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Jon cried and cried, I think it was because he drank lots of beer, but he was very upset about the Beaver loss. Lets hope UCLA pulls through next weekend. Your Thanksgiving looks like SOOO much fun.

Lisa B.

I didn't get to watch the game b/c of the gathering with my crazy family..sorry about the loss. Rough weekend for LSU as well. Enjoyed the pics a lot. I also adore the window frame full of pictures.


Thanks for sharing! It looks like the most fun ever!!! And I had to comment because in one of the pictures I see your old pane window that is on your wall. Last year a few of us copied your idea - fabulous!


It's very quiet around our house. Only my dad and the boys. Thanks for sharing for holiday.


Looks like such a fun time Karen!!! :)

Katie Squires

Incredible photos, captures the fun and feelings of the day!!


I love your Thanksgiving pictures, I look forward to them every year! I am thankful for such a great friend like you to teach me about photography! editing editing editing next!!!!


What a wonderful post!! I loved all the pictures. You guys had a great time.
Happy Thanksgiving!!


Looks like such a great time. I have an "uncle brad" too - I always feel bad for people that don't have one at their holiday functions.

Kelly Maher

LOVED the photos of your wonderful family. You are blessed!! I also enjoyed admiring(not stalking!!) some of the decor in your home. The old window frame that you created using photos--please explain how you did that. I LOVE that and have one I want to do the same, but do not know how to do it. If you would please take a close up of that in the future, that would make me happy. And I know how you like to keep your "fans" happy!!!


great photos karen. they show so much love and joy. my thanksgiving was very boring compared to yours. i'll be there next year to see how it's done. you won't notice one more fun, crazy person, will ya?


Ya'll look like a rambunctious group and I love that. ;) Looks like you all had some great fun! Love the photos!So glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Please give Josh my condolences for the Beavers' lost. I wanted them to win, too. Darnit. ;)

tara pollard pakosta

you are blessed beyond belief.
what an awesome beautiful fun famiLY!
LOVE the pics!


Looks like your Mum might have been studying your photography course when you weren't looking - great pics. What a fun family day.

Pam Talluto

Karen, I've been reading your blog for years and feel like I know you ... and I'm finally commenting, lol! Had to say something this time - totally loving your Thanksgiving Day! I like to pretend that my style is close to being as great as yours :)


Is it wrong that I want to be invited to your Thanksgiving?
Beautiful family! Thanks for sharing.
Annie's hair has gotten so long, too!

Tonia Borrosch

I have been waiting for these! I always LOVE your Thanksgiving photos! Your family is such a stinkin' hoot! Looks like you had a blast. Great shots-I am so glad you had your mom take the football ones so you could be in there too! She did a mighty fine job! I am sure you will be happy to have yourself in those photos. Too fun.


What a wonderful time.. just awesome. :)


Happy Thanksgiving Karen! I was waiting for your post because it looks like you guys always have such a great time! Loved all the pictures!


Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with us! I come from a large close knit family and that is what holidays look like back home. This year I spent Thanksgiving with my husband's family and it was 5 adults and my 2 year old. Much quieter than I'm used to!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!!

Val in Ohio

We had a similar Thanksgiving too...what a GREAT time! It's a wonderful thing to be thankful for being able to laugh and enjoy your family.

Tricia Gray

Wow! It looks like your family had to have one of the most fun Thanksgivings I have ever seen! Crazy, but fun! :)


Karen, I love all your family have a fantastic family who obviously loves life! I am adopting some of your traditions for our Christmas celebrations (board of what one is thankful for...not sure about the football game though!) LOL
Thank you for all your wonderful pictures.


What wonderful memories! Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving - though from the pictures I'd say that is evident.

Just wanted to say thank you also. Because of your fabulous class I took some *awesome* thanksgiving shots of our family this year, and all without a flash with my nifty fifty. =)

Hugs, Nona

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

no injuries? :)
You're Thanksgiving looks SO much more fun than mine.


All I can say is your Uncle Brad is W I L D ! ! ! ha.

I love mischevious people like him! What a great day (with great pics to boot)!

My family is loud and crazy too--I wouldn't have it any other way.

We are blessed, Karen Nellie Olsen Russell Downs!

Tanya Webster

LOVED your Thanksgiving post....and can I just say...that although we dont talk NEAR as often as we should...that I am super thankful to have a friend like you Karen Russell....and am super thankful that you are still my friend even though we dont talk very often....

my condolences to all the beaver fans in your house as well....:(

Happy happy happy THANKSGIVING missy!


Your Mom took awesome pictures!! Love the one of the football moving - perfect timing!! You are your mother's daughter - or have you taught her everything you know?!!! I love that more precious family moments are recorded. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!!


