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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Peggy Lucas

Personally, I hope to get off the waiting list and into the class. Secondly, I think scheduling a two day photography class quarterly in 4 strategic areas in the country would be ideal. I'm glad you're focusing on photography - and the new house!


i would love to see more online courses offered. i need something. and a wait list ... makes me worried about getting in i tend to (reluctantly) look elsewhere.

also...i would be interested in weekend photo courses - preferably inexpensive and near antique shops (smile) so that i can do other things while away. and thank god for husband's airline travel passes ... they might just allow me to get there! keep us updated!

Julie Pilch

Happy New Year to you and your family!!! One thing I would really like is some kind of class/booklet that can bought/tutorial type DVD even??? on how to edit photos. I would love a more user friendly way to learn how to use Adobe or similar packages and how to make the photos "pop"! Am hoping to take your photography class in 2010 when funds are more readily available in my household and if I can get in!!!

Jennifer M.

I would love to get in on one of you classes. Your photographs are so beautiful...I strive to take photos like yours. I also think a book would be a fantastic idea. I would definitely buy it!


It looks to me like you have already put together a book of sorts for your online photography class. Could you make that available to purchase for those of us unable to get in to the class or unable to enroll in the class due to financial reasons? Would said book be beneficial if you weren't involved in the online class?

Melia Winter

Well, I'm just about jumping out of my pants b/c I'm so excited that I got into the class that starts soon!!!

I would love to see you do some weekend workshops, but in the midwest :) Des Moines, Omaha, Minneapolis, the Black Hills; I would drive a long ways to take a photo class with you!


Happy New Year to you and your family. I am excited to see what else you have in store with respect to more classes. I am indebted to you already for being in your first on-line photography class! Best of luck in 2009!


I am so excited to hear that you added more spots to your class. I have not tried to get in (yet) but I have heard the stories. I just got my first DSLR (canon rebel xsi) for Christmas and I have sooooooooo much to learn.

You are fantastic!!!!


a weekend workshop that teaches photo editing...we would need to bring a computer to work right along with you....this is my DREAM! LOL!


I'm very excited for you! It's great to be able to focus on the thing you are most passionate about. I would love to be able to take one of your courses. I'm saving up for it!! The two day thing sounds great! I know it's hard though since you have a 'tiny widdle baby'(that's just too cute!) to take care of. Can't wait to see what the future hold for you. I'm sure whatever it may be, it will be blessed!

Alis in Wnderlnd

I don't think I am on your waiting list, but I'd like to be, and then get into one of your classes...I will have to check that out again.

I'd REALLY love a long weekend class. Perhaps if you didn't those in various areas of the country so travel would be easier...maybe in major cities that have more flights and hotel option. I tend to do better with this type of thing because it practice a new skill right on top of one just learned. Keeps my attention.

I am having a lot of trouble getting my pictures to be crisply focused. No matter how much I play with my focus points, set up a tripod, adjust my Av or switch to Tv mode. My best shots are actually in full manual, but that is so tough with a 3 y/o and a 15 m/o. Lately, I have found myself shooting in full auto or program again...AGH. Not my goal. (I have a 40D, with 24-70, 2.8 L Lens).


I second the request for a weekend workshop in the Midwest... Omaha, Kansas City, Des Moines, Witchita. It really does sound like you should consider writing a book. That's probably way outside the confort zone-- but maybe that's what makes it a good idea! :)

Add me to the list of people who would love to get into one of your online classes!

Happy New Year to your family.

Brooke - in Oregon

Happy New Year to you and yours too! Hey I LOVE the idea of a weekend workshop cause for me the one class is more than my poor pea pickin brain can handle! lol

Brooke - in Oregon

Oh one more thing. I guess I need to be more persistent in my PLEASE release more digi stuff! I have all your stuff at PDP and would LOVE things like your journalers notebook or some of the great sticker sayings. You really are one of the main reasons I went digi, cause I so loved the look of all your transparencies!


Happy New Year! I would love to move from the waiting list into a class. :-)


So you wont scrabook anymore?


At the risk of being strangled by others who are waiting to get into one of your classes for the very first time, I would love the idea of a continuation class. I would love to hear your constructive criticism, even if it was something like posting additional pictures for a critique. I would pay for this, as I want to keep learning. I know you have an already over-flowing plate, but I just thought it was an idea. Sorry for the two comments - I just got to thinking a bit more. Again, Happy New Year!


