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Tanya Webster

DANG you guys are so cute!!!!! :) sounds like an AWESOME weekend!


Thanks for helping the Albany economy!! I, too, love the Golden Pear and have the added benefit of knowing one of the owners--I worked with her husband and his sister used to babysit my kids (it's a really small town sometimes). And the Depot is one of my favs, too. Glad you like it here! And glad you had a great weekend. My BFF since middle school lives in Montana and we are exactly the same as you and Jill when we get together.


Fun times, fun times. I almost spit out my Lean Pocket as I read it. Gonna have to eat a lot of Lean Pockets to make up for the Bananas Foster.


Just reading about it made me smile. I'm glad you and Jill had such an incredible weekend. . . now I can't wait to see what you do with those movie theater seats.

Becky (aka: beckywedd) :)


OMG! I have been waiting to read you blog all-weekend-long! Meeting you and Jill at the Golden Pear was the highlight of my weekend - MY BFF, Laura (owner of the Golden Pear) and I are still giddy about it. It looks like you guys had such a great time...Laura and I are going away soon for our own "girls weekend" - thanks for the inspiration! Can't wait to take your "10 things" class in Salem in December and your photography class in January!


isn't the depot the best?
YUM. I might need to go there this week :)

glad you two had a fun time!
I was at the coast this weekend as well (in bandon)
and it was a GORGEOUS weekend for it!


Looks like you had a wonderful time! Sounds like a perfect weekend! Can't wait to see what you do with the movie seats! Those are so cool! Loved all your pictures!

Sandi Keene

Just had to tell you that I just emailed my sister this post and told her that you two are just like us! Thrift stores, Purell, laughing till one screams "STOP, please stop or at least let me go to the bathroom!" Too fun!

Loved the photos and the post.


your weekend sounds divine!! Glad you enjoyed and now I have the motivation to have an equally great weekend with my BFF, my MOM! Thanks for an amazing blog, of which I stalk daily! :)


TerriB in Oregon

Love the Depot, my fav sister lives in Albany, and I have to say it sounds like a superb weekend! I'm going to have to hit the Golden Pear.


I wish the post was longer :)

tara pollard pakosta

you look more like sisters!
i have a friend like that too, she always makes me LAUGH, i have known her since 4th grade and i always wonder why we let time go by without getting together...
i think you forgot to mention that she was your best friend in the whole wide world LOL!

Bobbi in KY

Looks like you had a great time Karen!!! So glad you took the time to get away for the weekend!! Just wish I had me some theater seats too :)

Laura Plunk

Oh man , there are 13 of us "Scrapbook Girls" getting together for a retreat, lots of cropping for some , lots of goofing around for some and just plane get away from all the stress and "laugh our pants off" sometimes pee a little bit when laughing to hard.... whoops !..... You know who we are and are always invited.... bring Jill you two will fit right in..
Laura P
Southern OR


Glad you had a great weekend, Karen!


love love love every photo..I too wanted more visuals of your adventure. My niece has the leopard danskos and they are great, and honestly, not as crazy looking as I thought they would be...SO happy you had such fun! Great post!


I love the Depot in Albany, fish & chips and a Anchor Steam beer, can't get much better then that! Looks like you found some great treasures


Wet Wipes AND Purell !!!

Sometimes I can't get the thrift store smell out of my nose...but it's worth it for finding a pair of Born boots $8.95 for my sister a few weeks ago.

You need a nose plug or VapoRub to walk through those shoe isles! ha.

Y'all are too cute--love the do's. It's true--girls dress for each other!

Thanks for all the fun pics & glad to hear it was like old times. You know your friendship is true when you get together it seems like no time has passed since you saw each other last. And then... wreckless abandon! ha.


Sounds like a simply marvelous weekend! I am curious what you're going to do with those movie theatre seats though.


So glad you had a good time!! And stoked (and a little jealous) that you made it to Nana's! :)

rochelle g

i love the depot!!! good food and such a cute little restaraunt. love, love, love nye beach. did you eat at the chowder bowl or is it house? YUM! looks like you guys had a blast. love newport. love that they finally have a starbucks there.


Your comments honestly just make me dream of the same type of weekend with my very own best friend. It's been so long that we've spent this type of time together that it's almost begun to feel uncomfortable... like you can walk past each other and not say a word, and think about it and hurt, but still not say a thing. But. Reading this makes me feel like it's all so close... like I can reach out and touch it. And it reminds me that I should work really hard, even harder than before, to just make it happen. Because if ever there were a time, it's now. When things in her life are just about as bad as they might ever be. Thanks Karen, once again, for sharing these details of your life... they inspire me. I read your blog like the morning paper (I've missed your posts these last few days!).

