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Love the redneck swimming pool! I thought maybe it was a redneck bath tub.

Heather Prins

ok that little polka dot bikini is just the sweetest thing!!!!


Great photos, once again. :) Love the sense of humor, too :D

Teresa B

Buahahahahhaha frog killer.. i can only imagine.. tooo funny.. and love courtney's face in the last one... priceless!!!


Love it! We did this during the summer too! Love the redneck swimming pool!!


That little frog killer can come home with me anytime! Having only teen boys makes me fall in love with Yannie even more!


This post, these pictures... this life you live to the fullest no matter where you are, or who you are with... IT'S GREAT!!

Hope your photography class is going well... I sure miss it :)


HAHAH!! "The frog killer and her weapon"..... Karen you crack me up!!


oh and the redneck swimming pool gave me a good laugh too!!

Rhonda P

I searched and searched...where was Waldo Josh?

Rhonda P

Oh yeah...bare chest works just fine.

Yannie and her little polka dot swim suit, four pairs of undies, and round baby tummy is just too cute, even if she's a frog killer!
Love the redneck swimming pool.


Please alert the scientists at OSU as to the real reason Oregon Spotted Frogs are close to extinction!

Sasha Farina

i get my dose of warm fuzzy feeling in the tummy today ... thanks Karen :) Kisses and hugs for Miss Yannie the frog killer LOL


I thought all Red Necks lived in Texas! ha.

Y'all just have way too much fun no matter what you do....beatin' up frogs....igloo watering hole....secret handshakes.....swimming in your Lucky jeans!

You know how to capture the very essence of every event, Karen Russell. Love that!!!


I thought you were using the cooler for a bathtub!! And that panty stealing, frog murderer, polka dot bikini wearer, WHAT are you going to do with her?! She is just too dang cute! And that Courtney, she's a cutie too. Love the face on that last one...I have a similar shot of my daughter soaking her daddy with that same squirt toy!


Frog killer, with her murder weapon!! HAHAHA, I just love the way you put things!!
Once again, you have the most adorable family, and I just love reading about all your adventures!
O- I found Waldo Josh!!!! Way up at the top, my husband does the same thing, except with waterfalls.

Lisa Jamerson

Hello Karen! I am enjoying your summer photos. I do have a ? for you! Could you email me at [email protected] so I can ask? Thanks.

Stacey B

OMG Yannie...dress her in prison stripes for halloween! frog killer. I bet she felt so guilty after she pinched her neck!

Susanne P.

frog killer. LMAO she is too funny. that courtney is so beautiful. you guys have had a fun summer. =)

Sabrina aka beckermina

I´m not sure what I like most: The photos or your comments on it...
I LOVE "the frog killer with her murder weapon"

and love your blog and your lovely family-stories anyway!

Greetings from Germany, Sabrina

cindy b

LOL...frog killer! Totally cracked me up!


I love your pics. You have the cutest kids ever. Seriously. :)


I have to laugh at the bare chest thing. The other day I didn't post a pic on my blog because dh had a bare chest. I didn't want to offened anyone, but I totally didn't think anything of it when I saw your picture of your dh with a bare chest, until I read the sentence under the picture.

Laura Plunk

I Love reading about your fun adventures.... See you Saturday @ Route 5 !!!

Laura P
Southern OR


Thanks for the laugh!

Kate Nabors

I work at Sonic Drive-In in good ole Tennessee & tonight my manager had the oregon state/usc game on espn on the internet. As soon as I realized it was, in fact, the Beavers that you talk so dearly about, I knew your family had to be having an incredible night. Glad to see them beat the number 1 team!


always love your great!
and PS...from one Coley to another..GO BEAVERS!
(what a game last night huh? My Cole was freaking out..and of course wore his Orange to school AGAIN today(which is kind of a cardinal sin here on Fridays in Nebraska when everything is SUPPOSE to be RED. lol)

Vicki boutin

You are so good, Karen! Love these pics!

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