I think a book would be perfect!!!


i also love the idea of a book..a weekend class would be faboo, but i hate the thought of you being away from your nest for that much!

(p.s. - thanks for the help with the photo question i had..i'm just one of those kids that wants a fast answer for everything!)


Happy New Year Karen! I am still determined to get in one of your Workshops locally sometime! I need to get my camera off Auto mode and start learning! Love the self-portrait of you and the kids!


I lurk way too much and never comment but I just wanted to say how exciting your plans for this year sound! You are such an inspiration and anybody would be lucky to learn photography from you.

I think a book would be an amazing idea (especially for us UK girls who never seem to be in the right place at the right time to get registered for a class!)

Wishing you the best of luck for this year!

TerriB in Oregon

EEEKK! No more new product after this next release. I will have to start buying and hoarding! I would love to take the photography class, but it is a little out of my reach right now. How about online scrapbooking classes? Or something? A book would be great but gosh I do love your scrapbooking ideas!


Happy New Year to you!

While I would love a weekend class I can't imagine finding the time or the money to do it.

For the most point I think Deb said it best for me:

It looks to me like you have already put together a book of sorts for your online photography class. Could you make that available to purchase for those of us unable to get in to the class or unable to enroll in the class due to financial reasons? Would said book be beneficial if you weren't involved in the online class?

Anyway, best of luck for 2009!


Focus is a beautiful thing, but I am sorry to hear that you will not be designing scrapbook products this year.

As far as what I would like to see for photography classes, I'm another one who would love to get into your class. If you did a book, a downloadable workbook would be ideal for me. I am trying to cut down on the amount of paper in my life and as all my photos are on the computer anyway it would make it much easier.

Happy New Year to you and yours!


Karen, happy new year to you and your family. I have to tell you that I learned so much from your One Day Photographer's Workshop that you taught at Scrapbook Oasis last February. I have actually seen improvements on the photos that I have taken. I am hoping to get in your online Photography Workshop so I can improve further my picture taking skills. I'll keep glued to your blog to see what you come up with in the new year!


I am loving your photography class right now. You have worked so hard to make it simple and understandable. After being in your class I am counting down the days til I get my tax refund so I can get a new 50mm lens and Photoshop. I would love, love, love, love to see you do an editing class. I know it is super time consuming to critique everyones work, so maybe you could make it an option to just have access to your pdfs and audio lessons. I love that you critique our work and make us better photographers, but even without the critiques I have learned oodles and I would give anything to have just a glimpse into your editing knowledge.


Hey Karen!
To be honest, I have actually wondered throughout this whole online class WHY you haven't turned it into a book yet. I really like how casual the writing is, as if you were just talking to us, and I think the book would be awesome set up as a 9-week program. That way, someone could still work through it a day at a time and not feel like they have to read it all at once to learn everything (because that's the way I feel a ton of photography books are). And with all the information included and the way it is set up, you could mark the price up to $50 per book and still have sales like crazy! (I know I would have bought it for that much if I couldn't have gotten into your class).

_kate nabors


Happy New Year Karen! I understand your want/need to focus but I will relly miss your scrapbook products and kits. Will CI continue to make your products or do I need to hoard up a bunch of your paper? Are they still going to come out with your printed page protectors? I would love to see you turn your photography manual into a book! Have a great day!!


I forgot to mention that all of the above will help - A book, weekend workshops, more online classes.


Happy New Year Karen!!
I too am glad you went out of your comfort zone to teach the online classes. It was a great 8 weeks.
PS. I'd love to see more pics of your new old house. :)

Moriah Bettencourt

As #348 on the wait list for the online class starting this month can I say PLEASE open up to let us all in. LOL. Okay, I know that is probably not going to happen but I am really looking forward to the class & hope that I can get into the next one.

Mary Austin

I am currently on one of the waitlists - can't recall which one right now. But... I would be very willing to travel most anywhere for an intensive long weekend course to better my skills with training from someone who I admire for their skills. As a full time career woman as well, a long weekend workshop (like Friday - Sunday) is actually more appealing for me to concentrate my time and focus into learning something without all the distractions. However.... I'll take it however you give it!! Hope to see my name get off the wait list soon..... Have a very happy new year!!


