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Oh karen,

Has it really been three years? Crazy and congrats on a wonderful accomplishment. I've read each and every day (or at least checked on every day when there isn't a post) and I love reading about your life, your family and of course seeing your pictures. Not sick of you yet so keep it coming. . .

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


I read all your blog in one night! Ok, maybe two or tree nights ;)

Tanya Webster

WOW...quite the accomplishment I will say...and it has been truly an HONOR to read your blog and learn more about you and your beautiful family! And for the record....I am FAR from sick of you little lady :)


Happy 3rd Anniversary to your blog, Karen! I love stopping by and reading your posts. Your photos are beautiful and I love how you write so honest and real. You can see a lot of love flowing through your words and photographs. I like that, too. Thanks for sharing your life and talents with us! Love that beautiful photo, too! ;)


Happy Anniversary! Love your blogs & photos & stuff! Keep it up! Faithful reader since I've discovered you this year!


I love your blog and you have made me be a better blogger. I try to write down all the little stories. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world.

Wendy Goodman

Wow, and congratulations on your anniversary. Not only do I read your blog for scrapbooking and photography ideas, but I love reading about your adventures as a family. And I also appreciate you sharing your struggles as a mom. My husband is also away two weeks each month, and I am exhausted each day from maintaining our home, running errands, and raising our child. When you share your experiences, it helps me to know that there are other moms out there with the same day to day issues. I hope you continue your blog for a long, long time.

Rachelle Sims

Happy anniversary! and adorable photo : )


No way, not even close to sick of you--I've been reading for about 6 months and your blog just makes me "happy", your pictures are amazing, I love your honesty--that's the way I write on mine too. One of the first posts I read of yours was about putting Annie to bed (or not being successful putting her to bed) and how you felt so confident because you watched the Supernanny. I seriously thought I was going to wet my pants! I had to read it aloud to my husband. It's pretty awesome to find someone who takes gorgeous pictures, writes beautifully and is funny to boot! Keep it coming, I'm in your class starting Monday because when I grow (actually I think I'm older than you), I want to take pictures just like you:)


Congrats on a wonderful blog that gets 2500 hits a day! I can only speak for myself, but I really enjoy all your posts and all your photos. Some day I hope to take one of your classes.

Thank you for all you have put into your blog.


Congratulations on the blogging milestone. I read your blog every day and miss it when you don't post. You're a talented woman and your family is so very, very normal. Keep up the great work!


I think I speak for everyone when I say Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.


I don't always leave comments but I always enjoy reading about your family and your everyday adventures. In my humble opinion you are doing a fantastic job in all areas. Congratulations on a great 3 years!


You are one of the regular blogs that I look forward to reading/checking everyday. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Vicki A

Karen, thank you for your wonderful blog. I look forward to reading it everyday. It is such a strange new world we live in where we get to take these peeks into peoples lives through their blogs. We begin to feel like we're friends, like we know you. I guess that could be kind of creepy too. LOL! :) I guess what I enjoy the most (besides having little girls the same age) is that you are just so real and honest. And the things you go through and the things you say are what most of us are dealing with and thinking about. So keep up the great work and just know how inspiring you are and what a blessing you are.

p.s. Please come back and teach again in Redding, CA; I missed out when you were here last time.

Heather Prins

I love that you are a part of my day, everyday. Keep on blogging!!

Anne-Marie Scott

Congratulations on your anniversary Karen! : ) And thank you! I am not sure I've ever left a comment for you before. While I haven't been here the entire three years, when I found you a few months in I caught up in one sitting and I've been here ever since. I LOVE your blog, your photos and reading about your family. I love that you are honest and you make me laugh. I am most certainly not sick of you yet!


I have enjoyed reading your blog. I love your pictures and your honest stories.

Paola Norman

Wow Three years! Congratulations!! WhooHOO!! I love that you write honestly and that you share your life, family and sense of humour. Not to mention help us become better photographers. I love that you share the little things..even things that don't always make you happy. I love your blog. It's on my favs list and it's part of my little ritual everyday (or if I'm on the computer that day)to click on and see what's new. I bet you have people from all over the world visit and that is pretty cool. Thank for blogging!

