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Heather Prins

he is so sweet, love it!!


That is so sweet. My husband and I have been married for 17 1/2 years and together for 18 and it only gets better. Being married should be easy and I have found my easy. Congrats on the new house. By the way, love the faucet & the shape of the toilet:) Do you think I like details or what?


That's so sweet that he left you notes for you to find - even the one on the toilet handle! lol

Welcome to the wonderful world of macs!


I think it's very sweet. Especially since most men are not very expressive. My boyfriend is very laidback and low-key with his emotions, so whenever he surprises me with an "I love you" IM or text message, I can't help but smile from ear-to-ear.


He shouldn't be embarrassed and we're not nauseous!
We come here to read your blog because you are a wonderful family and it's so nice to see you all just loving each other.


I started reading this blog about 5 months ago. I started taking photography lessons with my Canon Rebel 7 months ago. I now have the 50mm f1.4 lens and love it. I am a dental hygienist (taking a break and raising a 2 year old) as well, now a novice photographer. I too have read in the Love Language book - I firmly believe in it b/c my hubby and I are totally different languages which makes it harder. Love all your tips and hope to one day get better with my pictures. Just got Photoshop CS4 and hope to buy Totally Radactions soon. Love all your tidbits!

Tanya Webster

that is an amazing book!!! i love it! way to go Josh Downs for being such a rock star!!! and Congrats on the house..I'll be keeping my fingers crossed :)

Paola Norman

That is incredible sweet Karen. You are one lucky woman!
Good Luck on getting the house. I remember you mentioning it many months ago how you and Josh wanted a bigger home. I pray that you get it!

Peggy Lucas

We are TOTALLY missing you in Texas, Karen. That photography class was over the top phenomenal and I've been practicing! I have two friends (not scrapbookers) that want to take it. Oh, and the book is called the Five Love Languages - it is an eye-opener! Come back any time...

Teresa B

That book was great.. my sister in law told me about it. Totally recommend it to anyone in or not in a relationship. Kind of gives you the ah ha moments!! and Josh Downs keep doin' what your doin' you Rock!! congrats on the new home!! Thats Awesome..


Green with envy (over Josh Downs being such an awesome guy) and good luck on the house front.


We all need sap in our lives thanks for sharing! Enjoy it. Hugs Grace


Lucky girl! =o)


I love sap. So please keep sprinkling it here & there for us to see. It's good to know it's still alive and well!


That is not sappy at all, Karen! My husband and I also leave messages for one another all over the house. It just makes you feel so gooey when you see one in the most unexpected place.

Vicki A

Oh, I love the sap, bring it on. :)


What a fun post. I too love that book, and there is another one written especially addressing children.....surprise, all 4 of us have different love languages. What wonderful news about an "old, new" house, and your mac! I love mine, and can't wait to see how you like the organizing in i-photo. We missed you while you were gone.

tara pollard pakosta

how sweet!


Not nauseating. Warm-fuzzy-inducing. :) (ok, maybe THAT was a little nauseating...ah well!) Nice work Josh Downs.


This is awesome! What a wonderful treat to come home to. And, I hope you love your Mac as much I love mine. They are wonderful.

Lisa B.

Awww...*almost* makes me feel guilty for having you way down south for the workshops! But NOT!! The photography workshop was much of what I had been exposed to before finally're a great teacher..THANKS!

Lan Amphone

Awww, what a sweet man you have! My husband's show of affection is swatting me on the ass each morning as I'm trying to brush my teeth or get ready for work. I'm much rather he left me sticky notes all over the house. Maybe I should stick that book in his stocking this year.

I love reading your blog! Good luck on the house!


What a keeper you have there!!! So wild to see you type Klamath Falls, being in Central Oregon myself. Have you scrapped a page of all his sweet notes?


How great is that... To know you are so loved... LOVE IT! Husbands are great when you find the right one.


What a sweet romantic man! I realized a long time ago (married 24 yrs) that my hubby's love language was not a romantic one but a doing one. That man has build me two beautiful homes with his own hands, countless projects, pieces of furniture and anything else I can dream up! and he does the household chores that make me naseous, like cleaning toilets, taking out garbage and cleaning up after sick children. When I think that I would like more romance in my life I look around my beautiful custom built home and realize that I am surrounded by romance.


Can't wait to see what y'all are wanting to purchase!!! I'm sure it's fabulous!!!

Just read Josh Hamilton's book (you know the Texas Ranger ballplayer). Great read. He's been through hell and back. On top of his game now!