Happy New Year to you too.
I am dying for a weekend 2....a follow up to the online class. Actual time together with cameras in hand, on site assignments, etc. I would travel to do would be so wonderful.
I really miss the Q and A from our class, and miss you too.
Happy happy New Year!


Happy New Year! I've recently been lurking on your blog and love the way you photograph and document your family life. I have two young girls of my own. I have a great camera that my husband gave me for an anniversary gift. It's a Canon 30D. I am slowly learning about photography and I love it. But with two small girls, it is hard to find time to take a class. I think I'd really love an online photography class that was slow paced. Instead of an assignment a day for a couple weeks. Maybe an assignment a week for a couple months. That way I'd have all week to fit the new assignment and lessons into my schedule. just a thought that came to mind. I admit that I am not sure what format you typically teach your class in or what other classes are available. Hope you enjoy your new year of change. best wishes!

stacy t

happy new year karen. i hope 2009 brings you lots of joy, happiness and of course laughter. someday i will either get into the workshop OR make it to a local class. someday! i was confused by your post - courtney lee at her mom's?? i thought you were her mom? totally confused.


I've just taken your class which finished up in November and I miss it....I would love to see a part two of that class, one that involves more assignments to refine our skills and goes a little further into photo editing. Happy new year to you!

Lisa Hayes

I am so glad you are focussing on photography .. I think I am about number 245 or something on the waiting list and would love to actually get in your class ... wooohooo. In the meantime I am really looking forward to meeting you and taking your class on the cruise next week. I am the Aussie girl :)


Love to hear you're consolidating for your family's sake (and your sanity). They'll be pumped to know you'll be home more with them.

You can't go wrong whatever you decide to pursue. You know we're buying whatever you're selling, so do it up BIG! :)

We love your portrait and editing style--so great--but everything you do is wonderful to us! We just want to copy it all! ha.

Happy New Year Russell-Downs Family!!!


Happy New Year!
I am sad that there won't be any new Scrapbooking stuff from you after Winter CHA. Your stuff is my favorite. Also sad I can't make your March classes in Florida, I'll be on a cruise (I considered cancelling that).
Love your photography, so this gives me incentive to push harder for a good digi camera. It's time to give up my film Canon I guess. LOL!
Good luck with everything! Wish you the best!

Rachel Plowman

I would defintely buy a book - though i would prefer to take the class but the wait seems too long!

julie okada

I would love, love, love to get into one of your classes but since it's so hard to get into, a book would be fabulous! Not nearly as good, I'm fully aware, but it would be a start!

Good luck with the changes for the upcoming year!



maybe you could have a day out of the month and share a technique on photography/processing.that way maybe some of us who would someday like to take the online course could be better equipped/prepared. just a thought you could call it "third thursday technique".

Seriously though, Karen, you sharing any bit of information is always appreciated, I know how busy you are, thank you so much for sharing part of your life with us


Although a book would be great, I don't think anything comes close to the "real thing", whether it's the online class or a weekend workshop. You are a fantastic photographer and I would love to possess an ounce of your amazing talent.

Also, I'm dying to see pictures of your new old house. While you guys do some work on it some before and after pictures would be awesome!

Many blessings to you and your family in this New Year!


Weekend workshop vote here! We would LOVE to have you here in Sunny Arizona! Do you have a calendar of where you are teaching photography this year? That would be awesome too. Thanks, Lori

Diane Stewart

Happy New Year. Although, I am in your online class this month (Yeah) I would love hands on workshop. I agree with several posters (?) that a midwest one would be great. Sioux City, Omaha, Sioux Falls,....people forget us out here:)


Sounds like some wonderful plans for you! While I'm going to miss getting new Narratives goodies, I've been dreaming of taking your photography class and 2009 seems to be the year I'll be getting my SLR - perfect timing it seems!

Happy new year to you and your family! Thanks for a year of inspiration and laughs. May 2009 be more of the same. :)


I will miss your products also! However, a photography book is a wonderful idea!! Would love to take your class one day if and when I get the right kind of camera but it would be nice to have a book in the meantime...


