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Ohh I love it! BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait to get my hands on them! THANK YOU KAREN!


Oh my!! That all looks WONDERFUL!! And I love that you did it in cream & brown... I'm so drawn to brown and these are just wonderful. Thanks!!!


Ooooohhhh! Me likely! Can't wait 'til they're available to us!


Love the new collection! Will there be new cream and brown easel books?

laura j

Love the cream and brown! You never cease to amaze!


I want them!!! Now!
LOVE the sepia/brown & cream!
Where can I get them and when?!??!!


Oops, special request: PLEASE show us some pictures of your scraproom when it's done...
Would LOVE some insight as to how you organize, too...
Thanks (in advance!)!


Oh YUMMY...I love your designs. They are always so timeless.

I still buy up the old releases when I can find them. Which is saying something as I've been on a scrappy diet for the last 8 months or so LOL (I talked DH in to letting me continue to buy Narratives and adhesive only under the agreement that if I need card stock I have to prove I can't use another color instead!)

Mary Ann

I love the Cream & Brown!
Can't wait to get my hands on it!

tara pollard pakosta

i just can't wait til you scrapbook again!
please share your pages !you are one of my top fave
scrappers!!! love the cream & brown. don't make me break my resolution to not buy
ANY scrap stuff in 2009! i am doing so well so far!!!!!

Janene M

Loving it as always. Upset to hear about the break as you come up with some great stuff but wish you all the best. The photography class has been amazing - sad to see it end too. But we all must move on. All my best wishes!!! Might have to hold off my wedding album since chocolate brown was our color.

Teresa B

Oooohhhh.. I love it!! Can't wait to get my hands on it!!


AWESOME! :O) I love them!

Tammy Mellish

i love brown.. it's my favorite color in the whole wide world.. and it there was ever any one thing i would have done to change your product, it would have been to add more brown to the collection. LOVE! Good stuff!


Fun colors, even the brown. ;) Nice to see the negatives coming full circle.


Oh My God Karen -- I LOVE THESE!!! In particular, I LOVE those new narratives strips. Well, I better stop saving now. Thanks so much for sharing these and I will be SERIOUSLY missing your work in the near future!

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


Beautiful as always. I LOVE the new negative strips!!!!



I am taking your classes when you come to Florida and I was wondering on the scrapbooking day what class is taught first? (A Year or 10 Reasons) I will be at the classes in Orange Park Florida. I emailed you but I guess I didn't use the correct email. I am SO excited to meet you and excited about learning:)

Meg Duerksen

i love these. i was in love with the black and now i love the brown. i will miss you stuff next year...i guess i will have to buy it all up now. :)


LOVE that sepia! I'm really into neutrals right now. can't wait to get my hands on it.


Hi Karen...the Sepia collection is gorgeous! I was wondering if you have anything in the works for us "digi" girls???


my heart just skipped a beat. i love the brown! can't wait to get my hands on it! and yeah I wanna see your scraproom too!!

Sandi Keene

Just gorgeous!

Amy Leigh

Gorgeous new products. Nice work Karen!

Nancy Jones

OH this is BEAUTIFULLLL I LOVE ALL OF IT! You never fail to turn out such gorgeous product!

Sarah Fordyce

looooooove love love the sepia!!!

Dionne C

These are just darling! Really versatile too!




beautiful as always! You're still my fave designer!!!!

Kim Hacking

LOVE the brown and cream! Beautiful!!!!

gina ferraro

Beautiful!!! love it all; you do great work!

creativechaos usual!

Tami B.

yummy new stuff! thanks for the preview!

Terri B in Oregon

You read my mind! I have been looking for brown, with cream and you magically put it together into some fantastic papers, stickers, etc. Love it! And the Lily line is super, I can think of a number of things I want to do with these! How soon will these be "on the shelf'? Can't wait to buy and buy extra to hoard!!! I have two cropper hoppers full of your stuff, for hoarding! (and using, but sometimes I just love to take them and and just handle them!)


Loving the new stuff! Waiting for it is the hard part!!!

Alicia Sharp

I so love the new brown collection! Fantastic!!

Stayce DeWid

so beautiful Karen. I got to work with it :) that is my layout you posted :)...what an honor. I had such fun with it. The lilly lane was great too.

Kay Ward

These are just amazing collections. I can't wait until they come out. I hope when you get your scrap room done you will post pictures on your blog.

