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Tanya Webster

HOLY freakin' moly Karen were not kidding when you said the light was unbelievable!! I am soooo blown away....these are SOOOO gorgeous!!! wish i coulda been there to catch some "money" shots of this wedding totally rocked it girlie!!


Absolutely wonderful! These shots are just gorgeous! So can't wait to take your class! You rock!!

Michelle Gauthier

Wow...just simply WOW! Those photos are incredible...the light is stunning. Thank you for sharing these photos.

Sara M

Awesome pictures, Karen. They are so lucky that you were able to take their pictures.
The first group shot, with the lady in the brown polk a dot dress, did you use a wide angle lens?

tara pollard pakosta

and you don't do weddings!
well maybe you should!

Chris P

These are absolutely incredible! I am speechless! The shots are perfect-oh, just everything!


ohmydog!!! i don't even know these folks, and i've got tears welling up!! especially when they were praying!! you did a GREAT job!! maybe you SHOULD do weddings!! ditto to what everybody else says above (and below)!!

Kelly McGee (Mother of the Groom)


It was so wonderful meeting you and thank you for your unending energy and the gift of your exceedingly wonderful photography talent. Your ability is amazing!



Wow! I wish I had used you for our wedding! Those are gorgeous photos!


Dawn  M.

Great shots Karen and I LOVE that last one. Totally my favorite.

cindy b

AWESOME pics. absolutely, without a doubt, i love every single one AWESOME!!!

teresa b

Another kick *ss wedding Karen!! You ROCK!!! Awesome!!

Christine E

What a fabulous job you did with these wedding pics! The families must be thrilled with the too! Great job, and thanks for sharing with us.

beth s.

Ohhhh, to just have 1/1000th of the creativity & ability you have with photography. Those pictures are amazing! So, I guess this year is the year of the Nellie Olson hair???!!!


Karen those pictures are GORGEOUS!!! (And so was the bride!)

That's a gift beyond measure having wedding photos that beautiful.

Gave me chills! But I also loved the cake shot and the ring bearer playing with the pillow! ha.ha.

She'll be so proud to show them off! Way to Go!!!!


I have goose bumps!! I hope by taking your class I can take pictures HALF as good as you. Simply amazing and beautiful!!!


Love that last shot!


the last one is my favorite photo of any you have is just beautiful.


Amazingly gorgeous, as always! :D Beautiful lighting! I LOVE the ring shot.

Laura Plunk

Beautiful Photo's again....

You are the BOMB !!!

Thanks for sharing..... See you soon at Route 5

Laura P


wow, beautiful photos that will be treasured forever! love your work!!


These pics are amazing. Really, really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Shaun Paddock

If I can talk my husband into a second wedding will you come to South Carolina to take the photos? Or we could come to you and just pretend there was wedding. There really was a wedding, just a long time ago. These photos are absolutely beautiful. You should be very proud.
Have a groovy weekend.

Lucky neighbors! These photos are spectacular! You are so talented... : )

Roshelle Nieto

hey cuz... I'm leaving you a comment to let you know that along with ur fans, i visit ur blog all the time. I gotta keep up on the family somehow! ;) Well I love you hun... sorry I didnt call last time I was in town. I was on lurk mode, but I will definitely see you guys next weekend! You can help me figure out my new camera! Send Josh and the kids my love, dont tell him but i have to say... GO DUCK FOOTBALL!!! ;) sorry, I still love you even if you are a beaver.


I'm in LOVE with the last shot!

Ann Grounds

Beautiful pictures as always....!!!! Got my binder today for class and am sooooo excited!!! When's Week 0?


Val from Down Under

you are such a talented person karen (sigh)... thanks for sharing and being an inspiration.


Stunning photos and angles. The lighting was perfect!


Holllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy! Just amazing, better than Mr. Becker I would say. Beautiful job. Way to go Karen Russell.


absolutely stunning karen. you're awesome.

Julie Baumer

Thank you so much for the gift of wonderful pictures. I am so delighted and thankful that you could shoot our wedding. The photos are amazing. Chris and I love them!! You have amazing talent. Thanks again,
Julie Baumer


OH KAREN!!! Those photos are sooooooo breathe taking!!! I really love the last couple ones!!!

Melissa J

beautiful...I wish I had pictures like that from my wedding!


Breathtakingly beautiful photos as always. I must admit as I scrolled through them, I felt a sense of envy of the bride and groom for being at such a beautiful point in their journey together and for being lucky enough to have "The Karen Russell" shoot the photos of their special day. Most photographers only worry about capturing the technically correct photos, but not you. You always manage to capture the personalities, connections, feelings and mood of the moment. You give me something to aspire to someday (after I learn how to use my Canon Rebel). God bless you and your family and God bless the newlyweds!

Cheryl Freed (mother of the Bride)

As the mother of this bride ~~ Julie~~, I am so blessed as the only thing that will last forever besides the bride and grooms marriage are the photos. Julie let me pick her photographer and of course Karen was my first choice. I will be forever grateful to her because the photos are stunning. I wish you could see all of them!! She captures ever moment and each persons personality! Karen is truly and talented and blessed gal and I feel so lucky that she photographed my only daughter!! If you would like to see the whole group feel free to email me and I will pass on the information for you to check it out.
Thanks again Karen!! YOU are the great neighbor!!


and i think you are A PROFESSIONAL!

Tina Benton

wow! what a beautiful couple and a wonderful day - and your are the most amazing photographer, I can't wait to learn even more about photography from you!!


Hi Karen,
I am a lurker who visits your site regularly. These photos moved me to comment! I want to get married all over again so you can do my wedding photos. You are just awsome!!

Kia Gregory

Dan Karen, you got skillz...


Good grief! Could that last shot be any prettier? The colors, the focus, AWESOME! I was going to say the shot of them in the arch with the sun flare was tops but then you ended with that and I had to switch. Great job all around.


beautiful photos! and what a cool idea for the monogram on the top of the cake. Love that!

Unrelated, I have a question about photo editing software. True that actions can only be applied in photoshop c2 or c3? Not in Elements? From what I can find, it looks like short of getting the c2 or c3, there's not much point to elemtns....?? Is there any other photo editing software out there that you might recommend for more advanced editing ability? thanks!

Carolyn Hall

Wow!!! Just when I thought I was making progress with my own photography skills, you go and blow me away with these wedding pictures. Totally amazing and so inspiring!!!


Karen, you SHOULD be doing WEDDING Photography! These are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I cant pick a favorite shot because they are all good! Where were you when I got married ten years ago. Oh how I wish you had been around then to shoot my wedding.

You are an awesome photographer and an awesome person to do this for your neighbors! LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff!!!

Stephanie B.

Oh wow these pictures are the one where they are "eating" the cake - and the last one...great...

Carrie T

I want to do our wedding all over so you can come to Kansas and take it. Our photographer promised all these wonderful things and didn't follow through with them. I was not a happy bride.

Val in Ohio

These, along with the first set of wedding pics, are BEE-U-T-FULL!!! I cannot wait to get learned by you in November! :)


Oh my gosh the photos are absolutely amazing! TFS!

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