I am signed up to take your one day photography class in Florida (you are also teaching 2 scrapbook classes that I am signed up for) but I would much rather take a weekend photography workshop than the one day call that is offered. I would gladly give up the scrapbooking class for the full weekend of photography. I am so excited that I can't hardly wait:)

Ann Grounds

Happy New Year!!! That's a resolution to focus on your photography and classes! As far as what I would love to see from you is a photo editing online class (just like we heavily suggested in class). Or a workshop on photo editing in Portland or Seattle area.


I would be excited for any crumb you could toss. I had to find my book that came with my Rebel XT just to figure out how to turn off the flash. I am remedial, can't see without my glasses either. I would die for a weekend class, a downloadable guide, a real book would take too long, I am not so young anymore....hee, hee! Love to be able to do 1/10th of what you do. My new friend Peg took your class here in Houston, wish I had been in that one...Happy New Year!!

Sherry M

Congrats on focusing where your heart is! I would recommend...

more online classes (haven't been able to get in)
workshop (I attended a workshop this winter and would be glad to talk to you about it)
one-on-one day with KR (see your process, workflow, editing, & photo coaching)

Happy New Year! Good luck as you change your priorities!


Karen - I just nominated your blog for the Marie Antoinette Real Person Award - I don't think it's a real award just something fun! check it out on my blog if you wanna...

Cara in NJ

Karen, I LOVED your online class!!! It was the best money I have soent in a LONG TIME!!! I am still refering to my binder like the Bible of Photography!!! It would be great to be a part of a weekend retreat. A book would be good too, although the info I have in my binder can't be beat. How about an editing class? Hubby just got me Photoshop for Christmas, would love to have a class to teach me how to work that magic.
Happy New Year to you and yours!!! 2009 sounds like it is going to be a great year for you and you family!!
Cara Lieggi

Jamie K

Happy New Year!!

As if I should get any sort of vote in what you choose to do with you life/career in 2009....I put in a HUGE vote for a 2-day photography retreat (especially if it's in your area, since I'm only a two-hour drive away in Snoqualmie!). Maybe even a photography retreat with a little bit of scrapbooking sprinkled in there! I am such a huge fan and can't imagine a better event.

I'm so sad we won't be seeing new product from you for a while (you are crazy talented!) - but it's exciting that this will free you up to pursue your passion. Have a fantastic 2009! :)

Leslie Parks

I am super excited for class to start. I think a book would be great too. One thing that I notice about books though, they are all theory. I would be great to have a book with "assignments" for each chapter. I've read a ton of theory books but to have one that talks about the theory and then gives suggestions/assignments to put that theory into practice would be great.


Happy New Year Karen. YOU have NO IDEA how happy it makes me that you're focusing on photography, your passion. It will for sure be so rewarding and fun for you. I WISH I wasn't stuck at NUMBER 60 on the waiting list for your Photography Online Class, and was fortunate enough to actually get INTO one of your classes....OH how GREAT that would be! I would love for you to offer MORE online classes, and the first ones you do offer should be for all those people on the waiting list. People on the waiting list should get the right to first refusal. Really, I'm SO SURE each and every one of your classes wild fill up in NO TIME, no matter how many more you open up, because from what I've read and heard, you're classes are fabulous. There is such a big demand for short, yet thorough programs like yours. Please, pleeeeaaaseee, pleeeaaaseeee get me into one of your classes, or I'll have to nag you forever!!! :) LOL
Best Wishes!


Karen. A weekend photography workshop in Bend would be SUPERB. I would sign up in a heartbeat. You could get with Suzie from Scrapbooking Outside the Box and coordinate that way.


i would be all over a book. taking a class for me right now is just not something i can do, but a book i would love. i love being able to go back to things over and over so a book would rock.


I am on one of your wait lists...but I'm sure my name is way at the bottom! lol I would love to see you offer more online courses or otherwise, a book or tutorial would be awesome!

You are such an inspiration....thanks for sharing your talent!


Ive never posted a comment before, but I do enjoy your blog:) How about you offer lessons in different areas of photography. Not a class per say, more of a single lesson on a particular topic. Such as a lesson in: DOF, with example photos. Each lesson being different. You could charge for each individual lesson purchased! That way we could pick and choose areas of interest. Keep up the blogging-Wishing you the best of luck in 2009!~


I think a photography book is a wonderful idea! And maybe include a video CD with a few of your "how to's" with it. I would buy it in an instant. I would love to know how you take such beautiful photos. And for those of us who can't either afford the classes or just can't get past the waitlist, this is a great alternative or addition to you class. Thanks so much for reading our comments. Happy New Year to you and yours!

nikki keller

a book - please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Loved your class and am proud to say I still re-read the lessons when I get frustrated with something. So thank you. Thank you for the notebook & pouring your heart and soul into such a GREAT class!

