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abra Riley

ME first!! Me first!!!! Love the pictures, what a handsome boy/man you have. I would be right there with you, crazy moms unite!!!


Ahhh, that would make a mother proud. His new girlfriend is quite cute, is this a first for him? Great job with the onstage photos!

I am having the same problem shooting - Even with a fast lens and wide angle, Low light Chorus events are so difficult - Over 200 kids and they are always moving! Last time I just set the camera to multi shot in hopes of some sharpness. Your shots look great! What ISO are you using?


congrats, ross!
my little brother (in-law) is into theater now...
might have to save up for one of those lenses.

Tanya Webster are a freakin' ROCK STAR!! I didnt even get to see it and it gave me chills! You are one amazing kid....seriously!! SOOOOO AWESOME!!

(I think all boys in concert choir are awesome....I was in it too *wink*)

Carrie H.

AMAZING Shots from the show!!! LOVE Them!!!


How cool! Congrats Ross! I hope it's the beginning of many great performances for you.




I'll bet you're a proud mama!!! He's so handsome--AND he sings!!! Do girls call him at all hours of the day? You don't need a camera, you need Josh's STICK!

Thanks for sharing your info...I was wondering how you took those great pictures in such low light! That must be a really awesome lens. Sharp. They'll want those for the year book!


So cool! Thanks for the info on shooting in low light like that. My daughter's band concert is coming up soon. I might have an easier time shooting it because they won't all be moving around. :)


I here you with the low light situation thing. My mum had here bellydancing show on Saturday night and I tried so hard to get some good shots but they were moving all over the stage. I got some OK shots. I am an amature and my mum kept trying to get me to take all of these photos. At least I got a couple of clear ones. I moved around a fair bit to try and find the best light in the place. By the way your pictures are amazing as usual


Hi Karen
Great pictures. Hard to believe that you don't use flash.
I took your class in San Jose. (I'm Alison's friend)
My question is...........
About deleting pictures from memory card...I guess it was late in the day and I missed something.
Download the pictures to my computer via a memory card reader right not the cable then what???
Thanks in advance!!!


Great photo's and great job Ross!!!!

amy m.

oh, i am so jealous that you got that lens. i have been doing some deep soul searching trying to figure out if i really, really NEED that lens! i am hoping santa brings it to me! looks like ross did a great job!

beth s.

So what settings did you use? I was at my son's all-city band concert and all of my pictures stink. I have a Tamron 28-200 1:3.8-5.6 I had to just snap a few after the concert. Oh well. At least I'm trying :)

michelle t.

Way to go Ross! And just think all you had to do was sing to usurp Yannie for blog coverage! I'm only kidding - you looked great. Karen, I know you're so proud and rightly so. Awesome pics as usual. Ross, you're so lucky your mom is an incredible photographer. You'll be so glad to have these pics later. You guys have a great week.


I didn't know Ross was gonna be in a play!!! Damn!!! Don't get mad at me for not calling but i was in town this weekend (Sammy moved to Tahoe Saturday)... I would have gone with you! He is almost all grown up cuz... that makes me feel old ;) See you for thanksgiving. We should do a movie or somethin. Luv ya.


That is awesome. Super photos, and I wish you had video to post. Congrats, Ross!!


Wow. Awesome photography! It looks like Ross did an amazing job! Congratulations, Ross.


Great photos! Proud moment, for sure!

I've used that lens and omg! It's a monster! I don't consider myself a weak person but chasing after kids with that and a battery grip in high humidity heat wears you out! Gotta wonder though, how did the people around you react to you using it, I always got strange looks when I used that lens. :)


Great costumes!

Tammy Mellish

The lens was worth the investment... LOOK at those pics! He's so lucky and someday he'll be so happy to have them (teens don't usually appreciate them the same way they will later in life, when they have a family and children of their own). He is such a cool kid! My kid, who just left for school, asked me why it is that I always have to get on his nerves (he's 7 and and I was bringing an end to some fighting between he and his 9 year old sister... sigh).

Laura Plunk

Got goose bumps just reading about it....
As a proud mama, myself I know just how you feel !!
Thanks for sharing.
Laura P
Southern OR

tara pollard pakosta

I have that lense and it ROCKS!
that's awesome! i wish i could hear it!


Finally got the oppertunity to spend the weekend with Cheryl while she was in Holland. We talked a lot.. also about you .. (lots of good stuff) and she recommended your blog.. so here I am =) glad I got the chance to peek into yourlife.. thanks! =)

Brandi in OH

GO Ross! Great pictures, great will never regret saving those memories for your son. What a lucky boy and what a lucky mom!


my kidlet did plays in school too!! i remember that pride! you are so funny!! i wish somebody got a pic of you hopping around in your seat like a teenager!! you're so cute. go ross indeed!! enjoy your day!!

Brooke - in Oregon

So is Ross happy with his blog coverage today! lol Ya know I was looking for a video clip so we could hear Ross singing :) I can only imagine just how proud you had to have felt! Ya got yourself a pretty great kid in Ross. Granted you have more than one great kid but with Ross being a teenager, I have to say I am impressed with the integrity he shows. I LOVE plays, musical's with local talent. They are so much fun to go and watch. I love the energy!

Susanne P.

woo hoo ross!! i don't know how people get up and sing in front of others. that's some self confidence!!

Sandy Horton

Ross, I think you got caught up on some of that blog time!! Congratulations on the performance. Enjoy this years, they are such fun.

Lan Amphone

Awesome photos Karen! What a cool kid you have, made me smile reading your commentary on the clapping hands and excitement. I would save up for that lens too but I'm still trying to learn how to get the best of my 50mm. :)


AWW!! You should be proud!!! Hes so handsome!


BRAVO ROSS!!! Oh that's so much fun!! Your pictures turned out great.


How exciting!!!

Looks like he did a great job! And you captured the play so well!

:) Can't wait for your 10 reasons class in december in salem! :)

Paola Norman

Amazing! Congratulations Ross! I can see why you are so proud!

Mary Lou

Proud MaMa you just keep rooting for Ross and let that silly teenage girl make faces anyway. You took some fabulous photos of your cutie. I wish I had my digital SLR when my girl was doing theater but alas I had to settle for the aim and shoot with staged pictures. I am guessing Ross is happy with his "blog" time because you rocked the photos.

Robyn :)

The pictures turned out really awesome.

meg duerksen

you had to have been so proud. my kids aren't old enough for this stuff yet so i have never thought what it felt like for the mother of those kids. i bet you were just nervous and proud and all emotional. i will be someday if my kids go this route. i was just smiling through all these pictures. it looks very cool.

Teresa B

Wooohoooo!! Alright ROSS!!! And your proud mama took some awesome shots!! Keep rockin'

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