Speaking of "on top of his game".....Josh Downs! I should have my husband read this entire blog!!! It's all about love language!!!

Carolyn Hall

I love sap and wish I could get a little around here. Old houses are the best. We bought one built in 1890. I love it but it did need a lot of work. luckily Bob is really talented with that stuff and I have a lot of ideas. You just need to have a lot of patience and a lot of money!!!! It is never done, but well worth the blood, sweat and tears. Oh yes, all of those things definitely happened.


How great that you two speak the same language! That book changed my life, my husband's life and my children's life. The teenage version is great as well, but you can adapt any of the books to any long term relationship.

Colleen Barron

The sappier the better, I say. Enjoy that man!


The book is amazing, isn't it? They also have one for children you might be interested in, Karen :) Here's to having a fixed water heater!


I really like that book. I think that it is great that he leaves messages. It's great that you take pictures and write about it. It is definately something to treasure. I am so excited to take your class too. It doesn't start until January but I am practicing right now. Your photos of the notes are amazing.


Lucky girl!
And welcome to the "mac side" of things! :)


How special to find those notes all over the house!! I'm going to look for that book. Enjoy your hot water :))


Very cool!

I read that book after my husband died and learned so much. I was worried that his last months weren't so great but realized that I had been doing what he loved the most, acts of kindness/services.


I love your sappy posts LOL! Great guy you've got there a true keeper.

Christina Bayley

Love the notes, my hubby is out of town quite often so I know how it feels to miss your other half. I absolutely love the black and white pillow, where did you get it? I just coved the back of my shelves in my scrapbook room with the same patten just smaller.

Robyn :)

Sap is good. I think I am going to do that with the post its for my husband. If I can find the post its.

Good luck with the house!!


That book is so awesome. The 5 Love Languages of Children and Teens are also great...


Karen - those notes are precious. You are one lucky girl! (And Mr. Downs is pretty lucky too!) By the way...Gary Chapman also wrote a Love Languages book about kids. It's awesome. You would probably love it! :)


i wish i would get notes like that. the sweetest thing ever, you are quite lucky!


He's a keeper :)

Terri B in Oregon

I loved it! What a guy! Lucky you!


Glad to see you made it back, Karen. What a wonderful welcome home!!! That was so sweet of him to give you all those little notes of love. What a keeper!


How sweet is that??!!! You've got a great guy there!!!! :=) I absolutely loved your Houston Photography workshop, learned alot and you made it fun.

Can you please post the name of the other camera strap you were talking about that is a sling that you don't have to take off to use your camera, you just have to slide your camera to the front and shoot? Thanks so much!!

Brandi in OH

It really is the simple things in life...not the five dollar Hallmark cards, not the fifty dollars worth of long stemmed roses. How lucky you are to have such a thoughtful, sweet, caring, loving friend-husband-lover-father of your children.
They say the most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. I think Josh Downs is doing it right!

Louise Murr

I just love "sap"...I'm glad to see other people are just as "sappy" as me and my hubby. Life is good and I love seeing someone else's happiness oooooz all over the place. Never stop sharing.


Corie in Indy

That book actually saved my marriage at one point! I swear. It was "prescribed" by a counselor (you know we were desperate if it came down to a counselor!), and it changed the way we talk to each other, relate to each other and appreciate each other. Now, almost five years later, we're stronger than ever (even though we speak completely different love languages)!

Josh Downs sure sounds like a keeper! (Josh, never stop doing stuff like that!)

Laura Plunk

You two are so special.........

Laura P
Southern OR

Dawn Priestley

I LOVE IT! He is so sweet, very similar to my guy. Been meaning to read "Love Languages" for some time now, but I think my guy and I already show love in the same way. Congrats on snagging a great guy Karen.

Looking forward to taking your on-line photo class in January! Cheers.


awww Karen!!! He's totally a keeper!!!

Hannah a man! you lucky women! *wink* :)


Can't wait to hear more about the new house (and your new Mac)! I'm so excited for you! I'm going to have to check out that book. My hubby & I leave post-it notes for each other...and the kids...too (but never on the toilet bowl before)!!!


Awww.....what an incredibly sweet post!!! We've been married 36 years and still leave little love notes like this for each other!! Best of luck on the new house!! Love the faucet!


you should pick up 5 love languages for has helped me so much in figuring out what each child needs from me the most.

kristan martin

That is husband is driving home earlier than planned right now from Seattle to Montana to fix our (lack of) water problem and I can hardly wait, it's nice when plans change like that!

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