Would love a continuation ...

Nita about a book and a weekend workshop. Some digital downloads to add to your website (since you won't be creating for CI).

I have to admit, I took your online Photography Workshop...well, I say took in a literal sense. Unfortunately for me, my work schedule became very crazy and demanding, and I can honestly say, I only made it through week 3 before I was not able to do anymore. But on a positive note, I learned some new things I had not known before. You are absolutely amazing!! I am also signed up for one of your One Day Photographer's Workshop, and I SO can't wait for this!!

Happy New Year to you and your family!!

Amy Emery

Yes! A book. A weekend class. A second class. A refresher class. :) While I'm sad about your scrapbooking line being on hold, the time I spent in your online photography class was amazing (and your 6+ hour photography workshop class). Now to find the time to balance it all, and practice, and learn more... Here's to 2009!


A step by step book would be awesome I would buy it for sure!


I definitely see a book being made with the Photography Class information your sharing (heck, you could almost publish as is). I am learning SO MUCH-thank you, thank you!!

But I would also be interested in a weekend workshop (similar to Nate's Shootshops). One full day of lessons, then perhaps the next day a hands-on photoshoot, one day post processing/editing/organizing, then a wrap up??? During and after your one day photo class, I was definitely pumped and ready to play with my camera and shoot, but once I got home, real life stepped in. Once I did have time to practice shooting, I couldn't remember half the things you said in class. It would have been nice to go out after class to practice shots together and learn from each other and ask you questions as we went. And/or...perhaps you could have two types of workshops: beginner and intermediate??


MORE classes! I would love to take the online class (I'm not even on a waitlist - yikes!)! Please do keep teaching as long as there is interest(and when your classes fill up in a minute or so, you can see that there is a lot of interest!).



Oh please add a Photography Part 2 Class or a photo-editing class for all of us who have already taken your online photography class and LOVED it. PLease!!!??


It would be nice to see more online courses or even offering the online course handbook for those that are on a waiting list or can't get into your class.

Maria Paris

Happy New Year!!

More online classes...hope to take one this year. Also would be very interested in a weekend course, preferably close to home in So. California!!


I hate to see you stop your product design but I understand that's what is happening with the industry. Good luck with the photo classes. Happy New Year!


Oh wow. Sooooo Sad. No products out there like yours. I will miss them so much!!!

Photgraphy classes....
1. Post processing classes
2. Maybe a downloadable "how to use actions" class...
3. individual coaching or a level 2 (says the girl pitifilly behind in your current class!)

Workshops would be good but the number of people you need to support the use of hotel space (I am event planner) would make it impossible for you to have individual review time for pictures...the feedback you get in the online class is better more one on one. You would have to expand it to have some digi scrap classes or projects, or post processing (which would involve using laptops at a hotel - nightmare!!) and then franly it becomes a huge logistical boondoggle and you will regret going down that road. (Gee I am positive huh?)

Maybe do a "roadshow" of the one day workshop and the second am do a post processing lecture? That would work...I can help you brainstorm more about the execution if you like. Thinking you fly in one night (so call this Day1), teach Day2 all stay at the hotel and teach am Day 3 and then fly out in pm. Post processing would have to be a lecture only. Offer boxed lunch and room rate discount if people stay over.

Bonnie Garcia

Happy New Year Karen and family!! Hmmm what would I like to see, well after having been one of the lucky ones to get into the very first photography workshop. I would love to see a additionaly class offered for critiques and critisim. I know everyone is going to kill me. The other thing I would love is the photo editing workshop, although mine are looking better. It is just a few shots I have taken since the class ended that I *thought* would turn out a certain way but were blurry, turned up the ISO and still did not work...would love some input on how to get that ONE nailed KWIM! I will add that my classes are still on my ipod and when I hit shuffle you voice shuffles right along with the music. Sometimes to re-listen another little bit of information sinks in. I truly feel like you provided EVERYTHING I need to take excellent just needs more time to continue to soak in.

