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Happy Birthday to your hunny! Hope you guys have a great day!


Happy Bday Josh Downs! Good for you Karen ;)


Happy Birthday Josh Downs!! And Karen he sounds like an amazing guy!!! I'm so glad you've found someone that makes you happy! You deserve it girl!! Age is just a number!

Robyn :)

Happy Birthday Josh Downs!!!!!

I am 8 years older than my husband, too!! I met him when he was 20(or 21?) and said he was too young for me, but about a year later I started dating him and then the next year we were married and have been married for 2 years now!! :)

jenny forgot to say that he's cute. :)
happy birthday josh downs! i'm glad you make your wife so happy!


Happy Birthday Josh Downs! He does sound amazing! :D Hope you guys have a fanstastic day!

Tanya Webster

Happy Birthday Josh Downs! I have to say you guys are one of the sweetest couples I have ever known!! :)


happy birthday!

my husband and i have a 4 year difference. my man's the same way, more mature, family-oriented and logical than many others his age.


I knew 28 years ago that you would be an amazing person!!! You really have grown into loving caring person and father, You should know that no mother could be more proud of her son than I am of you.
Have a great day


that is awesome. for the record you look like you could be 28, too. I'm 29 and I think i look older than you!

and my husband is older than me, but has a baby face so he looks way younger. I get carded at dinner, but he doesn't waaah!

Teresa B

Happy Birthday Josh Downs.. my daughter shares this wonderful day with you..She is 13 today!! OMG I feel old... Karen!! You go girl!!


Happy Birthday Josh! Today is my husband's birthday also.

Stacey B

I am 5 1/2 yrs older than my friend from Brazil asked "you they say eating the babies??" And I told him that I think he meant Robbing the cradle! but yes I was :)

Jessica Griffin

Thanks Jenny for saying what I was thinking- besides all the great things that make a person amazing, what about the PHYSICAL ATTRACTION!! You landed a hottie! Who cares how old, or young he is!! Have fun celebrating! ;)


Happy BD to him!! Hey I'm a Cougar myself....11 years older. Who cares! If you're happy!!

Lorraine M.

My dh is 6 years younger than I and we fit. I can understand your hesitation dating someone younger. We've been married now for 17 years and it just keeps getting better! HB to Josh Downs. ;)

Amy H.

Hi Karen,

Love your blog and all the photo instructions. My husband turned 29 this year and I am 8 years older than he is. We just had a baby 3 months ago. It's so nice to know that there is a fellow "cougar" out there! Happy bday to your man! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Kim Bolyard

Happy Birthday is my daughters birthday too...she is Sweet 16 and just got her drivers lic....any how....I love seeing all you photos and the adventures you all go on together as a family...I think that is awesome...and so are the pics


Brooke - in Oregon

Happy Birthday Josh Downs (funny but I think of you as Josh Downs not just Josh) I am so glad you came into Karen's life to complete it. While I have not seen Karen for quite a while (yes I do miss her) I do remember the cute little grin she got on her face when she 1st started talking about you. Glad you let her share the joy in your lives with us. - Age is just a # cause there is no way in heck I am really 50! lol




He's "Perfect" :)

Happy Birthday Josh Downs, You Big Baby Faced Stud!!!

Karen can relive 28 again through you. (MAN, that's YOUNG!) ha.

Love has no age boundaries!

Have a great birthday weekend!!!

DeAnne Wakefield

Welcome to Cougar Country! I've got eight years on my husband too, Karen! So.... hey, when are you coming back to Bend, lady?!?!?





happy birthday josh downs!

Leonie - Australia

Happy Birthday to Josh from Australia, he obviously loves you Karen (maybe its because you take good photos of him Ha Ha. Hope you have a great day.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

you say he's grounded..........but he's a beaver fan? :)

Melissa J

Happy Birthday Josh Downs!!!

julie (Australia)

Happy Birthday Josh, hope you have an awesome day! Karen, i wanna be a Cougar, been on my own for nearly 9 yrs now, maybe i should catch a plane to the US ???? Take Care

julie (Australia)

Happy Birthday Josh, hope you have an awesome day! Karen, i wanna be a Cougar, i have been on my own for 9yrs now, maybe i should catch a plane to the US??? Take Care

julie (Australia)

Happy Birthday Josh, hope you have an awesome day! Karen, i wanna be a Cougar, i have been on my own for 9yrs now, maybe i should catch a plane to the US??? Take Care


Hey - I'm a cougar too! My husband is 6 years younger than me! Nice to know I am in good company!


