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tara pollard pakosta

too CUTE>
love your updates!
i love how you always do a day in the life.
or little mini trips! fun stuff!!!!!!
thanks for sharing!


Beautiful! Wonderful color. Looks like such a fun day. :)


What a great day! I always enjoy coming here to see your photos! :)


Love the shots and the coordinating outfits.

Teresa B

Awwwhhhh.. I wanna go!! Looks like so much fun.. We go to Cal Poly Pomona to get ours.. it's a sea of orange.. sooo much fun!! Can't wait!


Beautiful pictures :)

Stacey B

OMG your blog makes me laugh!
Can you maybe post about post processing in a QUICK way. I have 500 pics from greece sitting on my laptop. I shot them in RAW. I feel like you take pics and bam they are on your blog. Mine. Wham they are sitting on my harddrive never to to be seen or scrapped.


Oh, what fun! Looks like a great day! I'm gonna have to try Bella Union when I'm down that way!

Laura Glover

I LOVE your pumpkin patch pictures...I've been waiting. I can't believe how big Annie is getting and how long her hair is. And, her carrying around that baby with the knee pad...OH MY GOODNESS, it is just so cute!!!

I'm currently in your class and loving it. I'm the one with the camera issues and I've mailed it (my Rebel XT) into Canon today. It should be 7-10 days before I get it back. I am hoping it isn't anything too expensive. I've had the Rebel XT for three years and it's been a great camera. If I had the $ to upgrade I would, but I don't. Maybe next year. In the meantime, I'm trying to figure where I can borrow one. The two people I know with digital SLR's are using thier camera's all the time, so it's too much to ask. I live in a very remote area (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) and we don't even have a Mom & Pop's that deal with Canon cameras. I'm trying to stay positive and I'll still use our little Canon P&S. Plus, I'm going back to older pictures from the summer and I'm looking at things in a whole different way. Thank you.

Have a great day.

Laura G.


Seriously, Karen, could your little "Yannie" be any cuter??? She just makes me laugh!
I love your pumpkin patch pictures and I am right there with ya on the coordinating clothes. Love your girls purple and green outfits.


Josh Downs really cracks me up.....I've noticed this about him:

He's always in the background looking amused when Ross is "up to something".

Is that about right? ha.

Just my observation. Cracks me up everytime!

Looks like y'all had a fun day!


Very cool pictures. Can I be one of your kids?


What a perfect day, even with the pouting. I can see why you love it so much!

Brandi in OH

I am a pumpkin patch lover too! My pumpkin motto is "Carve Happy", of course this only encourages my girls to carve spooky!
Love the shot of you and Josh Downs, sometimes it's hard to get the camera lens directed at you, but it's nice when it happens and looks so natural.
Can't wait to see the Jack o'lanterns!!!


I love your blog. I just figured out why too, lots of pictures, not alot of writing and it is just real life. You must have a really really great sense of humor, to have the boys (Yes, Josh Downs too) that you have in your life!! The expression on Josh's face at Annie's warty pumpkin is just so funny, it is a face my husband would make at something like that too. I also love the goat picture, the goats look like they really like your girls. There is something magical about Autumn, and big orange gourds are a part of that magic. Yes, every great outing must have a good pouter (my middle daughter usually provides us with a good pout face). How do you get images of just your family, in these public settings? I find it hard to get only us and no bystanders.

Heather (in Scotland)

Looks like a professional photo shoot for some clothing catalogue. LOVE Annie and Courtney's special outfits.

(Shame I don't live closer to Laura Glover - she could borrow my Rebel XTi. I can't get to grips with it for anything except daylight shots of my kiddies. Took it on a surprise trip to Italy this past weekend and ended up leaving it in the room and using my p&s!)


Your pictures are beautiful (as always!) and I LOVE that you are taking more with you in them. One of my goals, as well.



oh, i love the pumpkin patch! your pictures capturing the day are perfect! i love that ross still goes to make his mom happy! :)


As usual your photos are just terrific and could Annie be any cuter? You just have a great eye and a quick trigger finger...LOL


Hi Karen! Loving the pics! That expression on Annie's face with the goats is priceless! Did she try to gouge the pony's eye before or after her ride? You are funny. Thanks for sharing your family and your family time with us.



Beautiful. Pumpkin patch pictures are my favorite pictures of the year. I like the actions you're using on your photos recently. A little bit more subdued and vintage looking. Very nice.


Ok I have to admit, the knee-pad attire on the baby TOTALLY made me laugh out loud! The flower garden shot of Annie is my favorite. I love the colors!


love it!
tell Yannie I would have picked the warty pumpkin, too.


I LOVE fall.. and pumpkin patches are always a great place for some awesome shots!!! Looks like you had a great time!!!

Julie Jones

I take my girls to that very same pumpkin patch every year and they LOVE it! :) There is so much to see and do...we spend HOURS there!! I just love your pictures....looks like you had a ton of fun!!


It looks like you guys had SOOO much fun - and the pictures are gorgeous (as usual!). =) We went to the pumpkin farm yesterday too. Sam had a blast and I got some great shots (if I do say so myself). Posted 'em on my blog if you want to see.

I miss your class Karen! Still hoping for Photography Workshop 201.

Hope you have a wonderful fall.

=) Nona


I'm completely giggling over the knee pad on Annie's babies. I can't stop laughing... she's just so darn cute.

Awesome, awesome pictures!


Love it!!! All of them!


love the shots of the baby in the kneepad! and after seeing annie's outfit, i finally feel i have to break down and get it. of course, even though my daughter would look adorable in it, i would never get around to doing anything with the pictures of her in it to prove it... thanks for taking the time to share.


I really loved this post and all of the photos. My boys are now grown and I am alone and I smiled and laughed and felt like I was reliving the fun of our yearly trips to the pumpkin patch. I laughed so hard I almost peed at the photo of Annie and the pony where you swore you made her stop when you realized she was trying to poke his eye out. They all seem to have that interest at her age. Thanks for sharing so much of who you are and what you do in your blog. You are so funny and down-to-earth and so real.


I found your blog through Scrapbook Junkie and I love your pictures!

Nikki Mitchell

fantastic pictures again - you are so inspiring - absolutely love your little girl's outifit - you are so lucky to have a pumpkin patch like that to visit - nothing like that here :( but looking forward to some cool fall pics using your blog as inspiration - thanks :)

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