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Great pictures!

I'm glad to see you were making memories with your melon baller! :)


Thank goodness for really good friends who will find a (good, no less!) recipe that uses a kitchen tool that your husband doubted you'd ever be able to use, let alone make memories with.

Go, Tanya! :-)

jean kim

i LOVE the sprinkles on her chin. i'll have to have my kids make some mini caramel apples tonight too. oo. can't wait to eat them. have a happy halloween!


Courtney has such beautiful eyes! :)


and Josh thought that melon baller was a waste of!


so glad you got to make "melon baller" memories!


now I need an apple baller!

Tanya Webster

and NOW someday there really will be a big ole fight for that melon baller....:) LOL!! Happy Halloween to you and your sweet sweet family!! I miss ya cutie! :)


Hi Karen,

Have you mentioned anywhere on your site how you manage to take such great photos indoors? Mine always ended up washed out or orange. And both options are equally ugly to look at!

Love the melon baller memories - too funny!


Gorgeous photos! You all look like you had a great time!


You prolly get asked this all the time.. but what kind of camera do you have (and what lens did you use for these shots)?? It's Killer! Loved these pics! They make you feel like you are there!

Paola Norman

Oh what fun! I love that you each have a pumpkin to carve!
The apple lollipops are a fantastic idea!
Thanks for taking the time to share!
Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween! I'll have to try out that recipe!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

according to my husband, you shouldn't carve your pumpkins any sooner........he thinks they'll rot or get


Happy Halloween Karen!!! I think that's a great melon baller tradition. I just love that photo with Annie and the sprinkles all over her chin .. lol


Great Halloween memories - thanks for sharing them! And I'm so going to try that recipe - I've even bought some melon ballers to put in my girls' Christmas stockings. I think they need to make memories too!! Happy Halloween!


Looks like a great time!!!

Brandi in OH

Go Melon Baller! Aren't you glad you snapped that up! Someday those kids are gonna be fighting over who gets that melon baller, mark my words!
Love the sprinkle face...after ya yelled at her did ya want to eat her up?
Oh and go Miss. that's a girl with some guts...ha ha a little silly pumpkin humor...happy Halloween!


Martha Stewart's got nothin' on you Karen!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you and your adorable kiddos!

maryjo materazo

spotted the melon baller too. glad to see you're making those unforgettable memories w/ it. ;) i saw the mini candy apple recipe too & we made them out our halloween playgroup. huge hit! it'll be an annual tradition around here too. happy halloween! maryjo

Michelle OKeefe

cute photos ! Now for sure they will fight over that melon baller long after you are gone! You were so right.
Loved this post, Karen.


Hi Karen,

Looks like you all had a fun Halloween. Can you tell me what your camera settings were for these indoor pictures? I don't have much light in my house (at least I don't think I do). I was just wondering how you got great pics without a flash!

I must say that your on-line photography class this past summer was one of the best things I have ever done. I know I have said it before, but thanks again!

Karen Young

Great pics, as always! We made that recipe back for a Labor Day cookout and they were sooooo yummy! Great bite-size little bits of sweet deliciousness. And fun to make too. Just don't try to make them with the real caramel. It slides off this little apple balls.

Heather (in Scotland)

Another great set of photos. Looks an idyllic evening. Lol at the idea there'll be fights in the future for who gets the melon baller!


so glad you got to put your melon-baller to good use.
hopefully, your girlies will be walking around a thrift store years from now, and tears will come to their eyes when they see a melon-baller and think of your apples.


I'm way older than Cole and I still pitch a fit about sticking my hands inside a pumpkin. I'm so pathetic that I use disposal rubber gloves. What a wimp I am.

I am SO glad you found an excellent use for that melon baller. It has served its purpose... created a memory that will cause them to fight over who will inherit the melon baller many, many, many years from now. :0)

Libbi M.

hi karen and family! love the mellon baller memories and the recipe too. you'll have to tell courtney lee i'd love to see her on american idol with her mellon baller. lol. i can see what looks like an old window pane in the background of some of your pics. i'd love for you to post a photo on your blog so i can see it. i just found an old window pane in a barn that is going to be torn down. i feel like i scored big time and i'm looking for ideas on what to do with it.

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