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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Yippee! I'm so excited to hear you are focusing on photography and opening up more spots for your online class. I took your one day class at the Junkie in Tx. and LOVED it! But I'm ready for more! I do think a two-day class would have been better. The one-day is so jammed packed that by the end of the day we were so overwhelmed/tired etc. that some of the concepts didn't get the attention as the ones when we were fresh, eager students at 9:00am. I think it would be neat to do a follow-up class for the one-day workshop too. Here's to an exciting new year!!!

Susan Elliott

Oh boy, when I saw 101 comments I just about died but I HAVE to let you know what I think.

First of all, I'm enrolled in your online course right now and it is CHANGING MY LIFE!! I AM having trouble keeping up due to the holidays but, as I absorb the information, I am REALLY benefitting! So for that, a big thank you and a hug!

I really enjoy the online format but feel like, because I'm behind, I'm missing out on the discussion board and the critiques - all the buttons are really new to me so it's also taking me longer to become adept with my buttons and read my manual. I'm really having to "study" -- which is good, I"m not complaining -- it just slows me down.

THat being said -- it would be great if you offered the following:

1. A weekend or two/three day online "workshop" that focused specifically on one aspect of photography -- you could also have it be "seasonal" -- how to take pictures of fireworks, a waving flag and a fourth of july parade (OK, I'm just winging that but you get my idea); HOw to photograph your Christmas tree, decorated house at night and Christmas night indoor low light family photos; how to take great pictures at the beach, the sunset and silhouettes etc etc.

2. ON the flip side, I"d be just as interested in a workshop focusing on "depth of field" ; focusing etc but my life doesn't work so much that way...

3. It would be great if the price point were low -- don't keel over but something like $30 -- You might make it up in volume...

Teresa McFayden does online 12 day creativity "magazines" and only charges $20 for them. It seems like it's worth the risk from a customer point of view.

4. ONce you finished, a year full of seasonal workshops -- you would have worked out the kinks with all of us happy guinea pigs and you would have chapters of your book already written.

Here's hoping you read this and it helps you because I would be your number one student -- albeit on the slow track...

Keep on being you and figuring it out because you're coming up with great stuff!

Susan Elliott


A book would be amazing. But, I wonder if you could start looking for class assistants that would help moderate the boards for your existing classes. This would put you a little in the management roll, but allow you to have more people in a class at a time without feeling like you had to do all the work. You might be able to pick previous students that really got what you were trying to say.

Either that, or could you do video workshops that would be like the full day class, but would allow the user to move at their own pace (then, the 9-10 wouldn't seem like such a long time). Sorry for all the ideas, this is something I have been thinking about since I would love to take your class, and I think you have knowledge that needs to be captured and shared somehow!

Terri Paulson-Sasaki

I would like all three, but I am a little greedy. I have heard great things about your online class and would love to take it, but it seems like I can't be at the computer the exact moment you start registration and I loose out. I finally put myself on the waiting list but I think I am number 5 million or something. I have taken high school football pictures for the last couple of years (I get on the side lines) and it is some much fun. Friends from work have been encouraging me (pushing me full force) to do photo shoots. I have no idea what I am doing, but I did do 3 for friends in December and they loved them. It was so much fun. But I seriously need some professional help and I am having a hard time finding someone to share their knowledge. So more classes would be a great or a weekend class close to home would be wonderful. But please, HURRY, LOL Thanks

Cindy Welch

I am so excited for you. I am taking your online class starting 1/19 and I CANNOT WAIT. I have been super excited since september. You go girl


Change is good my friend always remember that. Its just going with the flow. Its those that don't change that get stuck and upset with life. You'll be fine with your changes...sending you blessings!


Happy New Year Karen! I am also one of the fortunate that has taken your One Day Photographer's Workshop at Scrapbook Oasis not once, but twice in 2007 & 2008. I would love to see a weekend workshop (I'll travel to you even!) I would also love to see some hands on in your workshops...sort of lecture, etc in the morning and a mini shoot in the afternoon maybe? I would also love a book too. I am bummed that Winter 09 is your last line with CI, I have been a major fan since the first transparency and film strip release (wow, that's a long time isn't lit??). I understand your reasoning and applaud your making a tough decision that is a the right one for you and your family.


