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I've done this before with my children in between birthdays and Christmas. It is alot of fun to watch them pick. You are lucky in Oregon, that $20 is $20. Up here in Washington we have to factor in the sales tax :(.

Vicki boutin

Looks like a fun afternoon! Great pictures, too!


so fun!! and i LOVE annie's green dress! :)


What a small world. I did the same thing this weekend, except my daughter had to pay for half of the toy with her allowance and I paid for the rest of it. She had it narrowed down to the same Polly Pocket toy or the Water Slide addition. She picked the water slide polly pocket and hasn't stopped playing with it all weekend.


Have a lot of your supplies in my "inventory". Is there any way to just get the directions so I can see if I have what I need without buying the kit?? I know that works against your bottom line, but it would mean a lot to me. I am getting married on the 11th and would love this as a display at the sign in table. Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Laura Plunk

Thank You !!!! Loved seeing you at Route 5 Saturday... Love love love the Album already made a version of it for a Bday card for my mom......

I want that Polly Pocket Boat......

Love Laura P
Southern OR

Tanya Andersson

The sign of a good baby dool is how cute it is without clothes and being held by at foot.(just one womans opionion) Great idea for a quite weekend. I'll stash that away in the rainy day file.

BTW signed up for the December class at SBF in Salem!! Can't wait to see you again. It's kind of like seeing an old friend.

Have a good week!


What fun!!


Fred Meyer's is my boys' favourite place for toys. We went this weekend too and they both walked out with 4 tech decks, and they are the envy of their friends this morning. I hope it's not too late for the 6x12 albums -- I was thinking it would be perfect for my wedding photos (and Christmas gifts for the in-laws!). Are you still taking orders?


I love using this tactic on my three also!! The price we pay for peace and quiet!! And Annie is the twin of Sami...she has every doll in the house 'nekkid'... it!!


Thats so cute.

the best part about that was them all sitting on the floor playing "together." (well... you know what i mean) :)


We have a lot of naked baby dolls in my house too. Finally DD switched from disrobing them completely to just lifting their skirts up. When I asked her why she would kind of giggle and say, "I don't know, Mom, just 'cause!" as if to say, "Don't make me explain! Don't you get it?" Thankfully she's never tried to disrobe her baby sister.


As soon as she saw the first picture, my two-year old told me "I wanna 'buyed' that tomorrow."
I asked, "buy what?"
And she points to the monitor and replies, "I wanna buyed that toy tomorrow."


Doesn't every little girl love naked baby dolls? Sounds like a fun family day.


I love Courtney Lee's little yoga pose on her yoga mat-esque towel. =]

Brandi in OH

Sounds like a Master Card commercial in the making.

One Polly Pocket Boat $20.99
One Spider Man Lego Set $18.99
One Baby doll w/sippy cup & binkie $19.99
An Afternoon of PEACE for Mom = PRICELESS


If you get around to it - where oh where did that green polka dot dress come from - I LOVE it!

What is it with little girls and naked baby dolls? My 2 year old does the same thing... not one dressed baby doll in the house!


Too cute and I love the story!

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