Happy Birthday to Josh! Does he have any cute, single cousins/friends or anyone that you could send down to TN? I'm soon to be 36 and not having much luck with guys my age... HA!


Happy Birthday Josh Downs!

Bernadette Rees

Karen -

Today is a very popular birthday day - my daughter, Angelica is 6 today. My cousin, Charli-Rei is 6 today too (yes, they were born exactly the same day). My nephew, Dennis is 12 today. And then Josh - happy birthday to them all!!!


Happy birthday, Josh Downs!! Hope you guys have a great weekend of celebrating!


Wow, just realized Josh is as old as I AM!! Thought he d be older reading about all your family and kids and - wow, I just admire him for being THAT solid, grounded, and responsible... cause I am not... my gosh, four kids... and what a great great fmaily!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You re a hero!

Susan L

Age doesn't matter; how you feel about each other does. DH and I are 28 years apart in age but we've been together 24 years so far and there's no doubt he's the best man for me.

Love him through thick and thin and enjoy. A good man and family are the best life has to offer.


28?!? He looks 18. ;)

Happy Birthday Josh Downs!


Happy Birthday Josh!

lorena b.

LOL My parents were 19 years apart (dad older) but they had 6 kids & it all worked out!! Josh - Happy Birthday to my fellow Virgo!


As they say, "age is just a number"! You two look adorable together.

Happy Birthday! (From a complete stranger.) ;)


Karen Russsell you and Josh Downs are adorable. . .


Happy birthday Mr. Josh Downs!!
Nice to know I'm not the only one hang'n out in cougar country too!! LOL!!
You guys have an adorable family, and are amazing for each other!
---Side note---
CLASS STARTS ON MONDAY!!! So, so, SO excited for my first day!!! I know I won’t be able to sleep; I haven't taken a class in YEARS!!! I'm SO anxious!!

Hugs, and Happy Birthday wishes!!


Happy Birthday Josh Downs!!

Whew, it's awesome to see all the great cougar company here! (Hi there, fellow Cougars!!) I've got 4 1/2 years on my hubby!! :D

Sasha Farina

Happy Birthday Josh! And karen, you know I teared when I read the last part...'at 28, he is the most solid, grounded. . . " don't know whay but it touched me.


Happy Birthday to Josh!!!!!


Happy Birthday Josh Downs (Josh Downs)! Hope you had a great day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, smart, funny, dedicated and good-natured wife with us (and no, she didn't pay me to say that either)!!!

Judi W

Hi Karen
I am actually 9 yrs older than my DH and it was the wisest best thing I ever did.
This 57 year old cougar is still Happy Dancing after 24 years! Your Soul Mate is Your Soul Mate and it isn't measured in years.

Carrie T

My husband is 7 years older than I am. I was dead set against dating him because what would a 24 yr old have in common with a 31 yr old. After four years together, let's just say there's never a dull moment and I couldn't be happier. We've been married almost 6 months.

Happy bday Josh!

cindy b

28??!! Good lord the boy is a pup! LOL!! But a cutie at that.... :-)


Happy Birthday Josh!

And Karen I've got 8 years on my husband too. It's a good thing and makes for envious friends :-) LOL!

Kate Owens

Don't even sweat it honey! I'm 5 1/2 years older than my husband. I'm 31, he's 26. We met when he was 23 and I just THOUGHT I knew he was too young for me. Little did I know, just after the first 4 hour conversation, I was already sucked in! He too is very wise beyond his years. I think it's the heart and mind, not the actual age that counts.


Just catching up on your blog...Happy belated b-day Josh! Karen you crack me up...I'm so glad you've found someone to make you happy, I think you two are a great fit! I agree, age is just a number, its your happiness that counts :)

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