Lisa B.

Having participated in the one-day workshop, I'd love to see you do the weekend workshop. I think it would be great to spread out the information and actually get to try some of the techniques you teach. Sign me up!


Well I sure will miss your fantastic products. I will be sure to stock up after your next release just in case it is a while before you release any more. I would definitely buy a book about photography if you were ever to publish one. Happy New Year!

Barbara Zea

If you're still reading..... online workshop #2 that goes into more details/complex - like going full manual, raw images, maybe w/ some photo editing.


Much as I love your products, I am THRILLED to hear of your decision to focus on photography. I am dying to get into your online workshop and have the next registration date tattooed on my brain to ensure I make a valiant attempt to get in. Meanwhile, I'm all ears about any weekend workshop you do -- I love your blog and marvel at your photos. Best wishes for a wonderful new year.

Mandy B

I would love to see a photo editing class. I am in your photography class and so glad that I am!!! Editing would be the next best thing.

Kristi B

I would love to see you have some digital designs available. Maybe converting some of your prior releases to digital?


I'm thrilled for you that you are focusing on photography, as I have so much more to learn from you, and no time to scrapbook anymore! Can't wait for my class to start, 2 more weeks!!!!


oh, and a weekend workshop somewhere between Maryland and Connecticut would be WONDERFUL! maybe an advanced course for those who have taken your other course :-)



Too funny--I've had the same New Year's resolution for about 15 years now too. As for the class, as a current student, here is my suggestion: the pacing is brutal for true beginners (I had NEVER taken my camera off the "automatic" mode before, never read the instructions that came with it, and didn't know any of the lingo). I don't want to give anything away in the comments, but you know which two weeks are the toughest. I am still relistening to your words. I AM beginning to grasp some of the amazing, awesome information you teach. But not scientific/technical minded people like me, it is a lot of information to digest. Also, I know the kind of learner I am. I have to get the info, let it spin in my head for a bit and then one morning while I'm showering the light bulb goes on. Perhaps grouping people with more advanced skills in a faster-paced class would be good for them and having the babies (like me) take it at a slower pace would be good. Trust me, it will NOT hurt my feelings if you don't take my advice. The class has been so awesome. I LOVE it so much I plan to take it AGAIN--no lie. Yea, even though I will aready have the info, I know I can learn even more the next go around--your that good. Thank you for opening up a whole new world for me. I will be forever indebted.


Oh, I had to post again because I forgot to say that I was sorry you weren't going to do any more designing for a bit. I do so love your stuff. I am happy for you that you have made decisions that put your work where your heart is. I envy your ability to do so much with such grace and ease.


Happy New Year!! I love your blog and your photography.

A book on photography would be awesome or a weekend photography workshop in the Seattle or Portland area.

Or I also read a response that suggested making your manual available to those of us not able to get into your classes. That would be great too!


well it looks like the new, old house has better light then the old, new house.

I think you should think about an editing class. I know I would LOVE that! I can bet I'm not the only one!

Marilyn Johnson

I too am hoping to take your class sometime this next year. I love the idea of a book also!


Hi! Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope now I can get off the waitlist and onto the class list. :-) That would be great; I have my camera about 6 months and still don't know what I am supposed to do with it. Thanks!

piano lessons

I would love to get in on one of you classes. Your photographs are so beautiful...I strive to take photos like yours.


Congratulations on a new journey for 2009. I really want to take your class and am wondering if you will still have registration open on March 2nd for the next two workshops? Do you fill up with the waiting list first or is it first come, first served? Thanks in advance.

Cathy mitchell

Since I probably have zero possibility of attending an online class (talking the hubby into that would be tricky) I think a book is an EXCELLENT idea. It would give us beginners more to get our hands around before we spend hundreds of dollars on a class, and a way if your classes are full to get all the good info you share. I'd love to see a book in your near future. I'd buy a few and share!