Wendy Goodman

You've done it again. Love those ledger papers. Can't wait to get my hands on the Sepia collection!


Oh WOW! Not bad for a Beaver... heh heh... BeaUtiful collections! Love, love, LOVE the Sepia Line. Oh... and I still have your old filmstrips. Been hoarding them for 5 years now. Guess this means I can finally use them, huh? Enjoy your time off!

jamie v

WOW, WOW and WOW- these are wicked awesome Karen!!

Cathy K.

Brown seems to be my favorite color lately - so I love the cream and brown. The colors in Lily Lane are just lovely. Beautiful as usual!

Ashley S.

Very beautiful Karen! Your product will be missed but I'm excited for you to be able to focus more on your photography and scrapping for fun.


Hi Karen,

It is all beautiful!!! I too will miss your releases that I look forward to the most out of all the scrapbook companies. Have you heard when they are going to release the transparencies from the last release?


OHHHH! Yep! I'm broke! I will have to have all that cream & brown! It will be perfect for my old,old,old photos. With my own touch of color added, PERFECT! I love the Lilly too! I don't know if I can wait til April for that to get here.
While I'm sad that this is the last from you for awhile, I'm also happy that you'll get back to scrapping your own beautiful family, enjoying your new house, and spending time with that oldest son of yours before he heads off in his own direction. You have the important priorities right. Those of us who love you will be here when you return!

Kris Van Allen

BROWN!!! brown, brown, brown, brown, brown,brow! I am so excited!!! My new neutral.....already plotting in my head....pages are flowing now!

Lorraine M.

Beautiful, Karen! I was looking forward to seeing what you were releasing, and I was not disappointed! Can't wait to get my hands on some IRL!

Susan Lilian

This is absolutely beautiful, as usual. I can't wait to see it IRL.


Oh, Karen - I'll miss your collections during the break because... well - you always make my FAVE stuff. The above shown is no exception. I love it all!!

The Black & Cream has been my fave for a loooong time. It now seems it's getting a competitor that might be hard to beat: Cream & Brown.
LOVE that combination.

Can't wait to get my hands on them! :D

Theresa Grdina

LOVE the sepia! It is beautiful!!!! Can't wait to get it into my hands!!!


lovin' that sepia and all of the other goodies too!


wow! Love the new line!! When will it be available? Are you planning on making any kits/projects with this line??


Karen - I am so excited to see you will be teaching at Creative Escape '09!!! I have been lucky enough to go the last two years, and now, after seeing the teacher list, I am really hoping my name comes up in the lottery again this year!! Creative Escape is fabulous, and I am sure you will love teaching there. One comment though - you might not get to talk as much as you usually do (which I love) because each class has a definite time limit. Congrats again!! Signing off from the panhandle of Texas!


Love the new designs! I was wondering if you offered the original negative strip as a digital brush?

Account Deleted

OMG this collection is sooo awesome!!!! I need ALL of it right away!!!

Jo Baer

I would love that brown damask for my wallpaper in the dining room. Would you happen to have enough time to work on that for me? Yeah, right... LOL!
The colors are nice, too- but it seems the crowd loves Sepia! (Myself included!)
Nice work...

Diane DiTullio

As always, you've outdone yourself! Beautiful release Karen! :)



laura stewart

love the die cuts!


As always, LOVE at first sight. I will miss your product releases, but will make sure to stock up so I have plenty of KR inspiration for a long time to come! :) Thanks for your awesome blog...


Just beautiful. You did a great job designing these papers and the collection, as usual.

Ann Grounds

Very beautiful, just like you and no, I'm not being sarcastic or hitting on you ;o). I think it is pretty and that you are a beautiful woman to share your photos, your art, and your life with us. Thats all. Can't wait to see it in the stores.

Laura Plunk

Beautiful... works for me can't wait to get some of it...

Laura P
Southern OR

Ava G

Nice color combo


Oooooh, these are so yummy!!! I love them all, but I think the sepia & cream is my fave!! I'll definitely be loading up on these since it will be a while before you design more goodies!! I am so loving the photography class right now!!


this is just soooo totally gorgeous!!!


Beautiful as always. You've never failed to amaze, you're collections are wonderful. enjoy scrapping for fun in your new room!!

Helen Walsh

Love the new designs. Any idea where I can buy the black and cream online? I love the antique cream collection but can't find it in the UK anywhere!

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