Prince George B.C.


I have read your blog for about a year was recommended to me by the ladies at Scrapbook Clubhouse in favorite store! Unfortunately I was away when you visited there last June...I hope you'll come back again. Anyway..your blog is one that I read EVERY day. I agree with you about photographic talent...the more pictures you take, the more you "see" through the lens. I love your unique perspective, your heartwarming shots, your REAL photos. Every since I started reading your blog, I have shot in "AV" mode, with my aperature wide open. Never a flash. Huge, huge difference in the quality of my photos. Which inspires me to take even more photos! I did Ali Edwards project "A Week in My Life" and I took 1000+ pictures in 10 days! Thank you for sharing a part of your life with all of us. Your family is adorable.


I just love your blog and miss it when you're away! :)

Katherine McKamey

Congrats on 3 years! It has been fun watching your kids grow! : )


While reading one of your posts without a photo doesn't drive me crazy...I can honestly say that the MAIN reason I read it, is for the photos! I love your photos!

Kathi (Irish Catholic Good Lass from the Midwest who loves Donna Downey too!)

Congrats! I read your blog every day and look forward to it like a good friend. You're funny, warm and an awesome photographer and woman. I love seeing your family and friends and especially "your widdle baby gurl." thanks for sharing your life with us.



Congratulations! I just recently started reading your blog and I totally love it. Your photographs are so beautiful and a total inspiration to me. Keep up the good work!

Michelle T

Congrats! That's a long time and alot of effort! Your kids will be grateful and I tuned in when you were pg. with Annie. I'm not sick of you! I think you would be so fun to know IRL! You're funny, you take good pics, and you make cute stuff - and I have to get my Yannie fix. Have a great weekend. Always wishing you the best.


happy three years!

i don't remember when i first started reading your blog. maybe a year ago? maybe a year and a half. Anyway, I read your blog once, subscribed to it (I subscribe to everything) and then would read i again here and there. Then I read a post a couple of months after subscribing to it and i was hooked. it became my favorite blog to see in my blogroll when you updated. then, sometime over the summer, i went through and started from the beginning. It took me a day or two. i didn't read the comments, just the posts. i consider myself someone who has been there from the beginning (even though I know that technically i wasn't).

so, again, happy three. thank you for sharing your life and even though you said it sometimes feels like a chore to update your blog, as a reader, i never see that. you're really great at keeping it all very welcoming.


When I read "And if you need confirmation that with some hard work, you can drastically improve your photography skills in a relatively short period of time...just skim through the progression of my own photos over the last few years (I am convinced that becoming a great photographer is a process, not an accomplishment)." You gave me the chills because I hope to become a great photographer someday. You encourage me and I can't tell you what a blessing it has been in my life to find your blog. It's amazing how someone can touch your life just when you need it and they don't even know. God has had a hand in me finding you when I did. Thanks for blogging just the way you do...from your heart. Get sick of you?? I don't think so. You go girl!! Congrats...never stop taking pictures and enjoying life!


Happy Anniversary!

Your photos are pure inspiration.


Don't ever stop - I love reading your blog and a few others. They quite honestly keep me sane. They prove that I am not going mad, that all women have the same insecurities, our children and partners all drive us crazy sometimes and that life happens to all of us, both good bits and bad bits. Plus of course I love the photos. And each time I use one of your products on my scrap book pages I feel like a 'friend' made it just for me. Love Katherine, England xxx


I've been with you from almost day one! Congrats! And that picture is positively delightful.


Happy anniversary!!! I love your photography and read your blog every time there's new content!


I enjoy reading your blog! If you write it, I will read it.

Deanna Misner

Karen, I LOVE reading your blog! It was the photos that drew me in, but it's the honestly and everyday normalness (if that's a word) that's kept me reading. I now "subscribe" through Google reader, so I still hope that your blog credits me as a visitor for each and every post. I don't miss one! Oh, and I'm still on the hunt for a melon ball scoop even though it's way past carmel apple season! So jealous that you found one AND it's a antique!


