trying to hide their arms! Believe me, I could tell you some stories....LOL Have fun!!!!

Val from Down Under

Hey Karen, people love you for who you are, not for what you look like! And I've been reading Heidi's blog and she thinks you're awesome. You'll have a fabulous time and I envy you A LOT! Take care and enjoy.

Colleen Barron

Have lots of fun and don't worry about your bod.....nobody will pay attention to you....they'll be worried about their own little issues....just have a good time. I had weight loss surgery 2 years ago and have lost 185 pounds so I understand your issues better than you know. You wouldn't catch me in a bathing suit even now....can you wear sweats on a cruise? LOL


Have a great trip!


No offense, but no one is going to be looking at your sausage legs, they will be won over by your magnetic personality and really big camera bag. They also may be too busy worrying about their own body issues and a few people may actually pay attention to the scenery and wonderful weather. Sooooo have drink don your shorts and have a mahvelous time, dahling!


that's funny... i think we must have come from the same "factory"... i suffer from sausage leg sydrome too!


have fun, everyone there will just LOVE you!~


You're darling! Wear your hair BIG....And ACCESSORIZE. :)

And remember this timeless saying: "Nobody's looking at you because they're too busy looking at themselves." (and your new camera.....)

And don't forget to have Heidi autograph something. ha.


And enjoy eating because you don't have to cook for 10 days!!!!


Tonia Borrosch

HAVE FUN!!!!! :) :) :)


My MIL is going on the cruise and I cannot wait to hear how it went...I'm so jealous that I'm not going but hopefully next year...It sounds like a dream trip...RE: your shorts, legs, arms...You are one of the prettiest women I've met and you have a nice figure, especially for a short girl :) You definitely have nothing to be self conscious about...Hope you have a wonderful trip...

Megan Renfree

Have a great time Karen, and just try to forget about your "body". I'm 5" so totally know where you are coming from, but sometimes ya just gotta let it go and enjoy the moment, and don't compare yourself to Heidi..that won't help! (been there, done that, have the photo! lol) Have a fab time :o)

Carolyn Hall

Have a great time!!! I love Heidi too! Her style is one of a kind. Don't get sunburned! Can't wait to see pix of the new "old" house.


I no longer own shorts either. And I'm 5'10".


Well, I AM going on the cruise and have been obsessing for weeks about what to pack. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one. Yes, buying summer clothes this time of year is hard, even here in Phoenix, but luckily we did get a few spring things in the past couple of weeks. I haven't worn shorts in years, or tank tops either, and after 63 years I have finally come to the realization that NOBODY CARES! As someone said above, they are all worrying about their own issues. So I am packing what I have and plan to have a fabulous time. How can I not? Beautiful Caribbean weather, fabulous cruise food, Heidi and Karen on board -- it's a recipe for a wonderful vacation and I'm going to enjoy it thoroughly!


Mind over matter. Everyone who knows you, or think they know you from this blog, will think your BEAUTIFUL. Because you are. You have a younger hunky husband who loves you and thinks your sexy. The scrappers lover your photos and what you create. So they will only see you that way, not in the way you see yourself. That I know for sure, as I have never met you, but if i bumped into you tomorrow, we would be long fast friends. And as my friend candra always says "the only thing that matters is hair and cleavage" LOL


Happy New Year Karen:
You are PERFECTLY normal!
Those who mind, don't matter, and those who MATTER don't mind! You're sister (matters) and she won't care what you are wearing over your lily skin. And you always make me laugh on your blog-I love your style-so I'll bet every lucky scrapbooker on the cruise will be laughing with you, not at you. Relax, enjoy!


Your capris will be fine! You are such a lucky duck, I wish I were going on this cruise. Then I could go to your photo class in Florida in March too, since I'll be on a cruise then.
Go Parasailing, it's the bomb! Have a blast. And remember, you can always find someone who looks worse than you do!


Have a great time and can't wait to see some photo's!


TOO funny! You have sausage legs and I have COWS! Some day they will be calves. And like you, shorts? what are they? None to be found in my closet. But, what you have remember is what the modern media has done to "woman" is a farce. You are you, you are a wonderful person inside and out. Focus on the fun stuff, the good times! Have a BLAST! Cruising is awesome because you get to visit a bunch of ports and never have to repack/unpack! I'm jealous!!

julia Crain

as a fellow holder of two sturdy legs, I am here to encourage you; you're beautiful just as you are.


have a wonderful trip. i am sure your not the only scrapbooking cruiser in capri's!!


Have a margarita for me...just one now! :)
Enjoy yourself, and remember what Mr. Roger's says.....

" I like you just the way you are"!!!!

Bon Voyage!

Mary Ann

Have a great time!
Can't wait to see your photos!

Tammy Mellish

You are going to have the BEST time.. I'm so glad you are doing this! I only wish I could be there lol. But then I too would be worrying about shorts, and tank tops.. even when I WAS super thin, I had huge issues with my own sausage legs and arms (an inherited feature.. lucky me!). No sleeveless shirt, shorts, or bathing suits here. It's been years since I purchased any of those!


