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Sara M

I love how your write about your everyday life.
I love to read your stories. Your kids will be so happy they have them to look back on someday. That is if they can stop fighting over the melon baller long enough to read them.

Sara M


I love it when my husband gets to work from home too. I love seeing him do what he does, it's good for our children too. Being homeschooled they like it is a special treat for them. I make him a nice lunch, he likes being home cause he gets to work in a T-shirt and shorts!


You made me smile with that story! I will never look at melon ballers the same way again! :)

Erica Hettwer

You forgot to tell him that the actual intended use for the melon baller is to scoop cookie dough. They just call it a melon baller to throw you off the scent. ;)


Love this story! Your weekend with Jill sounded fantastic, and I had to laugh because I did have an older relative once who did have a thing for miniature pink beaded dolls with muffs. Seriously. They've always kind of given me the creeps.


Josh's comment to your Mom was the BEST!....Made me laugh right out loud.
He is a funny guy.


LOL!! Yes. You better put in your will you shall receive the melon baller.


you're story made me LOL. It's exactly what my BF would say. It can always be used for other things like sprinkles on a cupcake.


I know exactly how you feel. My grandmother used an old baking powder can with both ends cut out to make the MOST delicious biscuits EVER. I don't know what happened to it, but anything that reminds me of biscuits then makes me think of my grandmother. Love your stories.

Andrea Chrupcala

Can I have the melon baller??? Pretty please?


Tanya Webster

I just bet that if you put on one of those super cute aprons, go to the pioneerwoman website and find something you can cook that will use that awesome melon baller that josh downs will have to eat his words :) i just bet........:) LOL!! regardless, you made me smile today and that is a tough thing to do these days....THANK YOU.


everyone loves an old melon baller, but i'd have dibs on the old movie theater seats. :)

Julie McD

Too funny! Love Josh Downs' comment to your Mom. And, I am soooooo jealous of those movie theater seats. Way cool.


I've really never understood the melon baller....They're not really balls are they?

I mean, part of them are flat top balls from where you had to cut the melon. And then a few get the nod for being good and round, but the rest gets wasted because you can't do anything with it.

So in my OCDness, that sorta bugs me that they're not all perfectly balled up. :)

But it sure makes me look like I'm a good cook with one sitting in the drawer. Of course, you get top prize for having a "seasoned" looking one!

And new cookware would put you "over the top"!


Karen...I can't stop laughing at your story. In fact, all of your stories of your adventures in life make me laugh. You should seriously consider writing a book...somewhere in between all that cooking, of course.




yes there will be that fight for the melon the meantime, keep blogging!


Love your stories!


What a great day! I share your passion for things used. My boys are already arguing about who gets my moms old tin flour sifter and the old pickle jar.
Glad you had a good day at work!


Can I put my name on the list for the melon baller? I'm glad you had a good day with Josh!

Ann Grounds

Had to LOL regarding Josh's comment to your mom!! Gotta love that you saved $.95 but then again, you paid $8.00 for a used one at the Good Will?! Do they think that they are some high end antique store now?


I thought your story was cute, until the end. Then i laughed out loud. Josh Down's is the funny one, isn't he!!!


OMG...LOL...that post was so my sister! I can even hear my BIL making a similar remark LOL

Thanks for making my day!


nyuk, nyuk!! too funny!!!

Louise Murr

That is too funny. That same story could have happened at our house. I love the old chipped handled kitchenware too. I can't get enough of it. Cool story...


You always make me giggle... mainly because I can 100% relate to the melon baller. We DEFINITELY have fond memories of kitchen things from our childhood.... the two ice cream scoops, the green handled spatula, the yellow handled scissors (to cut pizza, of course), the cookie sheets, etc.

I would like to come & be a fly on the wall for a week in your house. Of course, it's pointless because I'd be found out.... I'd be the giggling fly on the wall and you'd totally hear me.


Hands down you have the best blog for many reasons, but the way you turn a phrase when you are sharing your life is awesome. You are a natural writer. If you ever want to write a book, I know for sure that your millions of fans would make you a best seller. I was so tickled by Josh's comment about the ruckus that may take place over the mellon baller when your long, happy lives end. TFS. Whenever I'm blue, I only need to visit you.

Tanya Andersson

What's a M.I.M sandwich?

Debbie House

Karen...this post tops all....SOOOOOOOOO funny!!! please write a are an incredible down to earth!!! Cute that you had to go and tell Josh that he's hot....sizzilin'!! Keep that passion going!! love it!


Just saw this link in Stacy Julian's blog (you may already read that - if so, sorry for the repeat!). Anyway, I thought you might be interested in another use for your cool melon baller since you don't like melons!
Not sure why the link isn't posting...argh! Guess you'll have to copy & paste.


I thought I posted this a few minutes ago, but then it didn't show up. I'm not any good at this blog comment thing!

Check out this link for another idea for your new melon baller since you don't like melon. Stacy Julian had this link on her blog entry for today and I immediately thought of you.

Mary Nakamura

My husband and bros in law have already begun to fight over the old aluminum ice cream scoop that their mom and grandma used to serve them ice cream when they were kids, and which my mil continues to use to this day to serve ice cream to our son. My solution to keep peace in the family? I have bought at least seven similar scoops at estate sales (each for $1 or less) and have told them that after mom dies we will put all of them, including the REAL one, in a bag and each of them will pick one! One will get the real one and one will get a counterfeit! I just think it's a hoot and very sweet that grown men would even want something that seems so trivial. So don't be surprised if your kids DO fight over the melon baller someday! I read your blog daily and have never posted, but had to share my ice cream scoop story after reading about your melon baller. BTW, we met at the store that ALison Wong used to own, Memories for the Making in Lodi, California, eons ago. I was a t.a. for the class and still teach at the store. I got into your January online class and am THRILLED! ALison is attending your class in San Jose this weekend (I was supposed to go, too, but gave my spot away when I got into the online class). Love your stories!


You guys are just so funny!

Alissa Hall

I believe that Josh and my husband John are long lost brothers! Funny story.

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Well it seems he feels very hungry during work so he used to go to the dining room at least a dozen times throughout the day...I found your melon baler story very funny...

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