Congrats on 3 years! I recently found your website and blog while searching for photography classes. I recently purchased a DSLR and want to learn to make the most of the camera and improve my camera skills at the same time (and be able to take photos like you posted above). I signed up for your waitlist for the 11/17 class, but alas I don't think enough people will drop out for me to get in. I'll have to check back next year for open courses.

Tammy Mellish

Well I'm sure glad you're here! I've been visiting since Annie was just a few months old I think and as I've said before, you're my version of the morning paper. I'm away from the computer for most of the summer months and returning to your blog is something I very much looked forward to each of the last two summer seasons. You inspire me everyday!


I have approximately 30+ blogs saved under my favorites, however, there are only five I loyally read every day. Yours is one of the five. You are a gifted writer & photographer. Your pictures make me smile and your words fill my heart. Thank you for bringing such joy to those of us that share in your life. And don't ever stop blogging...

Warm Regards, Marianne


Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary! I took your class here in Texas and loved it! You are an excellent teacher. The one thing I wanted to tell you in person but never had a chance to since you were always surrounded by a mob of adoring fans is how much I appreciate the fact that you care for your step-daughter the way that you do. You say such kind things about her and just your relationship with her is amazing. As an adoptee and adoptive mother it's always so encouraging to see step parents love their children as if they were their own flesh and blood. So thank you for that!

Annette Navarro

I read your blog every day. Love all the insperation and your kindness.

rebecca k

I just recently discovered your blog and I love it. I love your photography and I loved seeing some of your students shots from your recent class. I hope I will be able to take a class from you some day! Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary!

Brandi in OH

Hi Karen,

I have been checking in for the past year or so. My sister, Shann out in CA has your blog listed in her favorites. I check hers every day and yours too. I love your honesty, your beautiful family and your lovely photos of course. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your life with us and for sharing your wonderful talents.
If you keep posting we will keep checking back...cheers to your 3 years and all the years that follow.
As for the folks that have left mean comments or e-mail let's just hope that they get a life and find something more positive to do with their time. It must be sad to spew negative vibes to others.
May peace be with you.


Congratulations!!! Looking forward to many more years of ideas and chuckles. I love your blog because you are genuine. Ok, so I was thrilled that someone famous like you read my words and took the time to answer my question. :-)


Happy 3rd Anniversary, Karen!!!

I'm glad to have met you and nicknamed you "Nellie"! It will be
a very sad day if you ever decide blogging isn't for you!

I've learned WAY TOO MUCH ( a lot of it for free ) reading your blog and I am forever grateful. You are beautiful inside and out and I hope you achieve whatever goals you have set out to accomplish for you and your family.

And keep on recording the great ( and ordinary ) times of your life right's way more entertaining than watching t.v.!!!



Happy Blogging Anniversary :)

abra Riley

Love your blog! Love you! Love the pictures! Love that you are so willing to share yourself with the world. Thanks for letting us in, your wonderful to watch!


Honest. Real. Candid. True. and so much more...

You're all that... and even though I only know you from the Photographer's Workshop, I can attest that you are what you say you are!

May the next several hundreds of posts be just as great as the first!


I just found your blog yesterday. There was something both unique and familiar that attracted me. Heidi Swapp mentioned you yesterday on her blog. Wow, three years that's great. I'm at the "wow, 25 readers stage" and think I may just stick there. Best of luck and I'll take a peak to see if there are any photography tips.


I LOVE that photo!! And I love your blog as you know! I feel like something is missing when you don't blog.. lol


I have been reading for a while now..sometimes I go a more than once in a day to hit other links or to get some inspiration. I enjoy so much the realness that you give your readers; the good, the bad, and the wonderful! I am sorry that there are people out there that can be cruel, but know that you do inspire many of us to remember those wonderful moments of life! May God continue to bless your family as you go through life's journey together : )


Congratulations! I just started reading your blog a few months ago, through the suggestion of Google Reader. I look forward to your awesome pictures. Every time I read your post, I just want to get back to my blog and post something, anything... as long as it has photos. Thanks for the inspiration. Here's to many more years of blogging! CHEERS!

