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Lot's of xoxo and well wishes for a speedy recovery.

Nikki P.

Hi, Karen,
What a little trooper she is. So cute. I will be thinking of you all and praying for an easy and quick recovery. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Corie in Indiana

Sweet little thing. I'm praying for her...and her parents and you and everyone else who loves her. Sounds like she has a super spirit.

Lisa Hall

Hey karen,
She sounds like a very strong SOUL
She is held up to have the Angels camped around her and her Mama Amd Papa and all who love her.
give thanks,
you are very blessed.
have a great holiday.
love to see the photos of the family.
Peace out
Lisa Hall


Children's Hospital is awesome. The folks there will take good care of Taylor, and her parents too. This past spring my two little daughters had the opportunity to participate in a fund raiser for the Uncompensated Care Fund for Children's, they were selected as models for the American Girl Fashion Show, it is held in March in Bellevue each year. The 70 or so models (girls ages 5-11) raised over $10,000 themselves with various projects (my girls premade and sold scrapbook pages), the two day event itself raised over $140,000. Each year there is millions of dollars of need for the fund. This fund covers costs above and beyond what insurance covers, and Children's policy of never turning away caring for a child because of the lack of money. My heart goes out to Taylor and family, I'll add her to my prayer list!

Wendy Goodman

Precious girl. I visited St. Jude's Children Hospital and was amazed at the determination of each child. Very touching stuff. Taylor will be in my prayers.

Erica Hettwer

I'll be keeping that cute little Tater Tot in my thoughts today. :)


I will keep the cutie patootie in my prayers. She's a doll. ;-)

Kathy C.

Keeping Taylor, her family and doctors in our prayers!! ;-)

Sarah K

What a beautiful & strong child. I'll be praying for her and her family today.


What a little doll... Prayers will be said for all of you.

Tammy Mellish

I'll keep this little sprite in my every prayer... she's beautiful and deserves nothing short of the best. I'm certain she will get just that while at the childrens hospital.

Brandi in OH

Hi Karen

Sending positive thoughts for your sweet pea niece. Speedy recovery and a blessed holiday for your entire family.
May peace be with you and yours, Brandi


What a little sweetie, Good Luck to her!


aww.. what a cutie!! I'll pray for her! If I've learned anything over the past 9 months it's how much the power of prayer can make a difference.

Jo Baer

May God keep her protected always.


What a cutie! Praying for Tater-Tot, Karen! :)

beth s.

I remember seeing her in some of your other photos, what a cutie! Thanks for letting us know her needs. Will definitely lift her up in prayer.

Tate's Mom Here.

Thanks for all the prayers.....she is doing so amazing! We are so thankful to have her in our lives.

Fabulous picture Karen Russell Downs!

Hugs from Me and Tate :)


Saying a prayer for a successful surgery and healing for Taylor, peace and comfort for her family, and wisdom for her doctors.


Misti just gave me your blog address. What a sweet, beautiful, amazing little girl. Misti and I went on this leg journey together with our little ones, and I couldnt have done it with out her. Those girls are very lucky to have such a great mommy!! Our prayers our with Miss Taylor for a speedy speedy recovery!


Will keep Taylor in my prayers. Keep on praying (Ephesians 6:18)


She IS a precious little sweet pea!

I'm having a hard time thinking my kids will need surgery for their tonsils much less for a major limb!

Prayers and Hugs for Tater and her family. Hoping for a SPEEDY RECOVERY!

Val in Ohio

Hugs and prayers and good thoughts being sent your family's way....


Thoughts and prayers... and hoping for a speedy recovery. :)


I so hope she will be able to walk and then run for fun.. Wouldn't that be so cool. Kids are amazing!!!

Heidi Bork

Consider it done - prayers have been offered. Hugs to Taylor and her family!


We are praying for Taylor and family - God bless!


What stunning eyes... you can practically see her soul.

God bless and know she's in my thoughts and prayers.


Sounds like she has the positive attitude and spunk to make it through anything. Sending positive thoughts her way.


Sending positive energy her way!! Hope all is well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Fingers crossed there will be a very thankful family this Thanksgiving....


That beautiful little girl will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Best wishes to her and the rest of your family this Thanksgiving!


Many prayers and happy thoughts.



What a cutie!!! Sending good thoughts her way! Will keep Taylor & your family in my prayers. you think she would like to get some mail? Is there an address that we could use to send happy "get well" wishes?

Ann Grounds

Thinking of you and Little Taylor. I hope that her surgery was successful and that she will be coming home soon. Hope that you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks again for taking the time to teach your wonderful class.



I've been an off again, on again lurker for awhile, admiring your photography, style, and sense of humor. Your niece is very much in my prayers and thoughts. My nephew was born this summer with some very similar challenges. He'll be facing surgeries in Portland, OR soon on his hand and eventually his leg. It warms my heart to see how determined Taylor is as a little toddler, and I have great hope and assurance that our little sport will be also. Prayers go for the skill of the surgeons and strength of your family.

Tina Benton

Reading this way after you posted, but your niece will be in my prayers

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