Karen.. you sound like me!! HAHA!! Have a great time!! I so wish I could go! I could really use a scrappy cruise right about now!! I can't wait to read all about it when you get back!

dragonflydreamer (Susi)

What a dream come true going on my first cruise with my two favorite creative royalty and the other women who share my love of you, Heidi, scrapbooking, photography, and all things beautiful would be, but alas it won't happen this time. You are so beautiful Karen, but I do understand your body issues. I am 5' 8" and a quarter with a very long torso and thick sausage legs even when I was slender. Now I am a pear like the women before me. Your gorgeous husband fell in love with you and most likely tells you that you don't see yourself as you are just as many of us don't because we filter what we see through our distortions. Colleen is right...everyone will be focused on their own issues. Have a great time with Heidi and the lucky people joining you two on the cruise! The rest of us will be here thinking of you and waiting to hear all about it and see your photos when you return.


Body issues...if you are abnormal then I am too. I too own no shorts. After having kids they were banned form my wardrobe forever. Cold weather is my favorite because I have an excuse to cover every part of my body! Enjoy your cruise!


You're gonna have a great time at the cruise and stop worrying about your weight and tan. We (mothers) all looks the same and it's the inside and how you are against other people that counts. (I have only one pair of shorts and don't uses them but I have capri's instead and loves them...)
I'm visiting your blog a couple of times each week and really loves your photos and all you writes about, I often sit here with a smile on my face.
I wanna whish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR and you're gonna have a BLAST at the cruise.
Take care.
Helena from Sweden


It's going to be AMAZING!! Can't wait to see you Sunday!


First of all I hope you have a blast! Second, I can't wait to see pictures. Finally, you'll find that capris in January will be fine. I used to work for Carnival and LOVE cruises...wish I could talk my DH into one LOL The idea of a scrapping cruise...drool.!

Carrie T

Have lots of fun. I don't wear shorts either unless I'm working in the yard or excersing. Years of lifting weights in HS have made my legs super ugly.

~ Kim

I just found your blog and have just spent the entire afternoon ignoring my housework and admiring your photos ... WOW!!! Amazing!!!

Have a great time on your trip!!

Jill Sibbald

Okay - I am totally admitting to something I maybe shouldn't be, but if you're okay with a total stranger standing in a room with you while you're in your undies, then I say go for the spray on tan. Living in Eugene, I know how you feel about no sun. But let me tell you - you'll most likely never see the girl who sprayed on the tan again and if you get it the day before you leave, it might just last 2 - 3 days for you. I did it once, and it was totally worth the splurge. Have fun on your cruise and don't get into too much trouble !


It's all about the flowy skirts!


Sound like a lot of fun

Lan Amphone

Hope you have a blast! I so wish I was going to be there for your class, never been on a cruise myself. Can't wait to see the photos when you get back. I love old navy...i just bought two pairs of maternity pants on sale for 8.99 there.

teresa b

Don't sweat the small stuff... Everyone there will be in awh. Your a joy to be around..remember these people paid to come see you!! IF only I could be there! Have a wonderful time.. I'll miss your Blog happiness while your gone!!


You are not alone...I have no shorts in my closet either. Will not catch me in them! Capri's are my summer wardrobe!


You Rock, its so great how you read your comments and get back to questions- I am so psyched for class next week, by brand spankin new D90 is on its way!! I've taken a different approach on the body image,I know I'll never get the time I want to get the body I want, so now I just don't care, he he he - oh, and I run from the camera :-)

Julie McD


We could seriously form a group with girls like us, I think! Who knew there were as many of us in the world? I didn't! I'm only 4'11" and I detest exercise so you can imagine how I feel about my sausage legs. I am getting better about the exercising thing though, thanks to the wii fit! Have an awesome time on the cruise - be sure to post pictures when you get back and make sure Yannie keeps everyone in line! :)

Traci Smith

have fun and say Hi to Heidi Swapp for me! I love that girl!


remember your 1/5/09 post? in #6 you listed your fav totally rad actions? I created a macro that i call "karen's combo" that runs those steps. LOVE IT!!! thanks again. Have fun soaking up the sun and have fun!!

April F

Please come back...I miss your blogs!!! Enough cruising!!! lol

Coleen B.

Posting on your "before the cruise" blog to tell the world how incredible you are now that you've done not one but TWO classes on the cruise that opened so many inspired thoughts in me! THANK YOU KAREN!
By the way, my youngest daughter is exactly your age. If there was one comment to make about body image, mine would be that I sure wish I'd quit worrying about my knocked knees and pidgeon toes 40 years ago and thanked God every day that I woke up with my eyes open instead. It's not about the body, that is the temple that houses YOU. Take care of the temple and love it as much as you can for what it is, it won't last forever. As you continue to mature, look at the shine in your eyes, the windows to the soul that is housed in the temple. When both are well cared for, all is well, I call it
"Living Our Voluntary Eternity" LOVE.
Thank you for sharing your love of your passion with me, you are a star!
I am forever grateful, Coleen

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