Terri B in Oregon

Wow, three years already? I think I must have started reading almost at the beginning, because I the way you blog makes me feel like one of the family, and your children feel like my favorite nieces and nephews! Congratulations! Not only have you created something wonderful for your family, you have inspired many, many people! Keep it up, you are my favorite!! (I am really not a stalker but my post almost sounded creepy!)


Happy 3 years of blogging! Always a great read over here!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing about your life on this road. And thank you for sharing your photography and for being so generous in telling others how you do it! I'm still super excited about your class that I took in Houston. I'm glad you told us about getting worse before getting better, otherwise I'd be a bit dismayed! I've tried so many angles and blur foreground and blur background that I seriously got dizzy looking at my pictures! But here's the good news, I have learned how to blur foreground or background! AND I haven't taken but one or two pics on automatic mode! So thank you (yippee!)
So glad you liked the aprons!


I've been going through old scrapbooking magazines and pages I tore out to keep for inspiration. I had many from your early days with pics of Ross when he was little. Love checking your blog each day, so very inspired by your photography skills/knowledge, enjoy how "real" you are. Keep it up! Congrats on your blog anniversary

Camilla Gjerde

Congratulations! I really love your blog! When I get my own little family- I hope I will be just a third as good as you are, on posting thoughts, pictures, facts, crying kids and memories! And not just the scrapbook stuff I do now :)
By the way, I love when my reader shows me the "My life...just not on the road I expected (but it's still dang good)." Such a great sentence, and always a lovely post!

Jo Baer

Kudos to you! It's not easy to let so many people peek into your life- and I have also earned slack from my blog. However, the positive far outweighs the negative... so we blog on. Our family across country get to watch the day to day stuff I would never share otherwise- and that's the payoff.
I love your adventures as a mom, and I love your pictures. I can't wait to take your class, and hope sooner than later my blog looks just a itsy bitsy like yours!! LOL! Maybe someday...
Congrats again!

Jamie S.

Awesome accomplishment on 3 years! I love your blog and am loving the photography class!

Ashely Schultz

I wish I had discovered your blog three years ago. I think it's been close to two for me. I love your blog so much. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

I adore that picture of Courtney Lee. It made me smile.



I had the pleasure of taking your photography class @ Treasured Memories in Lafayette, LA. I left your class with a wealth of helpful information. Thank you for sharing your valuable time with us.


happy anniversary!!!great blog!!!


Karen you and your family are a part of my unwind time. I sit on the couch with my laptop a cup of tea and I find out what the Downs/Russell's are up to. I feel like you are my friends that I am catching up with. I find myself thinking "Oh, I remember Karen saying something about that" or "we should try that place on the coast that Karen and her "Best friend Jill" went to". I thank you for sharing your life with all of us. I have been coming to your blog for the last 11 months. I took my first class with you back in February at No Bare Pages. Then a class last spring in Salem at Scrapbook Fever. I am waiting for the class in Dec. to hurry up and get here. I was also lucky enough to type my fastest and get into your first online photographers workshop and have seen my photography skills improve. Thank you for doing what you do. I know I will keep coming !


Congrats! I've been here about two years. Love your blog, your pictures, the way you tell it like it is. Thanks for sharing it all with us!


Thanks for the shout out. I'm glad you have kept blogging! Keep it up...we are reading!

Carol Sell

I'm relatively new to your blog, but love it already and check it every day. Two of my friends have taken your classes in Amarillo TX - they live 120 mi. from Amarillo and will probably take your class every time you're in Amarillo. I imagine I will attend the next time with them. Please keep finding the time to blog!

Shaun Paddock

Congratulations!!!!!! Count me as a daily reader! I cannot go a day without reading your awesome blog.
Have a groovy weekend.

Char Lee

I found your blog through Kerri Bradford's blog, who I found through Lisa Bearnson. I am a 34 year old single mother and you have given me hope that remarriage is possible. Not only that, but I will admit that I was adamantly opposed to dating a guy younger than me. (Let's face it-what guy do you know who is even close to being as mature as his chronological age? So going younger has always terrified me. But after reading your blog I must admit I can now see the benefits of going younger.)