Now I'm off to find my OWN theatre seats. Our theatre (now Opera House) was renovated a few years ago... I wonder what they did with those seats! WTH! I have never ever wanted movie seats. See what you are doing! Stop it. Stop it now! lol


You and Jill look so happy together; I love your photos of the girls weekend. You helped me to remember how much fun and how therapeutic spending a few days with my bestfriend always is and how I really need to make it happen. I'm so glad you and Jill had such a good time. You look so relaxed and beautiful in the photo together. TFS.


What a great weekend. :) I hope it isn't another four years before you do that again!

Neighbor Cheryl

Glad you had a great time!! Newport is my favorite place in the whole wide world to visit. Every summer when we would return to Oregon to visit family we would go to Newport, go crabbing then go to Nye Beach and eat them. Then we would eat at Mo's down by the docks. Even tho I live in Oregon again I rarely get to Newport. As for "junking" I love that more than going to the Mall! Know every GW from here to Portland. And if you ever get the chance you HAVE to go the the Goodwill Outlet Store in Portland where everything is in bins and you pay by the pound. OMG I am in heaven when I go there. Bob and I spend hours and hours there!! The one on Ochoco is the best one! My son text me this a.m and said Mom, I just passed a GW outlet in Vancouver, coming up this weekend? haha! P.S. you need buckets of purell when you go there tho!

Michelle T.

Nothing like a good girlfriend weekend!!! So glad you guys had a great time. You two do look like sisters as noted in an above post and I'm sure not the first time you two have heard that.

Thanks for posting your pics.


What a terrific read. I am envious of your "girlie" weekend. I am in need of one of those. Thank you for sharing.......My day will be brighter now because you made me smile this morning.


Looks like an awesome weekend! Glad you are feeling recharged.

I guess if you can find a place for old theater seats I should let DH have a place for his stadium seats LOL but orange is such a hard color to decorate around!

Nina glad ya'll had such a great weekend. Cherish these times. I so miss spending time with my BFF..we lost her to stupid brain cancer 3 years ago and no one can ever take her place. We were just like ya'll....laughing at the same stupid things, singing, eating and having fun. Enjoy these times! and as your pictures!


What a blast you & Jill (your best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world) clearly had! Makes me smile just looking & reading! And those theater seats are THE BEST!!! What a great find... can't wait to see what you do with them.

Ann Grounds

Looks and sounds like you had a GREAT Weekend! Wayyyy too much fun. Love the "real" beer goggles and the beaded doll! Glad that you could spend some fun girlie time together, you needed it by the sounds of your last few posts.


what an amazing soul filling weekend for you!

*and to think you were in albany/corvallis???
(i live in corvallis) and you're practicly a celebrity to my friend catharine and i*

:) glad to see you and your bff smiling great smiles!


I am so glad you had a good time! ANd you scored some awesome goods!!!!! Love those seats!!!

Carrie Hicks

Reading this is so funny. I can totoally relate, except for maybe the excitment over the beaver mug. But I am ALWAYS searching for Fire-King. I even want to paint my kitchen Fire-King jade green. I also collect vintage aprons (and no, I don't cook). They look really cute tied around a door though, then you can use the pockets for storage! And... the plate that Jill is holding up, wellllll, I have the larger size in the same plate hanging on my wall. best friend and I just made a pact, that we are going to start making bi-weekly Goodwill trips. So reading this made me laugh. I wish you lived in Bend, then I would invite you to go to Goodwill with us.


Glad to hear you had such a great weekend! Love the movie seats!! And the melon baller...seeing it made me remember one that my mom had. What lens did you have on your camera? Your pics were the shoes.


That is waaaaayyyyyyyy tooo much fun, way tooo much, sounds like a perfect weekend, just perfect.
I'm being repetative.

Dianne Nelson

I saw the menu and went..."Hey! That's the Depot here in Albany!" I love their Bonnie's Crunch Shrimp Salad.

What a wonderful weekend! Totally dig the melon baller!

Amy Cline

I just LOVE this post Karen :). Makes me miss your laugh. Those seats are the FREAKIN best find - way to go. If you guys ever need a third wheel on one of these adventures let me know :).


I cannot wait to see what you do with the movie theater seats! Love them!! I too just bought some pinkish ones in Utah; I'm planning to use them for my photography business.

Newport harbor Cruises

I was so amazed that jill and you have spend a great weekend together and also the Newport is an amazing place for holidays and weekend.

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