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tara pollard pakosta

my neighbor had the whole carpel tunnel thing with her wrists/hands.
she got these things for her hands online somewhere. maybe do a search?
or i can find out for you?


It probably isn't carpel tunnel. It sounds more like a pinched nerve. You might want to see a doctor about. Try some Advil to see if getting the swelling down relieves the numbness. And, NO, I'm not a doctor; I just play one on comments to other's blogs on the internet.

jennifer Compton

about the tingly fingers.... go to the chiropractor. i let it get so bad my entire arm was tingling... and my feet. went to the chiro for the first time and was *cured* in 15 minutes. i've been going 3 years on a regular basis now.

jennifer Compton

by the way... that lens is on my christmas/birthday/mother's day/valentine's day list. (:


I get the same tingly thing in those two fingers. It usually happens when I've spent inordinate amounts of time loving on my mouse and haven't visited my chiropractor. An adjustment (on my back AND on my arm) works wonders and keeps me away from drugs!!

Kristen B.

Hi Karen, I'm getting ready to start taking lots of pictures of my son playing basketball (think high school gym). I'm still trying to figure out the best settings for this type of photo. The gyms always seem a bit dark, coupled with the action, and I usually end up with slightly blurry photos. How do I fix that? Thank you for your insight! Kristen in Roseville, CA


When I read about your pinky tingling I jumped straight up and reached for a book that saved my husband. He had similar problems but it got to the point that he couldn't drive, couldn't open the tupperware containers that I sent with him to work, couldn't cut his food. I was pregnant with number three and doing everything. Doctors couldn't "find" anything wrong with him. We went to doctors almost everyweek for over 1 year. He couldn't work on the computer and that was his job. He used a voice recognition software finally he found this book. It's not carpal tunnel syndrome! by Suparna Damany. It is full of stretches. Every once in a while he says that he has a little tinglying again and he starts on the stretches for about a week and then the sympton goes away. Hope this helps you.

Kim H.

Go Beavers! Sadly enough, I knew all the information on your beloved Beavers because my husband is a big football fan. We are from Salt Lake City and Utah is rated #10 right now. We were talking about potential bowl games for the Utes and he mentioned the sequence of events for the Beavers. I hope they make it to the Rose Bowl! That would be so cool!


I used to work as an Occupation Therapist many moons ago.
Sounds like you have Ulnar Nerve Entrapment. If only your last 2 fingers are bothering you, you don't have carpal tunnel, since carpal tunnel occurs with the nerve that supplies your thumb, index, middle fingers.

Symptoms are aggravated by a bent elbow or wrist (probably when your wrist is resting on your keyboard/mouse). In some cases, there may be a cyst near your Guyon canal, through where the ulnar nerve passes. I would suggest that you see an ortho before seeing a chiropractor.

Hope this helps!

Every morning, I look forward to reading your blog :)


I think that's one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen of Cole... what a prized possession!


My boyfriend and I were at the Cal game and ALL he can talk about is that game, and what might happen against Arizona and how he isn't worried about the Duck game at all (we live in Eugene mind you, so he talks TONS of smack). He is talking about it 24/7. Can you give me Josh's number and they can just call each other because it's driving me crazy right now!! HEHE! Anyway, as much as it's driving me crazy, GO BEAVS!!


I am so sorry that you are having problems, but my first advice is go now...don't isn't going to get better on its own. I would try an ortho too...I did a chiro. thing first and my chiro recommended an ortho person that was surgery conservative..and that ortho sent me to a physical therapist, and my problem was alleviated without surgery, but lots of therapy. Really, go before it gets worse....the early intervention is a real key. The ortho person will have the tools and expertise to diagnose early..and I would try to find one that specialized in "hands". Good luck!!!
Now.....go make that appt. :)

Charli Herr

So I totally understand about the hype around your college team. My husbands' team (and mine by default) are ranked No.2 in the nation right now....My husband never thought he would see the day where they are ranked top 10 letalone top 5. Chances are they will be showing a Pac. 10 game (we live in WA) instead of the Big12, so we will be finding a sports bar with Direct TV. However, I must let you know that everytime my husband plays his NCAA football game on his XBox 360, I always encourage him to go for OSU instead of the ducks....strictly because of you! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the Beavers, Texas Tech takes on Oklahoma this weekend...I have a nasty feeling we will not beat OU, if we do...Chances are we will make a BCS game too.


Thanks for the info on what you used to shoot the musical and the outing with Annie.

Question: what kind of camera bag do you use and do you just take one or two lenses when you go places or do you bring them all so you will be prepared for any shot? I have a Crumpler photo bag and I configure it to grab and go. I know I could get lots more in if I configure it to hold everything I have. Also, do you ever use a monopod, especially in the dark (ross's musical) settings to give you a little more steady hold. You are always so good to answer all out questions!! Keep blogging. CindyML


Hi Karen,

I totally agree with the opinions above that encourage you to see a hand (or orthopedic) surgeon. My DH and his partners ( see thousands of patients a year with these types of problems. Conservative management is always tried first (before surgery) and is usually very helpful: splinting, task modification, anti-inflammatories, etc. Also, as mentioned above, Occupational/Hand Therapists are terrific and have helped me many times, both with hand/wrist/elbow/shoulder problems. (Yes, I have them too....) Recurring pain and numbness mean nerve compression and swelling which can be acute or chronic. Best of luck to you and thanks for a fantastic blog!

