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kristan martin

Can you tell me what color that is on your living room walls? I love it! Me email is [email protected]

Kristan Martin


You're pictures are just so pretty! Can't wait for the next post.

Mary Lou Fordyce

I love the photo of Annie that shows her standing on something while putting an ornament on the tree. Please tell us what your settings were for this photo. Karen you have probably heard this before but I am going to say it again, you have some seriously cute kids!!


it does take beautiful photos, well when a wonderful photographer is behind the camera it does. hope josh wasn't mad for too long.

Renee Julia

Do you like the movie feature on it? I also "accidentally" got a new 5D MkII yesterday... ;-)
With the 50mm on it wide open at f/1.2 it's more than a little tricky to manually focus on my less-than-willing subjects while shooting video.
Hope you post some video clips. My most successful one is here:

Paola Norman

Great fun pics. I love that one of Courtney lee she looks so beautiful and serene in it. Enjoy your new camera, lucky lady!

Shauna M

I would love to see the full picture of the pictures hung behind the couch in the last shot?

Congrats on your new camera (and your piano). :)


These are some of your best photos ever. I think the one of Annie with the glow of the tree lights in front of her is absolutely amazing!


Hi I'm Christin. *{waves}* I've been reading your blog on my Google Reader for some time now. Figured I might as well pop out of the woodwork and say hello. I always love reading your blog. Your pics are always amazing and your family is so cute :) My husband is very jealous of your new camera. hehe We've been scanning through your blog and I've been showing him some of your pics. He wanted me to ask what lenses you're using.


Jayne Kielman

Congratulations!!! I wanted the 5D forever and purchased it just before the NEW 5D became an option (similiar to your purchase- I didn't have time to inform my husband and before I knew it I had the shipping confirmation). Keep us posted on how you are liking it-- I may just need to sell mine and upgrade-- I'm shooting my newphews wedding in October 2009.[tick-toc-tick-toc!!!].
Karen- I ran across a company that has camera bags that look kinda like vintage bowling bags- they kinda remind me of something you would like.
Keep the pictures coming of the old/new house-- we all would love to see more!


I'm trying to hold off a while before the new 5D.


Worth every penny, eh? As long as you didn't commit highway robbery to get it, right?

I bought my first film slr without getting an okay. (My husband didn't say "no"!) I felt bad once he found out, but the pictures were so good I soon justified it and recovered from my remorse. (Bad, I know.). :)

Sorry, Josh, but better pictures mean more students for Karen's photography classes! It's a Win/Win situation! ha.


Glad you had a great Christmas!!!!

Alissa Hall

I'm jealous of your new camera. I need to learn how to use my 40D that I got this summer before I even consider such a fine camera... However, I've made leaps and bounds in your class this session! Maybe someday.


forget that camera stuff!! i'm friggin jealous that you have a rustic window frame in your house as home decor!!! i wanna make one of those!!! there's a store down here where i could probably find one... and when i do, i'll torment YOU with it!! wink!! happy new year girlie with the same name as my sister!! smooch!!

Karin Canazzi

My husband got that camera too. He ordered it local but didn't think it would come soon enough and ordered it online.
Got both the same day...serves him right for being impatient! I'm never impatient-right!! Have fun with it, hey he says it does great short video too.


I just bought my son the 50D for Christmas and he has been teasing me with it - it is really a nice camera but after seeing the specs on the 5D - Mark II - I may have to get that later in the new year and tease him back with it. Awesome shots that you took! Which lens did you use to take the pics?


Congrats on the new camera. If I ever find myself with the ability to replace my current slr, I'm going with Canon, no doubt. That picture of Courtney is absolutely STUNNING. My other favorite is the one of Annie hanging the ornament on the tree... amazing lighting.


I love those photos too!!! sigh.. maybe one day I'll get me one of those cameras.. lol

teresa b

Woow.. Congrats on the new camera.. That's Awesome. I'm going to check out the
Canon booth in Jan at CES. I'm sure they will have a demo model to play around with...
Love your photos.. the kids are getting soooo big!


wow, congrats on the 5D, that's quite a camera - I hope in our class you cover what it is you get when you move up to a camera like that - heck, I can't even shoot well with my 50mm 1/4 lens yet, so I've got a ways to go! maybe someday! thanks for sharing


I wonder if you remember where you bought that Santa hat Coley was wearing the one that plays music, etc????? If you remember could you let me know -
[email protected]

Also, your white Christmas lights are actually white which is what I like. Most of the time, they aren't really white, but yellow-goldish. Could they be LCD lights or something else?????

As usual, I love your pictures, but I have a point and shoot Kodak Easy Share camera so I don't have a clue what great photography options I have.


Penny Smith

OK, Mrs. "invest in the lenses" why did you get another camera? I swear I was just reading about your getting the 5d! :) (I mean this teasingly, no meanly!)

I have a XTi, and at best I could MAYBE afford, but not in a week, the 50d!!
I read you blog, cuz when I started, it seemed like the "big gun" wasn't necessary, just invest in good quality lenses... but on the contrary, maybe it is???

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