Laura Carter

Happy New Year to you too! I learned so so so much from your online Photography Class. It was the best $$$ on photography I've ever spent!!!! We came home from Disney a few weeks ago and I sat dumbfounded and crying happy tears. My photos (trust me, so not close to yours) blow me away....thanks to your class, I captured my family. I captured the moments, the emotions and it makes me so happy. I was able to figure out how to work in horrible lighting (too much sun, absolute dark) and still get the shot! After 5 years of thinking I was a photography dysfunctional, I know get it!!!! :)

Having said that, I am in complete agreement that a continuing online photography class would be incredible. I would love to continue to have your input on my photos now, so I can continue to work on my skills. I would love to understand more about your workflow - sometimes i am overwhelmed by the volume of photos to edit now that I'm shooting RAW. I would love to understand photoshop better - just in terms of your workflow and editing/managing photos - the basics.

So how bout it...... Snapshots of a Good Life Part II :)

I hope that you will continue to realize your dreams this year! I am very happy for you. :)

Laura Wiles

I am so excited to hear about your new plans but my favorite thing was your idea about extending the online class to more people. I about jumped out of my seat when I read that and my heart literally skipped a beat! Selfishly I hope you let all of us on the waiting list in the next class but if you must cut it off I'd say let 285 more people in since I'm # 284 - ha ha...just kidding #286!

Here's some input since you asked: (1) a weekend class would be the bomb!! I don't care where it is held or how much it costs, I would be there in a heartbeat! (2) a manual or guide or book of some sort for those of us who don't get in the class would be a dream until the next class comes up (3) Any kind of class, online or in person, that covers post-production!! I'd go anywhere and pay anything for that one, too :) (4) Did I mention a weekend class? I know that would be huge to plan and produce but maybe you could get a big corporate sponsor like Creative Imagination or someone else you worked for? Maybe you could get Totally Rad Actions to be there and do a class on post-production. All just brainstorms, of course.

On a personal note, I wish you a prosperous 2009 and I hope to meet you someday. I think we could be great friends. I love your blog and reading the stories about your family. It has inspired me to become a better storyteller through my photography. Thanks for putting yourself out there.

Steph Connor

A book, a book, a book ----please! Maybe you could put the binder that is used in your Photography Workshop into a bound form that is accessible for all? That would be perfect! I am giddy just thinking about it:-) Have a wonderful new year with that adorable family of yours!


I really like the book idea! I'd buy it for sure!!

Happy New Year!!

Kathleen Kraft

I love the idea of a long weekend class....and congrats for focusing on what you want to's hard and always worth it. Good luck and keep up those shots..(and BTW congrats on the new, old house....also lots of work and worth it!)


I really think a weekend workshop in your area would be great. I keep thinking of Ashland because there are so many nooks & crannies for photography, and lots of funky people. Or maybe even Portland would be great, another funky town. And you wouldn't be too much out of your comfort zone either. :) I'm still bummed that I missed your class in San Jose, but I will keep my fingers crossed for a class in Southern Oregon or Portland!


I would love to see a book of some sort for those of us that are having trouble getting in the classes and have been on the waiting list. I took your all day photography class and would like more info to refer to. So a book would be wonderful. Also, some type of photo editing class or booklet would be awesome. I would love for my photos to "pop" like yours do but don't really understand photoshop.


Hi Karen! Congratulations on the new year and new changes! Making life decisions are always a milestone time-point and sounds like you have a dream to follow!

As for what I want in a workshop - I consider myself an intermediate photographer. I shoot on full manual but really don't know what to do to be creative or capture the true life photojournalistic shot. I'd like to attempt to develop that more - how to set up myself to be ready to capture the moment, how to deal with lighting and how to make the most out of my equipment. I have a 50 1.4 and it is on my camera 75% of the time. I want a 24-70 2.8 and would like to know what you think of that as a next purchase... Anyway - just to be able to use my equipment to its fullest capacity - that's what I want to be able to do.


I already posted but I just want to say again..... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO A BOOK. please a book..... pretty pretty please....


I'm so glad that you are focusing on photography. I LOVE your products, but I am really into photography right now, too! I would love to get into your on-line class, take a class from you or read a book. Although the book would be my last resort because I learn best from someone being there and talking me through it.