Candra George

I LOVE your blog and am fairly new to viewing it. Thanks for letting us in on your life! (I just wanted to suggest vodka for the tingling! (j/k) Though that might make the picture taking more difficult;)


Karen I'm a reflexology practitioner and I have a lot of clients with carpal tunnel in their hands. Email me at I'll send you some self help or try to get you hooked up with a practitioner near you.


I am in Boise and a HUGE BSU fan. We played the ducks earlier in the year--and beat the ducks, I might add. We are undefeated right now, and wouldn't it be fun to have a match up between the Beavs and the Broncos? However, I doubt you'll see us in a bowl game, as we're not BCS and U of U are undefeated and ranked just above us. So, GO BEAVS in the bowl game! :)

Bonnie Garcia

Karen, SAd thing is I am having the same problems with those two little fingers as well. I have been avoiding the dr. like the plague, no advice for you there, just thinking it is too much time on the computer as well. Thannks for the infoon Annie's coat, I may have to get MG a second coat for this year:) I sent you an email before you came to Texas, I will sned you another since it must be lost in cyberspace somewhere. It's about the forum at snapshots of a good life site.
Thanks Bonnie

TerriB in Oregon

All I can possibly add is GO DUCKS! Sorry, but I bleed green and yellow, and have for a bazillion years! However, if we can't go to the Rosebowl, I love the Beavs to make it!! Just not enough to lay down in the Civil War!!

Kimberly Sackett

I am a PT and agree you should see a dr. first...and there are OT/PT hand specialist that can give you splints and exercises to start with (after you see your dr or an ortho dr)...Not something to mess with...hope it gets better!!!

Jennifer Peterson


I would get blood work done first. I had tingling and numbness in my hands and I was worried too and put off going to the dr. I had bloodwork done and it turned out I had a B12 deficency and just needed a few injections.

A client of mine went a head with the surgery, had both hands done and when that didn't help he went in for the blood work and found out it was a brain tumor and that was causing the tingling. I would always start with bloodwork to rule out other problems first before surgery.

Good Luck!


Hm, good advice, sometimes i feel the same tingle in my fingers too. I also want to plug getting a Wacom tablet (or knock off brand) - it's a lot more comfortable than the mouse and i tend to move my whole arm more than just moving it at the wrist.

Very cool about Coley getting the glove. Go Beavs!

Tawnda Andrews

Chiropractic has had great results with tingling in the hands, arms, or fingers. I see many in my office (yes, I AM a chiropractor) who can have immediate results some times it takes a bit to get rid of symptoms. It all depends on your history and severity. Whatever you choose I hope it helps. My advice is to seek care soon so that the damage isn't permanent, become worse or become o far gone that surgery is the only option.

nikki p.

Hi, Karen,
Just wondering if you'd ever received an email from me. I sent you one about 3 weeks or so ago and haven't heard back. Since you mentioned answering emails, thought I'd check with you. Loved the park pictures of Annie-the tones look so pretty! :)
Nikki P.



Go to a chiropractor, I see one at least 3-4 times a year. If you don't already see one, check out Dr. Tall in Central Point, He's great.


My husband has just had carpal tunnel operations on both hands. I was getting concerned because the last 12 months he has been taking massive amounts of pain killers. How ever I am happy to say after the operation he only took 2 off the heavy pain killers prescibed and a couple of normal ones and that was it. He is going to the surgeon next week to hopefully get clearance. You can still use your hand for holding a teacup. It lets you know when you do anything you shouldnt and after about 3 or 4 weeks you can drive again and in 12 weeks you should be fully recovered. With a return to light duties after around 8 weeks. He is much happier now that he has had his operation and Is sleeping through the night again.


I don't remember studying about Ulnar Nerve Entrapment and the Gunyon Canal in hygiene school.....maybe because they're nowhere near the mouth--unless we're eating! ha. (she's smart!)

Coley is so handsome! He's got the most expressive eyes and eyebrows! I know nothing about The Beavs other than what you've talked about, but I hope they WHOOP THE DUCKS!
WHOOP! WHOOP! Thanks, Josh, for letting all of us know their mis-ranked status. I can sleep better tonight! :B

p.s. Did you get my last e-mail? ha.


Well.. way to go Coley.. I'm sure he's so excited he caught the glove. ANd I have the same issue with my hands.. being on the computer 24/7 for work. My mom has carpal tunnel too.. I'll get some feedback from her for you. She's had it as long as I can remember. Hope all is well with you sweets!


Go BEAVS!!! We're a big OSU family here...daughter and son-in-law are both alums...and all of my "family of origin" members are USC fans...I'm LOVIN' IT! 'Bout time the Beavers got some respect!

