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Alissa Hall

Photoshop Elements Actions - try EZ Actions.

I have several of them and enjoy them a lot. Reasonably priced and helpful. Also easy to use for someone who is not super educated in PSE (like me).


Hi Karen,

She is just a doll. So precious. Love that stroller. I'm sure your new, old house is going to look amazing when you are done renovating it.

I'm so looking forward to taking your Photographer's Workshop (hopefully this year if I can get in). Are you still planning on opening registration for the next sessions on March 2nd? Thanks!!


Karen... that photo is just ADORABLE!!! I LOVE the bokeh of the tree lights behind her and the composition. Beautiful photo!!!

Shelly VanWormer

Are you going to offer the "A Year in the Making" class kits on your blog. Would love to get my hands on "one of the last classes (or kit) that Karen Russell will be teaching for awhile."
Would love to see more on the house. I love old houses too, and looking at the architecture of those homes give me goosebumps. They have so much character and beauty. I can see why you were so drawn to it.
Thank you, as always, for sharing.


another reccomendation for - they are super easy and service is amazing.

Mindy Butler also has some PSE actions.


I hope to one day get a little more out of the 50mm lens when I upgrade to full frame. Love all the photos you've been posting. And it's good too, not worrying on being caught up.. takes the fun out of creating. Have a great day!


Thanks for all of the photography insights. It is always appreciated. Now, if I can only get into your online class.

Lisa Ceaser

I just recently had to go from CS2 to Photoshop elements 7. (got a new laptop for Christmas and didn't have the original CS2 disks anymore). I found that is the BEST. They are FREE and there is a great tutorial about how to set the actions up.


Nicole Van has some great actions for PSE. I used those and Mindy's before I upgraded to CS4. :)

Moriah Bettencourt

Any hope that you'll be opening up your next class to the wait list? Hey, a girl can dream :). I love love love your pics & your blog. I grew up near sort of near you & my mom still lives up there (across the border in California) so I love seeing your local shots :)

Barbara Zea

Karen, I think I remember you posting about switching to a Mac. Can you discuss this when you've time? My biggest worry about the switch has been software (especially the Adobe CS) - did you purchase new software? did you upgrade your windows software to apple software? or are you using your windows software w/ your mac? Do you like the switch?

helen w

am enjoying learning some camera tricks from you. any recommendations where to get help with sports photography (particulary inside a gym)? thanks!


Can you bring Annie with you to your Florida classes that you are teaching:)? I want to eat her up:) My husband even knows her. I will be talking about her and he says is that the Annie in Oregon? I can't wait to meet you in March. I am so excited.

erin yamabe

hi karen,
what a beautiful photo of your daughter with her new doll. the color on the chair is just gorgeous. thanks for talking about colors in your home, i'm always afraid i'll be too bold. we just painted our family/dining room walls two different olive/army greens and am loving it.
happy new year!


Hey Karen....anyway to give your alumni and current students the settings for those pics from yesterday???? PS eagerly awaiting my new Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS :D!!!! Husband tried to get lens for Christmas but got talked into something else for more $$$$ to make long story short--exchanged it for the above!


awww.. Karen.. Annie is such a mini you!! haha!! She's so cute! And when are you actually moving into the new house? Cause i"m getting confused with all this new old house stuff lol!


I'm looking around for a good photo editing software program, any suggestions? Um, I a PC that wishes to be a mac! I'd use it mostly for my own pics but also do some for others...and just not getting into the editing as I typically say that what comes from the camera is better know, I've gotta try it, right?! Thanks!


Did you ever post about your treadmill/desk? I have searched on your blog for the post and can't seem to locate it. Adorable picture!


Annie's 'feets' are sooooo cute! What's wrong with the olive green walls? ha.

I downloaded EZ Actions for PSE from along with lots of your brushes. (They're not expensive either).

My computer crashed last weekend and so I'll have to do that all over again.....UGH!!! (husband thinks he can retrieve the info on hard drive....not holding my breath).

Just sad if we lose pictures--but they're backed up at thanks to your wise counsel, Karen! And sadly didn't have external hard drive either (NOW I DO!!!). Learned the hard way.


I use Elements, and got a set of great actions from for only $15.00! Check it out!

Kristal Jones

This picture is priceless!


Thank you again for the little snippets you give on how to achieve such beautiful photos. I along with many others as I see had such a hard time during the holidays with that "yellow" cast. Thank you for the recommendations. I completely understand your reasoning for limiting your information to the public, with having paying students and all, but I do really appreciate the little bits you do give us. Please do a book!!!!!

Kelly B

I have to know where you got Annie's baby stroller?? It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. My daughter loves to push pretty much everything in her stroller and I would love to get her one similar to yours. thanks so much!!

courtney has photoshop element actions.

Tonia Borrosch

Thanks for answering those lens questions Karen-LOVE the shot you posted here. What a doll(yours!, not the toy!). Super shot-and I LOVE the carriage too!

Tonia Borrosch

Oooooh...and I see you have your scrapbooking cruise coming up! How fun! Will you be posting this years's class schedule soon? Perhaps you are all full(scrapbooking classes)-I need to go back and read that post. I know you are focusing on mainly photography now. We need to get you to the east coast for classes! Though I have a dear friend in Oregon I want to visit and always hoped I could tie it into a scrapbooking class with you! :)

Sandy also has actions what you can purchase both for personal and professional use.


Such an adorable photo, as always! Karen, I am very interested in taking your online photography class. I was wondering if you could clarify exactly how the wait-list vs. registration works. You had mentioned that there are 350 people on the wait list. Do they automatically have priority? Because I also read on your site that the next registration is March 2. Do I put myself on the waiting list, or try to register on March 2? Thanks for the help! :o)

Kim Bolyard Photography

thanks for the photography is always appreciated. Love the photo...just beautiful.

Hoping to be able to take your photography class in the future.



I love your pictures and I love looking at your blog! You always do such a great job and thank you so much for all of the hints and tidbits you put on! You are awesome!!


Karen, girl... you find the coolest treasures! that stroller and chair are just lovely!

Laura Plunk

I should be going on the cruise with all of you, my friend Robin & I went in 2006... Have a blast, know we did !! Talk to you when you get back

Laura P
Southern OR


The baby carriage is DARLING!

I just have to add I am sad that you won't be producing anymore product as I do LOVE your designs but I'm happy you're in a good place and are doing
what you love.


Hi Karen, this is all such good information! I have been coveting the 24-70 2.8 lens for over a year now. I'm almost ready to take the plunge, and I'm wondering if you truly really believe it is worth it... I have the 50 1.4 and love it for indoor shots (and I even use it at night for outdoors too, but would love a more versatile range. Do you think it goes "wide" enough if I were trying to get some landscape or group photos with it?


Gosh, I remember when she was born. Look at her hair!


All of your children are beautiful, but Annie is a little doll baby and the anecdotes you share with your photos bring your family to life and give me a chuckle or two even on a bad day. I'm glad I'm not the only one who tells everyone about Annie's latest adventures. I don't want to seem like a stalker ;), but who can help falling in love with her and your whole family through your eyes and gorgeous photos. Thanks for the photo tips.

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