I have taken your 1 day class and will be starting the online class in 2 WEEKS!!! Yeah! I would love for you to teach a photo editing class. I found in your 1 day workshop that you know how to teach to REAL people-those of us who want to improve our photography skills for our life. I have had friends take photography classes at Rhode Island School of Design and they still don't know what an ISO or aperture is. (I taught them how to take their camera out of auto after your class!) Hmmm...I have read many books on photo editing and am still clueless-so I am waiting patiently for you to make a class for that ;-)Thanks for all your hard work Karen! Can't wait for 1/19!


I am saving my money to enroll in your on-line class. I saved my money for a year to buy my SLR. Now, I don't know how to use it for all that it can do. So, I can't wait to be able to join your on-line class. UNLESS- you'll be in the Baxley, Georgia area any time soon! Ha Ha! Get out a map and see where we are.


Would love to see you publish a book. Since I suck at lotteries and know that I will not get picked until 349 folks get through your online classes.

Have a Happy New Year!


A book would be awesome! The weekend workshop sounds like a dream. Are you ever in the D.C. area? Thanks for all the great information and beautiful pictures. Such an inspiration and encouraging to see all the amazing things you have accomplished over the years. You really seem to follow your heart and it shows in all you do.
Hope your New Year is wonderful!


Happy New Year, Karen! I wish you all the best regarding the decisions you made for your life but I am really sad to hear that you will not be designing any more stuff for CI - I absolutely loved your lines! The idea of a book about photography is great - I would buy it instantly!

Cindy Elwood

Happy New Year Karen. My husband, Ken, bought me a great Nikon lense for Christmas. I have been practicing quite a bit. I am still having trouble with my focus and shutter speed. I would love to attend a weekend class somewhere in the Northeast. I really enjoyed your on-line course and have been telling everyone about it.

I loved your Christmas gift. I, too, have always wanted to play the piano. My girls have taken lessons and I have learned along side them. I had them stop due to the fact that I was tired of always trying to make them practice. Ken said I could take lessons if I like. Maybe when I have more time, I would rather catch up on scrapbooking.

Keep me posted on the weekend photography class.


Olivia Lyon

Just wanted to say that your teeth in that last picture are AMAZING.
Super white, super straight, super natural looking.

Alissa Hall

Hi, Karen. Currently I'm in your super, duper, fantastic class that makes me so darn happy I could just shout. If I could make a suggestion for a future class from you...

1) it would be to give newsletters about upcoming classes to previous students and give them dibs on one day early registrations. (wink. Completely self serving, I know.)

2) would be to offer a continuing education or advanced class where you share a theme or topic once a month (much like what you do daily for the current class but on some more obscure photo topic or assignment and longer). Then have a forum where we all discuss and contribute and what not with an assignment that we all submit at some point within the month. I think that would help with those who fall behind because you have a month to seek out the situation to practice. Lots of times life doesn't throw you a opportunity to practice your assignment within the next 7 day period of time. It would be nice to be able to let it sink in and look for all the chances we have to try out our new techniques. And with it being once a month, it's less of a demand for you. Since everyone would have been through a beginner class with you, you'd know that everyone was more - um - dedicated (?) to really upping their skill set.

Just two thoughts for you to toss around.


Your photos are amazing and the kids are too cute! Maybe an 'on-demand' photography class that can be signed up for at any time and done at the student's own'd probably be less available for personal one-on-one questions but the bulk of the info would be more readily available. . .


LOVED your one day workshop and would love to see it expanded into a weekend class...also love the online class concept and hope to be able to take it next year..I hope one of the places you teach a weekend or one day class will be Grant's Pass! I am the gal who bought my new camera during the lunch hour of your last Grant's Pass workshop - I love it soo much! I have bought one additional lens, the Tamron 28-75 2.8 and I love that too, but not as much as the 50mm. I am just re-reading your class materials in anticipation of the cruise!!!! Can't wait to see you there, it will be so much fun!


Karen, I'd definitely buy a photography book you wrote!!! I think you should write one :) Happy New Year!


Would love to get into one of your classes soon! Just got a new dslr and dying to learn how to use it! Love all your photos and post! Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us.

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