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lol oh the things he'd have to do to get on momma's blog. :)


lol, He does get on occasionally, i.e. he's grounded, he texted during class.... My oldest complains about how little she shows up in the scrapbooks and/or is photographed. I have to reminder her that she has already done the cute things that her siblings are now doing, and I pretty much have told her what you said to Ross, then she says no thanks and leaves the subject alone!!!

susan skogseth

isn't he at the age when they see a camera pointed their way they either hide or make goofy faces. That is where mine is at and they wonder why????


tell him to put on the pink glasses and he can be a blog star too!
I agree with Kimberly, mine always made goofy faces at that age, or turned their backs.


Oops! that was Susan not Kimberly that said that, Sorry!


gotta love it. :) that picture is adorable.
i vote for ross to wear the glasses too.


Well at least he wants to have pictures taken my girls are treating me like the paparazzi and don't want a picture taken for fear there is a hair out of place LOL.


I love this picture of Annie!!!

Mary Ann

poor Ross :) We all still love him too! LOL


All right Ross, I'll give a shout out for you. . . We want more Ross! We want more Ross! You mean mom has been depriving you, huh? More Ross! :)

Becky (aka: beckywedd) :)


She is too cute!


LOL!!! Can't wait to have a teenage boy so I can say things like that to him!

Libbi M.

love it. where did you get those glasses?


LOL---are you sure you want to give a teenager such ideas?


Hilarious! Sounds exactly like something I would say to my 17 yr old son!

Donna Carter

Can she get any cuter?!!! She is adorable!


Gosh that widdle baby is too dang cute in those glasses!

Teresa B

Wait a minute!! Isn't this the same son who agreed to picture taking at a said there concert IF you parked down the street and walked behind them AND made you use your longer telephoto lense...hummm.. Teenagers?? Who knew!! hahahha We need more Ross!!


That "tiny widdle baby" is just the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Paola Norman

Kids are funny that way even if they are older.
Love the glasses on Annie and on Courtney Lee (from yesterdays post).

Brandi in OH

Have any photos of Ross trick or treating this year? Just tell him to put on the pink cat eye glasses with the rhinestones and smile BIG...then blog away!

tara pollard pakosta

well he doesn't let you get his photos quite as much as her!
but he's sure a cutie, maybe dedicate the next whole entire post to him , but first he has to let you do a photo shoot!

Dianne Nelson

LOL!!! Go Ross!


okay - that's funny!


We have been potty training too. We are almost there, Alex however refused to go on the potty for a long time until. . .My mom told her she was too little to go potty on the big potty. And walla, she immediatly started doing it, reverse psycology wast the trick!


Awww! Ross has a sensitive heart!

I always chuckle seeing him in the background snickering and laughing (usually with Josh Downs!)

He cracks me up!!!


hahahah!!! ........ and Annie looks so cute in those glasses!!

Rhonda P

Ross is such a cutie and a can just post a few pics here and there. But the pink sunglasses would work too.

Cindy Welch

Well, he finally realized that in a mothers eye, children are cute and husbands while handsome, are not blog material


Being the oldest, I so understand Ross's plea. Yet, I've got three of my own and have to grudgingly admit that no one is cuter than the baby of the family.


Your relationship with Ross is amazing. I love that even a teen can share humor with his mother. He's a good kid and you are a great mother.

Heather (in Scotland)

Gorgeous photo of Annie. (Is she wearing part of the delayed 50s eBay outfit?) Though must say she reminds me a bit of Sarah Palin - is that for Josh's benefit? ;)

Susan Elliott

I vote for more Ross time too!!!


it probably wouldn't be as cute.


I bet if you gave the camera to some of his could have lots of blog information to share with us! I dare you! :) :)


That is such a cute picture!

(I don't think I want to hear about Ross doing those things!)


Those glasses are just the cutest!


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