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Seriously - when did she grow up? Look at all that hair - oh my gosh - she is so stinkin' cute Karen! Amazing photos as always - she is just darling! :)


oh she is too adorable. love the shots. :)

OMG Karen! She looks like such a big girl! Love her little coat too, so cute! Sounds like you had a great day! Such fun pictures too!


I love the picture of your shadows by the swings. Such a great shot! Hope you get the house!

meg duerksen

she is so cute! suddenly looks an entire year older! how did that happen?
sounds like a nice day with just "Yannie" and mom.


oh how I LOVE Annie's jacket!! Do they have them in big girl sizes.. LOL!! !I LOVE the photo with both of you shadows. She's getting soooo big!!


omygoodness. every shot is nearly-unbearably-cute! she is so precious. looks like a patient model (i'm sure that's not always the case!). and the buttons on the jacket are just so precious.


also, i would just like to say that she is NOT a bid dirl, she is still a tiny widdle baby as far as i'm concerned!

(um, sometimes i resist change.

even in other people's lives/children.



so sweet :)

Erica Hettwer

The house we want to buy is only 8 miles away. We drive past it all the time!!! :)


Annie grew up overnight! She seriously looks like a "big girl" in these pictures. Good luck on trying to buy your house. I lived in an older house for a few years, and I would move back into an older house in a heartbeat. There is something about an older house and all of it's nooks and crannys. They didn't believe in "wasted space" back in the old days. I hope it works out.


You got some great shots. From them, it looks like she behaved ALL the time :)

Kathy C.

Wow...Yannie is growing up way too quick and all that hair, can't believe how much it's growing. Love all the photos!!! Can't wait for your class on Dec. 5th in Salem!!! ~ Kathy


hi there:)
wow- i just love your photography! my friend krista is taking your online class. please let us know when you're going to be teaching again. i'll be sure to not miss this time!


I would so wear that darling coat. In some of those photos Annie looks like Courtney.

Char Lee

I went back and looked at the last picture you posted of Annie (Nov 7th) because I hardly believed that was the same kid!! She looks so grown up. It really does happen overnight.

--Char Lee


Beautiful captures! Thank you for sharing Yannie with us!


That itty bitty baby is just the cutest thing on the face of this planet. Once again...great images!


What a perfect day! Yannie's hair! It's so long! She's growing too fast! I hope you have many more enjoyable days like that before she's all grow'd up!
Sending up prayers on that house!


Brenda Weaver

What cute, cute pictures of your little "Yannie". Looks like you had a great day together. I love her coat!


Love these. I finally broke down and bought the 85mm lens and I love it. I am just so happy that there are people like me that take as many photos of their little ones. Isn't it a joy- writing with light is just awesome. Thanks for the suggestions on the lens. I will be buying the 50mm next year. I just got my logo too- so exciting!!!! Jenn


Miss Yannie is just the cutest girl ever! As a Mom of two teen boys I just want to bring her home and squeeze her! Did you put the buttons on the coat? So adorable!

Alicia Sharp

Yannie is soooooo adorable!!! Love the pic of youin the shadows by the swing!! Very cool.


when did Annie's hair get so long?? Seems like it grew overnight.....she's growing up.

Tonia Borrosch

AWESOME Karen! Love these photos-so many thoughts going through my head as I look at these. Love the one with the sun flare. I see some bokeh too! She is such a cutie! Love the one with both of your shadows and Annie too.

Good luck on the house! That is exciting.

Can I tell you I took pictures for my friend the other day and did a cardinal ISO was set at 800 and we were outdoors. I noticed lots of graininess when looking at the photos on my computer. The good part about it was that I immediately knew that this was probably why. I remembered your part in the class about having "standard" settings that you get ready on your camera before you go somewhere. I have to go back and reread that. I am going through all the lessons again. Each time I look through it I am amazed at how thorough and in what a great way you presented everything. It was SUCH a great class! How is/did the second class go? Was it easier for you? Is it done?

Love Annie's coat too-did it come like that or did you adds those cute buttons?


So sweet...and I love your daughter's coat. Those colorful buttons are just yummy!


I'd love to see photos of the house you're looking at.
Unless you think it'd "jinx" you,
or you're afraid that someone else would fall in love with it.
Then I'd understand.

Blessings to you & yours.


LOVE the shots of Annie! I took your class recently and learned so much. BUT, I plan on redoing the whole class myself again starting in January. Thank you for your wonderful class--our holiday photos should be better this year. Can you share the settings of the photos? Also where did you find that beautiful coat?


