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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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I soooooo wish you were coming to Maryland (or VA or PA somewhere close) to teach this class!! I know I know you were in PA about a year or so ago but I missed it.

I need your class!!! I hope to take it online next year !

elizabeth holder

Hi - is it possible for you to post the dates you will be in florida next year - and what city? thanks

Jennifer Patin

OMG! That's my picture of your shoes! You liked it! That's so exciting!

Thanks again a million for coming to our little part of the world - it was so awesome!

Monica Domingue


You are an AMAZING person! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion with THE WORLD and us chicks in Louisiana. Stay sweet.

Monica Domingue
Treausred Memories
Lafayette, LA


Every time I read about one of your classes I get more & more excited for January to come!!!! I am so looking forward to taking your class. I agree with Trace-e on the first need to come back to PA.

jen davis

Looks like you had a fun time!

I also just wanted to share that I just finished creating your 12 x 12 Standing Album (as a class sample) and I loooooooove it! =) It was the first time that I had done something creative with my wedding photos and it feels so good! Thank you, and I am looking forward to teaching this as a class at my lss this next month! I want to do more of them now too! Yay!


heather bares

Hey Karen!!!! Again, thank you so much for coming to Louisiana and teaching this class. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I have been telling everyone about it, even people who don't really care, lol. I can't believe how much I learned from you in such a short time. I am hoping to get into one of your online classes as well, wish me luck!!


Awwwww! I'm so jealous!!! It's the best time ever in your
photography class!!!

Doesn't it make you feel good knowing you are creating photographers and a love for photography?

I love my new-found skills! Just need to perfect them over and over!!! (That's the hard part!!!)


Melissa Fournet

what a fabulous learning experience!!! It was so informative and fun at the same time!! i was able to read an article in Creating Keepsakes magazine and understand!!! YEAH!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We are already wanting you to come back!!

have a fabulous holiday!!
m @ Treasured Memories!!!


You could come to Michigan and teach a class. I would sign up.


Hi Karen! I try to check in a few times a month, just in case you post more funny (and classic) pictures of Donnie & was so happy to see a pic of me on my wedding day used in your demo! How funny & fabulous! Hope you & your family are well!

beth s.

I finally got my Canon XSi! I can't wait to try to get into one of your classes. Love to see what you are doing and see your beautiful pictures.

connie girard

Not that anyone cares, but it's Boudreaux and Thibodeaux. I'm actually impressed how close you came. I can't wait for my new 50mm lens to come in. I plan to leave my flash in my bag, put my camera in raw and open up my new world. Thanks a million. You're fabulous!

Janet Crochet Gaar

Hey Karen! I want to personally thank you for coming to my store in Lafayette and teaching your wonderful Photography class! I know it was a long weekend, but you'll be happy to know you've made so many new fans! You have touched so many people with your cute personality and your knowledge of cameras. You have inspired so many of us to learn more about our cameras. I have customers already asking me to start a support group where we all get together once a week and brush up on things you taught us! You Rock! (by the way...I already started a (wish) waiting list for your next class...Boudreaux and Thibodeaux are not only coming...they're bringing all their family and friends!)

Janet Crochet Gaar
Treasured Memories
Lafayette, Louisiana

Danielle Dore'

Karen, you are FABULOUS! From your new orthodontist friend in Louisiana, "Sure glad that you stopped scraping on teeth and started scrapping!" My lens came in and I even got in front of the camera and had my husband use it. My parents are both photographers (wildlife) and could not get over what I learned. My mom also took the class and used her new skills at grandparents' day yesterday. Although, she said that it is hard to BE THE ZOOM! I've had this beautiful camera for years and would literally panic when my dad tried to teach me, just like before dental school when he tried to teach me the words maxilla, mandible, mesial and distal! He is also an orthodontist. I've always been the neighborhood photographer and felt secretly ashamed that I did not even know how to use my "big" camera. I could make straight A's in Dental School and could not figure out my camera! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your words, your explanations, your photography, your personality and your precious face are all BEAUTIFUL! You are a wonderful teacher!

Sandy Horton

Hey, Karen. Been waiting for you to get home and blog your trip then I went on an SB Retreat wihen you did! Thanks again for two wonderful days of SB and Photo education. Just loved your style and stories about JoshDowns (notice one name), your bff of 25 yrs-Jill, and of course, Cole, Courtney, Annie and Ross. Now when I know everyone's birthday, this relationship has gone too far. LOL Trying to get my order in for that pesky 50mm :). Let us know when you are coming back this way. Loved it!! You ROCK!!

Cindy Welch

The shoes I know. Dansko. I have them in LEOPARD and they are so cute, I even posted about them. Cant wait for your online class I am taking in January.


I'm a Dansko fan too!!! I loved your story about daily affirmations! My hubby and I still leave little love notes like that around the house & we've been married 36 years! I'm super excited about your January class!!! Hubby is even talking like I need a new camera for it....LOL.....heck I just got the XTi last Christmas. Maybe I should suggest a new lens or two instead. I'll be seeing ya in December for your class at the Salem store! Yippie!!

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