Thanks for your beautiful pictures, inspiring stories, and the reality of life you present.

Here's to younger men, kids, and happiness.

--Char Lee

Val from Down Under

No, thank YOU Karen, for being honest and sharing your life with us - and your talent. Blessings to you and your family xxx


Happy Anniversary!

Have you thought about making one of those blog books?


Congratulations on the milestone, Karen. I'm a very loyal blog reader.... yours is the one I read the most and I catch every one you post. It's just over a year since meeting you at Memory Lane and my photography is better because of it. And my days are better after reading your posts because I'm either able to giggle or smile or be touched by something you wrote. Thanks for doing what you do and for sharing it with us... here's to thousands & thousands more posts I look forward to reading!

Colleen, Your BFF in Philly.


Happy 3rd Anniversary Karen! I have been reading you blog not stop for a few years now and love it, my very favourite blog!! I really miss it when you don't post. You have such lovely photos of your family and great stories to read, and your kits are the very best. Thanks so sharing part of your life with us and I look forward to reading many more posts, hopefully for another 3 years! Take care.
Hayley x

Cathy K.

Congratulations on three years, and thanks for sharing the photos, the stories and your life with all of us!


Happy Third to you!! I have only been here about two years. But, finding your blog has been one of THE best things about getting online. I love your blog and I visit everyday. I hope that I will be able to take your class one day too. I love photography and live vicariously through you and your pictures. Maybe you will come do a class in ATL, and I will be able to meet you : )
Thank you for posting on those days you didn't want to and the days it felt like a chore. Thank you for sharing your life and family too.



Happy Anniversary!

I am glad you blog! I love reading it and looking at all your pictures. I love hearing about Yannie, Coley and Ms. Courtney. Your bog is like my morning newspaper and so if you don't blog I feel lost. ha ha!

Thanks again for sharing your life with us......the photography is a bonus!

Have a great weekend!


I am a newbie and have already learned so much from your posts! Thanks for all the great info, links and fantastic pics!


Congrats on the anniversary! I've been with you from the beginning (though I didn't post comments at first) and I'm far from sick of you LOL

I love that you share so much of your lives with us! Thanks for that.


I LOVE your photography and always enjoy seeing your pictures, but this one of Courtney Lee has to be one of my favorites! Absolutely beautiful!! Congrats on three years of blogging -- please don't ever stop. We would all have withdrawals!


Happy third anniversary, Karen. I think I've been around since the beginning - has it really been 3 years. Love today's photo complete with the tattoo barely showing on her hand.

Jen K

I love your blog and look forward to reading it every day. Just one question, what do you do with your blog? Do you make it into a book or print your posts out? Just curious. Thanks!

jamie v

Congrats karen-

I have enjoyed each and everyone of your blog posts- I only discovered your blog earlier this year.

I love your honesty, and (of course) the photos... thanks for sharing a little piece of your life with us all (even the sappy bits)

Heather (in Scotland)

Happy 3rd anniversary. :) Must be 2 or so years I've been reading your blog. Love the stories and pictures.


yours is one of my favorite blogs. I love your pictures and how you tell it like it is and that you do not sugar coat anything. thankyou for sharing a little bit of your world with us.

teresa b

Congrats Karen.. I haven't been around for the full three years.. but had I'd know then what I know now, I would have.
You make it easy to be a Karen Russell fan. Your honestly, inspiration, humor, and many other things makes it easy to keep coming back. And then meeting you .. and knowing all that you share with the blog world makes you feel like old friends. Keep doin' what your doin' girl!! You Rock!!!


congrats friend! ;)


Congrats!! Totally enjoy your blog and I read it everyday!

Kelly Maher

Thank you again for always sharing a peek into your life. Don't laugh, but I LOVE the black shirt/top/blouse you are wearing at your photography workshop. I LOVE black and am always on a hot pursuit for new cute ones. Where did you find yours??? Also, love the patent leather shoes/clogs!! Again, thanks for sharing.


I remember how very excited I was when you started your blog and I love watching and reading about your family. I honestly love the fact that you are so open and honest that isn't the case with quite a few people but I am always drawn to those who are honest it's a quality that I cherish so anyways Happy Anniversary!!

