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What a sad, sad time. I will keep Valerie's family and friends in my prayers.

Heather Prins

Oh I am so sorry for your loss. {{hugs}} to you


So sorry to hear this.

Tanya Webster

I'm so sorry Karen :( What a sad sad thing. Valerie's family and friends will be in my prayers for sure.


{{hugs}} prayers for all who loved her and will miss her.




I loved Valerie. I went into her store often with my daugter, Callie. Valerie and Carma were like family to me when I would visit their store. They saw me through my pregnancy and watched Callie grow into a toddler. She will be deeply missed. My prayers go out to her family and friends.


What sad news. :( I will keep all those that loved her in my prayers. Hugs, Karen.


How sad. I've gone into her store before.




I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.

tara pollard pakosta

that is so sad.
i am so sorry.

Brooke - in Oregon

She was such a sparkler as in Firecracker. Love her so much, miss her like crazy, can't really believe she is gone. Yesterday I kept thinking it just could not be real.


I am so sorry. HUGS.


It's so hard to accept things like this. Our community is mourning the unexpected loss of a 34 year old. You just can't wrap your brain around it. Many hugs, Karen.


God never let her go.

My heart and prayers go out to her family and friends who

cherish her memory.

Sorry, Karen :(


Hugs to you in the loss of your friend, and prayers for her family and friends.


I'm so sorry for your loss Karen. Sending you and her family prayers.

Val in Ohio

I cannot help but feel a kinship with someone that shares my name. Hugs and prayers for everyone.

Val from Down Under

You are right when you say that there is a sisterhood in scrapbooking. That is so true. Prayers and love to all from another Valerie, in Australia.

Brandi in OH

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time.
May good memories and cherished times bring comfort to Valerie's family and friends. Peace be with you.


Karen - Thank you for posting this. I get down to Medford fairly often as I have family there & would always go to No Bare Pages. Was so sad when they closed earlier this year - it was such a wonderful store. I will send my prayers to all of Valeries family and friends.


Oh I'm so sorry to hear this - such a frightening reminder how very short life can be. Hugs.

Moriah Bettencourt

OMG that is such sad news! I love that store! I go there whenever I go up to see my mom :( I hope that her family & friends can find peace in this difficult time.


I'm so sorry to hesr about her passing.

On a brighter note, I just have to say go Utes!!! Make sure and pass this onto your hubby-I'm sure he'll be watching tonight.


That is a beautifully worded message. I'm sorry to hear that your local sb community has lost a friend.


WOW, one just never we? I am sure she was a light for many people. Will be lifting this family up in prayer.

jen t

sorry for your loss! jen t.


Oh. My. Gosh. Karen, I haven't read your blog in MONTHS and about passed out when I saw this post. I live in California and Valerie is a second cousin of mine. (Her mother was my dad's cousin.)Thank you for mentioning my talented cousin, and please continue to keep Lindsey and the rest of the family in prayer.


Thank you for this post and for your kind words, Karen. I was lucky enough to be friends with Valerie. She brought so many of us together here in southern Oregon through her wonderful, much-missed shop.

All of us so appreciated this post to your blog as we worked to get the terribly sad news out to all of Val's many, many friends. Her memorial service this past weekend was very well-attended, proof that she touched so many lives and was dearly loved.

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