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Teresa B

Great photos Karen.. different from last year.. but still great.. thanks for sharing...

tara pollard pakosta

how fuN!
my parents own quads and so do my brothers and their wives.
my girls love riding them!


Hmmm...we have snow here in Upstate NY (Rochester area). Want some?


We got our tree this year in the piney woods of Home Depot!

Y'all are too cool!!!


How dang cool is that!?!
My fakey tree came from Lowe's. But I tied a pine scented sachet to it, so when it rotates it almost is like the real thing.
I remember going to the woods to get a tree when I was a little girl. It is one of the best memories(but no pictures).
Thanks for bringing that back.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu judging......I'm the safety are the helmets? :)


it looks like everyone had a blast! love the photo of the kids on the back of the trailer. dragging my tree out of the attic was SO boring compared to this! :)


Love the pics as always!! I'm super jealous that I can't do something like that with my girls. My oldest is mega allergic though so no real trees for us! :( Love the one of Courtney lounging on the quad!


Your life is so much fun. :) We just went to Lowe's, which is not nearly as photogenic. In that third picture, Annie looks soooo much like you.


LOTS of awesome shots Karen!!!! We still have to get our tree.


Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. :)

Can I ask what are your latest pp techniques?

susan helms

I want you to adopt me and my family so we can have such awesome days!!!!!!!!!!! I am so in love with the family time that you share. I must do better!!!


What a cool thing to do! I love all the pics, but the one that made me smile the most is the one of Annie trying to get the baby's binky. That is just so much like my little girl. She' got this intense fascination with babies and binkies.
Thanks for sharing.


I love the picture of Annie driving the four favorite!


the picture of the kids on the back of the pickup truck is a true CLASSIC. Your photos never cease to amaze me.


I like the one where the tree is way bigger than the quad!! You do have an awesome family and do so much cool stuff together - and capture it all in photos too.

Tell Josh Downs you want a quad for your birthday - they are a blast! Your boys - and girls - would love it so, so much. If we bring our Canadian machines down sometime, can we join you for some fun?!! And we would bring our helmets :)) Just saying- they are a good idea.

Jamie K

The picture of you and Ross is BEAUTIFUL!!!

beth s.

OK, I think I tried to write this a day or two ago... can my family come move in with yours and do all of the cool stuff you do? That new house looks like it will be pretty roomy! I could even learn better photography and then you'd be in more pictures!!! We don't have those beautiful areas to go in Dallas! What a treasure for you and your kids!


Great shots Karen!

I love how family oriented you are!


What a memorable time! I bet it smelled great up there. I am sure SNOW is on the way for you all.


Hey Karen, is that your old Chevy? My hubby bought a 54 for my 2 yr old and I to bomb around in this summer....I love it.
Great family memories you're making for those kiddo's!!
Valerie in PA


what a fun day. your photos just make me melt. they are awesome!! i hope when i am done with your class, my photos look half as good as yours. i will be a happy lady.


did you use an action on those last two photos? They look SO timeless- I love them! I love them all, of course...but I really love them!

Ann Grounds

Okay Karen....Love those shots!! The occupational therapist and safety mom come out and were wondering where the helmets were ;o)....but that's just me...I'm giving you a bad time, not intending it to be mean. My poor kids have to wear helmets while riding their scooters in the backyard! I'm not going to report you to CPS or anything.....You are a great mom and watch out for your children's safety all the time!

Anyhow, love, love love the shots and am jealous of your family fun!! Oh, and we are BIG fans of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree....we have one every year! Our families tease my husband and I about them! They are a tradition.

Carrie T

I've never had a real tree before. Of course I don't put up any type of Christmas tree. I'm a Scrooge!


LOVE the hats on Annie... ohmydog. too cute.


I didn't get a good look at Charlie Brown, Miss Karen! I live in Redmond and am going to be so upset if we don't get snow by Christmas. Bachelor isn't even open! It's a travesty!
Sounds like you had a fun day nonetheless.

Becky Reames

You can have our snow. Really. I mean it. Please?


As always: I love your photos - the way you work with actions/ light is just perfect!


I'm new to yer blog...and lovin' it btw. I just wanted to know if there was another blog post or somewhere on your blog that you could point me I don't have to read the whole thing right now...even tho I want to and am trying to catch up...or just give me a quick overview or just the things you do in Photoshop or whatever program you use. I just absolutely love how the photos look like they have a black edge around them...very subtle...and nice! Thanks!!!


I like raggedy girl pictures, too! And Yannie sure is looking even more & more like her mama every day!

Thanks for letting us into your world through your pictures... it sure looks like a blast!


Great photos! What a fun day. We had a different sort of day when we got our tree this year:

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