Lisa Risser

I am another who reads your blog regularly but am shy with the comments! I love (and own,lol) almost all of the products you have come up with in the last few years. Congratulations on your milestone and thank you so much for sharing your darling family with all of us! Your photos and stories have touched me, made me think, and inspired me to be a better mom to my own daughter.You are leaving such a legacy for your family with the stories you tell and the photos you take! Lisa


Hi Karen! I work at Quick Stop, and have for nearly four years now, and I print all your narrative borders on a daily basis. I love them! I also print your photo orders when they come through. Your photography is some of the best that I've seen come through the lab by far. I recently came across your blog, and have been checking back in frequently. I just wanted to say hi and let you know I think you're pretty awesome!


I have only been reading your blog for a couple months now but I love it! Your photos great and I love the "voice" that you write is so honest and sincere.

Sandy Horton

To those who have just begun reading you blog: You will NOT be disappointed nor will you become tired of Karen. You will learn about her famile, her bff, and you will learn a great deal about scrapbooking and a whole bunch about photgraphy. She is one of the best. Thanks Karen for three years of great blog reading (and Karen B, too--have to have a good laugh now and then). Hope to be reading here for some time to come!!


Too many comments for me to read through them, but I bet I'm on the same page as many who wrote in: Happy anniversary, and hope you keep going for many more years! Love the blog- the open-ness, the real-ness, that makes us all relate to you in some way; the helpfulness- hints and inspiration; the fun of it- good days, bad days, great times and frustration, which you make fun to read about, either way. I can't tell you how much I've gotten from this blog- I look forward to checking it every day (thanks also for posting so often!!) JUST THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! Love, Patty


So I'm a new admirer. I can't get enough of your photos!! They speak so much more than the picture they show. That's what I strive for. I love your honesty and simpleness with your blogging. Thanks for letting me take a peak.

Ann Grounds

Happy Bloggerversary...oh I can't spell. I don't even remember when I started following your blog, but it has been some time now. I can't get sick of you, you are an honest to goodness woman, mother, wife, and cyber-friend. I love your stories and hearing about your eveyday life and plus, I found a great photography teacher, and put a face to a scrapbooking designer. You inspire me with all that you do.

Thanks, Ann


Happy 3rd Anniversary and thank you for wowing me with your photos they are all amazing. Thank you for your tips on the way as well. I am only a newbie of a few and I found your Blog through a link from Teresa Collin's Blog and I look at your Blog every day.

Diane Russell

congratulations on 3 years of blogging, but I knew you and admired you long before...


Hi Karen,
Congratulations! I first read your blog a couple of months ago. I love the way you write (I could relate to a lot of it) so I went back and read every post (and continue to read)! I couldn't get enough! LOL It has also inspired me to start a blog so I'm working on that. I love your photos and your honesty. You have a wonderful family and it has been fun watching the kids grow. Keep up the great job.


dad gum!! 3 years. rally. i just found your blog. and i'm awfully glad i did. i'll have to click into your past a little later! see your progress! wink!! love love love that you post with pictures and thanks for sharing your talent and your life with us readers. mwah!


Three years... Congrates. Although I must say just a newbee here. But love reading about your life and the fam. Makes me laugh... I have a 16 year old son and a 2 1/2 year old daughter. Madison you met her at Clint and Teresa's wedding... She still does FISH FACE for me perfectly. Thanks. But just a small note to thank you for the ramdom smiles from reading your blog.

Elizabeth Bunney

HI Karen.
I've been around almost 3 years...still reading every couple of days.
Mostly for the photo's, watching your kids grow up alongside mine, listening to the same stories.
I stopped Scrapbooking, but still consider you one of my biggest influences and I cherish the page I have of yours...
Congrats! do you print these out? would make a great book...


Congratulations!! I love your blog. I don't follow many, but I log into yours at least once a week because I really appreciate your honesty as a mom, your artistry in your photography, and the inspiration (but in a pragmatic way!) you provide to all of us who want to document the precious years we have with our families and friends. Thank you so very much!!

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