Karen, I love these photos! Makes me wish we were related so I could join in on all that fun!!! :)

Still trying to catch up on the photography class that ended in October! Bring on Christmas break!

Just a curious question....what color is that turquoise paint and where did you get it? I love it and am hopefully moving soon! I remember when you went to buy it because that's the day you ran out of gas but I can't remember for the life of me where it came from! Thanks for sharing!!!


what a great thanksgiving! you could never package that up and sell it because it is priceless. great family, wonderful times, awesome memories! thanks for sharing yours with us.


nice - looks like fun.


Looks like an awesome thanksgiving Karen! I LOVE the photo of you and Annie & you and courtney lee playing gestures with annie in there!

Tammy Mellish

I love them all!!!!

How is little tator tot doing? Been wondering about her.

lovely cee

well, i am thankful that i dropped by tonight! these are fantastic photos! i was pretty cranky before i came here and now, i have totally mellowed out. thank you Karen for sharing:) your photos and your family makes my heart merry all the time. keep those pictures coming, huh?

Melissa J

It looks like you had an amazing Thanksgiving! And by the way, Miss Yannie is looking VERY grown up with her long hair!


It looks like you guys, yet again, had another awesome Thanksgiving. I am jealous!
How did Tater's surgery go? You haven't said yet and I have been dying to know!


awww, so much fun!! how come there's no picture of you with pie on your face?!?! what is Josh's tatoo of?? Ross looks excellent in blue! and yes, that stocking stuffer is a great idear!! wink!! his girlfriend is cute! thanks always, for sharing with us!!


That was awesome!

Sandy Horton

We played a new game this year. Buzz Words..really good boy-girl competition on this one. Great fun and the girl's won here, too!!!

cindy b

Thanks for sharing your wonderful family. AWESOME post!!

Lan Amphone

What a wonderful family gathering you had. You've sure captured some great moments. I love the little glimpses of your home decor, the blue paint looks awesome. And of course Annie is still the best dressed. I've never shoped at Gymboree until this year but I go to look for cute stuff for my little girl now. :)

Teresa B

Hey Karen I think your mom did a great job!! Very funny.. made me laugh out loud a few times.. The kids are growing up soo fast.. looks like you guys had a blast. I thought of you guys during the game believe it or not.. we had a mixed crowd but everyone was civil.. hee hee.

Holly Preslar

Hi, ya, Karen! Checking in on your blog (one of my usual weekly activities when I'm not crazy busy with work!)...and soooo looking forward to the on-line photography class (my class starts mid-January---yippee!) And also wanted to say "thanks" again for the awesome one day workshop at Scrapbook Connection, too! I'm loving my 50mm lens! It rocks! But, as a true Oregon DUCK fan (and graduate of the same), just one little thing I copied from your blog a few postings ago, and I quote :"Josh also wanted me to add that the Beavers are going to embarrass the Ducks"----um, did he watch that game? I think it was the other way around this year---and luck had nothing to do with it!!! Ha ha ha! But hey, there's always the hope UCLA beats USC (maybe when pigs fly) and then the Beavers can still go to the Rosebowl if that happens...So just a little follow up for talking smack about the Ducks! Quack quack! Take care!


Your Thanksgiving looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing. I was cracking up all the way through.


LOVE these, we need to have way more fun & laughing at our family holidays! I too am interested in that window frame:), so a future picture would be great if you don't mind sharing:) And, Annie looks really grown up in that first picture--it happens so fast doesn't it!

Beautiful family. Looks like such a blast. It's nice to see such happiness.
You are all very blessed to have each other! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Paola Norman

OOPs sorry I was the one who posted above. It didn't show who I was.


you have a beautiful family.

can i get an invite next year?

the dancing is my favorite.




The Thanksgiving pictures of your family were great! I'm impressed that your mom shot such nice pictures, too! I've been trying to improve my indoor photos, but I find that even with a 50mm f1.4 lens, I'm still either getting grainy shots or capturing movement that I don't want - I tend to shoot in aperture setting and open it to f1.8-2.8. I was wondering what setting you shot the pic of Annie eating crackers at?

By the way, love your blog! I love how you capture your family - it inspires me with my own photography!

:) Joce

dragonflydreamer (Susi)

Thanks for sharing your family's Thanksgiving. Your photos and narrative make it come alive. This was a hard year for me because I couldn't be with my family. I spent the day remembering celebrations of the past, all of my blessings and dreaming of celebrations of the future. I think your family really knows how to live life to the fullest and not just save it up for those few red calendar days. You are all blessed to have each other and I pray that you all have a year of good health, love, friendship, peace and prosperity. When I have the blues, I can always stop by your blog and lift my spirits. Thank you for that and all you do to make the world a better place.

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