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Julie Pilch

Enjoy your light! Have a fantastic weekend.

sara b

Oh, look at how long Annie's hair is! She is too cute. Glad you found the light. It feels great doesn't it?


So glad you found your light and took time to feel the grass under your toes!!! Keep enjoying!!!


So glad you found your light and took time to feel the grass under your toes!!! Keep enjoying!!!

Erica Hettwer

Hee! My hubby always gives me a hard time when I have to run house stuff past my mom. It's nice having another set of eyes that like the same things you do. :D


You are my hero...I am trying to get there. Trying really hard.

Teresa B

That's great Karen!! Enjoy it !!!


Oh how fun!!! And Courtney....well, I think she did a fabulous job on the photos!! Love "The Kiss". All just too cute!



ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....good message. I am teary (what's new?) cuz I need to do that too. I am so happy for you- but also wishing your schedule was slightly clogged up with a trip to the OC again at some point...


Oh Karen, I'm so glad you are getting to enjoy life and get a little more down time. Congrats on making your world what you want it to be. Enjoy it!

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


Have fun painting! Great pictures!


Hey Karen I am all for useing someone elses idea's as long as it is something you like. Why should both of you have to spend so much time trying to figure it out??? LOL.... One time I even used my friends Thanksgiving grocery list because I didn't get time to make one... I mean MOST people get about the same basic things and I had everything I needed.... Love all the pictures as usual and I am soooooo happy that you found the light at the end of that long tunnel.....

Adriana Puckett

I love this post. I am so happy for you and I know exactly what you must be feeling. I still don't see the light at the end of this tunnel, which today just got a lot longer, but I feel somewhat reassured that someday it will be there.

Travel Turtle

Courtney is a great photographer. Buy that girl a camera!!!

I would love to see before and after shots of your house projects.

Heather Prins

awesome post, I am beginning to feel that way myself.


What a nice feeling. :) Way to go Courtney for getting YOU in front of the camera. I can't WAIT to see the paint job.


I love the pictures of you! They are so sweet!


You really inspire and uplife my spirit, Michelle


Uh, I'm SORRY!!! but you cannot post about cool colors that you are painting your house without providing PHOTOS!!
*tsk tsk*



I do the same thing with my best friend and my sister. If they get something I like--I'm right there getting it too!

Have been reading Jill's blog lately....Y'all really are so much alike. So very funny (as in bust-out laughing)!

Enjoy your light, Karen. You really have earned it!!!

Rachelle Sims

Perfect. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day. And oh, by the way. About the paint. One of my pictures of the day should be a current one of my living room; it looks like it has chicken pox because I have so many sections of paint streaks on the wall! It's been that way for like a month! I can't decide which walls should be which colors : ) And my main bathroom just got its second coat of paint in a week because I didn't like the first coat; which was one of the 3 swatch colors on its own chicken pox wall! LOL Happy Weekend!


I just painted my bathroom a dark sage green. My 6 year old said "I'm telling Dad"! And my 12 year old said "Does Dad know you are doing this?" Dad was out of town for a couple of weeks. After reading your post, my consensis is: Boys don't like green that much. I'm glad you have some "down time" & doing something you want too. Good luck!


I just can't take it! Your photos and posts are so great ! I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! Your daughters are capture their light ! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Seriously...I'm such a big fan of your work !

Lisa B.

Glad it's all getting under control..wish that was the same for me.
Today I was in Lafayette, La...and BEGGED the store owner to please arrange a bit larger venue for your workshop (the link to Treasured Memories from your blog actually went to the store in Houston and because I was too dumb to figure that out, missed getting in your class). She's considering letting me bring my own chair (a three hour drive for me) so that I can come..I told her I'd stand on my head if I had to. :-) Maybe, just maybe, if I'm living right...I'll get in!

Alicia Sharp

Good for you Karen! Enjoy it all you can!!


Congratulatons on finding the light at the end of the tunnel. I always knew SOMEONE would find it and I'm glad it was you.


Welcome to the light, it's a great place to be. I laughed out loud at your paint story, I had to read it out loud to my husband--I totally get it, why would you want to spend unnecessary time when you have a perfectly good solution right in front of you. Most especially when you can use that time to have grass under your feet.

Pictures are amazing as usual, I can't even explain how excited I am about my class coming in just a few weeks!!!!


Love the pics, as always, but I ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE one of those T-shirts! Where did you get it?


Thank you for reminding me that there is an end indeed!


That second picture of Annie at the top, she looks just like you. I don't know if she's getting bigger all of a sudden or if I just haven't noticed it before. But there she is, looking like a happy, little you. She's darling.


Karen it is so great to 'see' you having fun with your girls!


Great pictures--as always!! And where did you get Courtney Lee's sweater??? I love it!!!


Glad you found your light. Trying hard to find mine.


Terrific read and love the photos as well.


dear mrs. karen.

hi, my name is kristy and i'm technologically (and financially) challenged. (aka i can't make the photo editing program i have do it, and i can't afford photoshop) after much frustration, i've decided you just must make this happen. i figure the small 1x1 1/2" photos that you use SO often are pretty much one of your signature traits. therefore, i propose that you get (which i use religiously) to come up with the "karen russell template" or "karen russell size" photo, to make this size readily available. it would make my life so much easier :)

that is all.
thank you :)

lol... :)


Awwwww Karen.... enjoy being at that point in your life. I wish for that day to come for me some day. }}}HUGS{{{


When I talk about the blogs I read to my non-scrapbooking sister, I call you "the funny one." I love your words and humor. Just curious, are Annies eyes still different colors?


That photo of you and Annie kissing is so cute! Glad to hear that you have seen the light!


Courtney did a good job with the's nice to see your face every so often. Glad you've reach the light.


I agree - we need pics of the color!;) Actually, I've been trying to decide between the Jardin Jewel or Teal Twist (just a shade lighter) for my living areas but I've been procrastinating. Curious to see how they look in large areas. Love C's pics. I am always amazed at the shots my little one gets. And BTW, I decided to go with an aqua-ish wall color because it what my best friend did too!


Karen, Love your photo's! How did you process them? I love how some of them look sorta oldie style. Just perfect!


I can see that light just BEAMING around you at the end of that tunnel! Good for you... glad you found it. Care to draw me a map so I can get there, too? :o) Enjoy the light.


What a great trip to the pumpkin patch! I miss you Karen, glad to see you in your photos.

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