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Very cute kit!



Do you know which class you will be teaching first when you come to Pictures In Time? I am signed up for both classes (& photography) but I have most of the items that I am going to have to purchase again & I was thinking of doing just one class and then the photography the next day. Could you let me know? (if you know:)

Leslie Parks

Oh Karen, I love your kits. I'm actually working with some of your products right now. I love them. I try to buy them all, but have to play catch up right now. Loving your photography class so far.


I'm a HUGE fan of your kits ... off to order!

Katherine McKamey

I'm ordering this right now!


I wish I weren't going on a cruise in March! I could so be at Pictures in Time! If only I had known. I will get the kit ordered tho! Love your stuff!


OMG - I hope you aren't all out on 2/13 when I am able to order it...I'll try to before that...I'll just keep my fingers and toes crossed!


Wow, this looks FABULOUS!

Tanya Webster

*sigh* OF COURSE i have to have one....because i love everything you know i do :)

Lisa Hall


I too LOVE what you do yes i want one as well.
Lisa Hall


yay! I can't wait to have one! Do you know if you'll be coming to the Boston area at all?


Beautiful kit. I have incorporated so much of your scrapbooking & photography philosophy into my own life & it has made things so much more simple & enjoyable for me. Thank you for offering one more kit. I can't wait to get it!

Amy Zarrella

oh as usual absolutely gorgeous!!! I hope I can save enough pennies to get it before they are all gone...So hard to justify the money to hubby with this stupid economy! I am so going to miss you teaching this year...Are you doing the cruise next year? I am hoping to go!

Stacey Boulmetis

Please don't stop the kits. I love them.

Stacey Boulmetis

Oh question...where do you get the funky sized page protectors??



Hi Karen, I've purchased your kits before when the Aussie dollar wasn't too bad, however a AU$100.00 at the moment is a bit much for me. Is there someway I can purchase the PDF document and use my own supplies to create the project?

Thank you in advance for your reply :)



Love this kit!

Just bought it!


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