Happy New Year to you and your family!! It sounds like you're going to focus on what is most important in you life. Your family, photography and your new old house. Sounds like a plan...and if you happen to focus on some photography classes outside of the online ones...PLEASE come to Pennsylvania!! Anywhere between Pittsburgh and York. I will be there!! One suggestion I have is to offer your past students classes on editing. Once we take the class then we need to figure out what all we can do with the editing process. 16 more days and counting...taking your class is my stepping out of the box for 2009. I'm doing something for me and I am so looking forward to it.


Congrats on your decision Karen!!!!!


Happy New Year! I just recently found your website, and have loved your style of photography. I am on the huge waiting list, and would be so grateful for any opportunity that would get similar information out to more of us sooner. I'd definitely buy a book for the education and could see you offering a separate service if people wanted to get input on their individual photos. Maybe a downloadable book with lots of examples of photos and how you achieve that particular look. I think you may have at least two tracks - one being how to shoot the original photo, and secondly, how you use Photoshop to tweak a photo in post-production. I'm guessing both of those work in tandem to get the amazing photos we see on your website. Karen - you have a gift! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I hope it is a fun and profitable venture for you, too!


Happy New Year Karen! I was excited to read your post (although I will miss your products)...

As one of the lucky gals in your first online class, I had a couple thoughts...a continuing class would be amazing! There have been so many times in the last
months when I have wished I was still in class so I could ask questions (especially since I recently upgraded my camera). Seems as I've had more time to experiment with what I learned in class...I come up with questions all the time.

Secondly, an online photo-editing class. I think there is a real niche there. I am a beginner (using Photoshop CS3) and have been fumbling in the dark trying to teach myself for the last 3 months. FRUSTRATING. I feel like I do everything the long hard bass-akwards way. Whenever I'm editing I always think...this CAN'T be how everyone else does it. I've have trouble finding info (online) that is relevant specifically to digital photography for the total beginner who doesn't know what the heck they're doing. Probably a totally overwhelming idea, but I'm sure the response would be incredible.

Lastly, I would LOVE to take a weekend photography workshop with you...learning things hands on...and asking questions would be GREAT! Maybe you could have a trial run of that locally...(can you tell I'm relatively local)?!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our ideas.


I think a weekend photography workshop would be great.


awww Karen... congratulation on moving out of your comfort zone! I look forward to you photography class!!


a book...a book......a book! and small enough that it could fit into most SLR camera bags so that we could have it with us.


A book would be fantastic. So would a weekend course!


Karen, so great to concentrate on one task! What would scrapbooking be with out great photos? A couple class suggestions would be a photo editing class, and a follow up class to the photo class you are already teaching. May God bless you and your family in 2009!!

Alicia VanderMartin

I woul dlove to see more online classes. I am one the 350 on the wait list and so far have not found another class that I like the sounds of.


I would LOVE a weekend photography class in Salem, I know at least 5 people that are interested also...Happy New Year!!!


How could anyone argue with following your heart's desire?! I think it's a fantastic decision that still leaves the door open for dabbling in the SBing designs in the future if that becomes something you miss a lot while pursuing the photography work. Even though I already took your wonderful in-store photography class and want to take the on-line class some day, I would jump at the chance to take a 2-day workshop again. I feel like you lit the fire, launched me and now I need a refresher so I can learn all that I missed the first time around.

Congratulations to you on making the decision. I don't do change well either but I think you'll be saying "oh silly me; what was I worried about?" to yourself in no time. YAY YOU!


Yeah....! Book, classes online and in person! Perfect.......Sign me up for the book for sure!

Candra George

Please have weekend workshops somewhere in southern CA please! And I would totally buy your book!!!!!!!

Karen, I took your online class this summer, and just loved it, and I continue to reap the benefits from your wisdom. So trust your instincts and do what you need to do. Whatever you decide to do, I will be cheering you on from the sidelines here in Colorado. You are a blessing in my life.

Happy New Year and best wishes for all your endeavors!

P.S. I'm a sucker for a good book. And you are really good at the online class thing.

Carrie Alexander

Love the idea of a weekend long workshop. Perferrably in the south, say Dallas!!! I also would love the workshop manual if you decide to make it available to those not able to get in the class.

Weekend Photoshop sessions would be great too!

Good luck embracing the change, Josh and the fam seem very supportive spread your wings and take a chance while you have the opportunity.


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