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How fun! Was she in the play from the last weekend?
What a great thing Cocoa Daisy is doing. :) I just might try to enter.

Have a great weekend!


I know her family Karen. They go to my church. You will love them all! Start planning the wedding! -Alisa


I love stuff like that too! Thanks for bringing up the link. I know that we are amazingly blessed with plenty. This is going to be a great project for our family. My children love doing things like this too.

Each year the Saturday before T-day and Xmas our church puts together food baskets for needy families in the area, they buy all the food then we sort it out into individual baskets, we are doing that tomorrow morning.


And the best part is that she's getting Ross more blog time!


Hi there,
It's my first time visiting your blog and I must say you take amazing photos!
What camera are you using? I'm really very impressed!


I love how saying very little in the post said everything! So sweet ;)


She looks like a sweet, lovely girl! Way to go, Ross!


So now maybe Ross will will have to be willing to share her if he wants more blog time.


WTG ROSS! She is a doll, and like many others have said, this will definitely get him more blog time!

Tanya Webster

Cali's super cute....and SUPER lucky..Ross is one of the coolest teenagers I have ever met :) Glad you like her!!


She's soo pretty!! Aw.. Ross is growing up!!

Account Deleted

how awesome is that!!

I just wanted to say... that your kids look like they have the best life. seriously. I love watching them grow up before my eyes. amazing!


Oh I love how much you said in just 2 short sentences. You have perfect balance. That's reason #921 why I love your blog.


I love stuff like this too!! I think it's awesome for Cocoa Daisy to be doing this and for you to be giving away such an amazing prize! We've been active in out local canned food drive for over 25 years & I'm excited to get involved in this one too!! Cute shots of the love birds! :-)


Yep. Cowlie is a Cutie! Exciting times when you're young and "in love"!

Now, 12 years of marriage and two kids later, exciting is cleaning your house for 7 hours. I hate spending all day on a Saturday doing that! I've GOT to hire a maid!!! He did help me some, though! That's sweet!!!

Thanks for donating a spot in your class to Cocoa Daisy, Nellie. Scrapbookers can get the job done right!


I thought your family might get a kick out of this photographer's post, "quack quack" !

Tammy Mellish

Cowlie, lol, is cute as a button! I'm in NO hurry (he's only 7 lol), but look forward to the days when my little man finds a little sweetie he's comfortable enough to hang out here at home with.

Carrie T

Josh's first gf? She's very pretty!

Tricia Canonico

Hi Karen,
Thanks for helping to get the word out and for your VERY generous donation! :)

Sandy Horton

Karen, be careful about being too approving of the gf. Sometimes that's all it takes for it to go south. I will say though, I made my son ask out the girl he ended up marrying. He didn't think she would go out with him. Silly boy and I got him off my hands (he was 24). LOL Tx misses you.

Tammy  Kay

I hope you are okay. You have posted lately!

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