:::::Hi Karen:::: (waving furiously from Medford)

elizabeth holder

just wondering if you could post when and where you'll be in florida next year - would love to be able to plan for it now - thanks

Hi Karen, You mentioned a while back that you were coming to florida. Do you know yet when and which part of Florida?


I was a hygienist for years and always babied my hands. Now that I am stay-at-home mom that takes too many pictures and blogs on the computer all the time, my hands and fingers have really taken a toll. I used to squeeze a stress ball every morning on my way to work to get my wrist and fingers loss before cleaning off the calculus. It always kept my hands in shape. Random question: I have a Rebel digital Xti and would feel funny (if not just pain scared of the noise) to use an ISO of 1600. Do you use a Photoshop tool or action to get rid of the noise or do you just have a nicer camera that allows 1600 photos taken indoors to look nice? I have the 50mm (like you suggested) and can't decide on Totally radactions or MCP Actions to purchase. I kow actions won't fix a shotty photo, so I am wondering what kind of camera you have (I know you are a Canon girl). Good luck with the hands...

Brooke - in Oregon

We are a blended family here. I grew up a duck married a beaver and have one beaver child and one duck child! Luckily it is only a issue during the civil war, but this year with the ducks quarter back issues there should be no real fight. WHEW


Hi Karen!
Just wanted to know how that new tredmil desk was working out for you? Any pic's of it soon?

beth s.

A dad at my son's basketball game had the Canon 70-200. What a monster! He said he rented it from a local camera store for $20. Thought that was pretty cool.


do you always shoot in manual mode? I can't seem to get off of AV...


It's not carpal tunnel. The last 2 fingers on my left hand is like that and its from your neck or spine. One of the nerves. You should see a doctor for it. I do exercises to help.


Can you say ...."O"...."S"...."U"...."Go Beavs"

I'm right there with Josh. Gotta love those beavs. So much so, that today I went to work with my bright orange beavers jacket. I bought it the morning after the Beavs beat USC.

The dvr is set to 4:00pm tomorrow ready for the game.

Life is good!


If your last two fingers are tingly, it is *ulnar tunnel syndrome* - from the way the nerves are pinched going up the outside of your wrist - carpal tunnel is the on inside of your wrist. Ask me why I know this - mine went away after a few weeks, so nothing long-term with me - but I am sure some kind of wrist brace will be involved with healing - but you can still work on the computer with a wrist brace, so don't wait too long to have it checked out, okay???


By the way, I am a TEXAS TECH alumni, and we are having our best season ever - GO RED RAIDERS!!


Last minute notice kind of question and I'm hoping you are online. :o) My son's theatre performance is tonight. I have a 70-200 IS with my 5D. My question is simply about white balance. I've used the auto wb in the past and haven't been that thrilled. But I wanted to get your take on it. Do you use auto wb or another setting? I know it's late notice...but I had to give it a shot. Thanks.

ana roat

Hi Karen-
Along with all the great advise given already, talk to your doctor about having your thyroid checked. I had a simular problem and the first thing the doctor asked was how my thyroid was functioning. After a quick blood test and a new prescription I was on the road to recovery.
Best of health to you!


I've had a couple of tingly fingers... after much research plus a dr visit I concluded it was a pinched nerve in the neck (that's where the nerve cords for the arms/hands reside)... very likely due to too much time spent on computer where you tend to have poor posture. Advil or Aleve routinely for several days to a week worked for me - reduces the swelling. Also a major improvement was to get a pillow that wasn't overly plump - go figure. Got a nice mushy feather pillow and the problem has not come back.


so cool about the glove!

rochelle g

we went to the cal game with our kids. it was a great game and the kids loved. that is so great that cole caught that glove, i bet he has even slept with it. and I am sure that your family was just as hoarse on saturday watching the Arizona game as we were. GO BEAVS!!!!!!!

trina mcbride

tingly fingers...I suggest the chiropractor. At 19 I had tingly fingers and the dr. wanted me to have carper tunnel surgery. I said NO WAY not at 19. So my mom suggested the chiropractor and found out my neck was out of alignment half an inch. 14 yrs later no surgery has been done. No tingly fingers and when they do come back every now and then because of my job I just go in for an adjustment and I feel great.....PLEASE do not have surgery for CT without seeking alternitive options first. I have heard the surgery is a temp. fix and people have problems even after the surgery.
Hope you're feeling better soon,



GO SUN DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!

(A Sun Devil employee) ;)

Happy Turkey Day. Girlfriend, THANK YOU for all of the camera advice over the past year. It was just a year ago that I got my first Tamron lens. It's amazing all of the photos that I've now taken thanks to your outstanding advice.


Karyn P

Hey Karen,
Sorry, but I've just got to say it: there was an embarrassed Oregon team but it wasn't the ducks! Been a Duck fan since I was a kid; my car may be orange but I bleed green and yellow!! :)

Let the hubby know, if he is going to state that the beavs are going to embarrass the ducks, he now has to suffer just a bit.....sorry, but the beavs were the ones embarrassed on national tv and on this blogashpere. There is always next year!

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