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Kathy C.

LOVE the color in your dining room area!!! Doesn't it feel great to get more color inside your home...with our lovely Oregon weather (which I actually DO LOVE), it's great to have color inside to help bring a smile to your face!

~ Kathy C.


Karen I truly love your new line, you have outdone yourself again!
Love seeing you sharing your "real" life with us, not just a polished
up one for the adoring public! You have a great family!


We have all of the new goodies too including the stamps!! It is also 10% off this week:)


Tell us about the rack holding the pictures on the wall. Is it a plate rack? What a fun surprise for your children!


Thanks for posting the info about your product! I've been having the hardest time finding it!
Got it now though! Yeah!


Great color in that photo with the kids' blue shirts and Annie's green one with the walls! Can't wait to hear where you'll be in FL. I'm in South Florida and you can tell Coley that I've been here for almost 30 years and I have yet to see (hadn't even heard of) those killer spiders! Iguanas - those we have plenty of, though. Yuck.


Nice photo Karen -- I also noticed your stamps at (I don't have an affiliation) but I thought it might help someone out.

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

Tanya Webster

LOVE LOVE LOVE that color in the dining room...I bet it makes it look so light and airy in there! :) The pumpkin pics made me sad....we should have been there....they all look awesome of course! :) miss you.........


Hi Karen! I love your site & check it frequently. I've learned a lot about RAW vs JPEG and I now shoot only in RAW on my Nikon D70. One question - when you refer to Adobe Camera RAW is that a separate program from Photoshop? Or is it a plugin? I have Photoshop 7.0.1 and it allows me to open my RAW files & change the white balance setting as I open the files - is that what you're talking about? Thanks so much!


The wall color is so you!!!
I love it and it looks great with the black decorations.
I am so excited for my sister who gets to take your class in San Jose!


Did you really just say you're considering a Photoshop class?? Woohoo...jumping up and down...crossing finergs. I'm still going through withdrawals from the Photographers Workshop! So LOVED your class...a Photoshop class would be so amazing! I've been having fun with CS3 (I got it just after the class ended), but I have a TON to learn...ummm help LOL!!

Also, totally digging Annie's cute purple tights she wore to the pumpkin patch did you find those recently?

Thanks for sharing all your great info with us!


Where in Florida??? I am THERE! Tell Coley not to worry about the spiders, there's more snakes than there are people in Florida. Or so said a snake expert who visited our Scout troop.
I've lived here over 20 years and have never been bitten by either.
Can't wait to take a class here in Florida with you!


Would defintely be interested in the photo editing class-I can't wait for the Photographers online class in Jan!!


Woo hoo! You're coming to FL. It's a big state, but I think I could drive to any city to make it to one of your classes. So glad you reconsidered coming to our state full of spiders, snakes and gators...heehee.

Lisa B.

Oh I hope they find a way to make more seats in the Lafayette class...



elizabeth holder

can you please post where in florida you will be - oh gosh I've got to be there - can't wait


OHHHH I LOVE that color!!! Very different!! but awesome!!!!!


oh and flordia........ I can drive the distance in under 24 hours..... I think I need to take another Karen class!! sooo I'm thinking I'm going to need to do a road trip!

Colleen Barron

I love, love, LOVE your new line!!!! And I enjoy reading your blog. You have a wonderful family.

Jamie S.

Thanks for sharing the site for the photobooks. This is exactly what I have been pondering doing.

Carrie T

I love the paint! Wonderful job!

Stacy Guthrie

Do you happen to remember where you got the glass centerpiece thingy on your table? I LOVE it!


I'd love to know more about the possibility of a FL class as well! Just found your site and am excited to explore some more!

Joy Gross

I want to know where you got the center piece on your table... I love it.


yay - thanks for showing the paint photo. i have decided that although it looks wonderful in your home, i will be going with a couple of shades lighter in mine.

Michelle Quinn

We have all of your Narratives products in our store and WE LOVE YOU! Big CI supporter here!

Thanks, Karen!

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