I never fail to be impressed by what a great subject she is. Always as cute as can be! I have loved watching her grow :) There is just something about a little girl...

tara pollard pakosta

these are all amazing!!!
what editing did you use?!
was this with the 24-70mm?
LOVE her coat and her smile!
and how SPECIAL when you can spend one on one
time when you have 4 kids, it must be hard to come by!
yay for you and annie!


Wendy Goodman

I love that picture of her sitting on her knees holding the leaf near her face. What beautiful colors! You amaze me with your photography.


Good luck on the house! And how fast time flies sweet little Yannie has really grown up! Still love her smile.


What gorgeous photos and what an even more beautiful little "Yannie"!


What gorgeous photos and what an even more beautiful little "Yannie"!


she looks adorable!! what great lighting and colors for the park!

Stacey B

HOUSE! wanna see pics of the house so we can dream with you.
Annie is getting big. Time for another !


I can definately see Courtney Lee in that 5th photo down!


I need a Yannie to take photos of!

Bonnie Garcia

Were did you get that coat!! It is absolutely adorable.


I thought the same thing on the 5th photo down! How much Annie looked like Courtney! Beautiful!

Teresa B

Holi moli.. who told her she could grow up!! Great pix Karen.. Love her expressions.. simply adorable!!

Tanya Webster

Yannie is starting to look more and more like her mama....SO BEAUTIFUL :) made me smile :)


i love her hair long...
she's too cute!


I love your pictures!! I can't believe how long Annie's hair is getting! She is so cute! Have a great day.


Cutest little girl in the world. Love the coat with the bright buttons.

Questions.....I have read your photography section on your blog where you talk about and link to the lenses you have. WHAT lens did you shoot these pics with AND what kind of camera bag do you have that carries all your stuff. Do you just bring a small bag with one or two lenses when you got on an outing like this one or do you bring the whole kit and kaboodle? Thaks, CindyML


So adorable. I was just looking back at your blog over the last week and saw you had read the Love Languages book by Gary Chapman. I have read it and am now reading The Five Love Languages of Children. It is by Chapman and Ross Campbell and it is excellent also. Have a great day!

heather bares

she is so cute!!! Love the coat!


That Pwecious Widdle Baby is Gwowing Soooo Bid!!! I think she looks a lot like your MOM!!! Her darling personality just pops right out at us! Love every shot!!!

Heather V

WOW!! Did she seriously grow quick or is it just me?
Great pics!!


Karen...these are the cutest fall pictures. Annie is just so sweet (I love her smile...and her coat)! Hope your new photography class is going well. It seems like just yesterday that we started our beta class. It's hard to believe that 6 months have gone by already! I know your new students are going to love it as much as we did!

Erin R.

Oh my goodness, Annie is getting so big. That coat is TOO cute. And as always, great photos.


So cutie! Love the pics of her!


She sure is a cutie!!!

Jacque Green

I am DYING for that coat of hers! :) Adorable pictures....I love the light that fall casts down from the heavens!


Little Yannie is so pretty!


Your daughter is adorable...and the photos you took of her are amazing.

Dear Karen

I live in Sunny South Africa (the Rainbow nation) and for some reason felt compelled to post a comment today. Your pics are truly beautiful and evocative of a sparkly spirit full of depth, feeling and utterly thoughtful. Although new to the world of scrapping and photography it's a combined hobby that is growing in passion everyday. Just feeling particulalry blessed today to be healthy, happy, financially secure and needing no more than that which I already have. B.t.w - we have amazing little antique treasure troves in Cape Town - hope you visit us oneday.

Lan Amphone

Awww, she is always cute in every picture you capture. Love the coat and pretty buttons.


Looks like you two had fun...Annie is too cute!! Beautiful pictures.

Laura Glover

She's so cute. Beautiful photos! Just loved them. Made my day. Thank you.

Laura G.


My mom went to one of your classes (at the Scrapbook Junkie) and told me what an amazing photographer you are. I just had to see myself...she didn't let me down! Your composition is beautiful. I will definitely be checking out your blog more.


cindy b

dear god could she BE any cuter????


Ok....seriously Yannie is absolutely adorable!!! I would love to squeeze though little cheeks!! Love your blog!! Congrats on 3 big years!!


Such wonderful shots, and the model couldn't be cuter! Thanks as always for the inspiration!

Jennifer Hisi

She is so adorable! Plus that coat is super cute!


She's looking more & more like you with every picture you post.... especially in that first one looking down the tube slide!

Brandi in OH

Oh if only they made that coat for big girls (as in Moms). I would snap it right up! But of course I would not look nearly as cute as little Miss. Annie.
Love the shot of her walking with the huge trees, she looks so tiny. Don't blink or she will be all grown up.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories that you made together.
Oh and good luck with the house...what fun it will be to see it through your lens.
Take care :)

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