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Kathleen Loughran

Great photos. Amazing photojournal chronicalling the day.


Love your pictures!! I took a picture of the photographer at our high school football game. He obviously lifts weights because he has huge arms. I told my husband that if I ever got a lens like that I would have to start lifting too...LOL!!

Erica Hettwer

It's about darn time we won!!! :D

Jennifer P

Love the glad that I get to take your class in November!


Looks like a fun day!!! great photos! I love that last one!


Awesome pictures! I was thinking of you last weekend while watching, ahem, the Penn State/Oregon State game. :0) Looks like you had a perfect day for a football game... love Josh Downs' t-shirt!!


Karen....I especially LOVE the last shot! So cool :) (and that's coming from a Duck fan!)


Love these! I have lens envy now too.


You're right, sports shooting is definitely an art in itself, but you did an amazing job on your photos!


Maybe I need to try the one eye through the lens and one eye on the action since I have such a hard time following the ball and trying to get a good shot. Any other tips you could lend on getting good actions shots would be much appreciated.

great post



Finally I have a happy boyfriend since the Beavers won! Looks like you guys had a great time, I'm hoping for a BSU victory over UO this weekend.


i think you did very well on your sports shots. looks like you had a ball.


Wow...the "Time Has Come Photo" is fab !
Love it ! Love your work...I say that over and over again...but looking at your photos is like hearing your favorite song. Your style is just so special !

Stephanie Ainsburg

I have photography skills envy. :)

Teresa B

looks like a ton of fun!! Love the last one!!

Mary Lou

My fave too is the last one, though the one of Coley throwing the football was a very close second. I, also have photography skills envy, but I am working on it. Missed getting into your class too, but I am patient. I got a big kick out of the 'lens envy' comment. I would need my hubby to haul that lens around! What lens were you using to shoot these photos? Oh, and please say it was the same one for all the pictures because my budget can't handle another one just yet! :)

Josh Downs

Sweet Post!

Tonia Borrosch

Fabulous Karen. :)


Hell yeah! Go Beavs!!

rochelle g

we went to the game saturday too and josh down's tshirt is the title of my blog post!!! ha ha I love those tshirts. I love your last photo, it is beautiful. But all of your photo's are.


Coley is going to be a HEARTBREAKER one of these days!

He's so handsome!

You'll have to chase those girls off with Josh's stick!

Carrie T

At least your Beavers came out better than my Jayhawks. :(


LOVE your pictures! I love it when you post your Totally Rad Action mix. I like to try them out!

Tanya Andersson

If you get a lens like that,there will never be need to workout ever
Love the shots. Funny how you were in Corvallis and I was out of town. haha
I would of been working the game if I had been home. I could have had a "Karen Sighting" lol

Rebecca Boyer

I am such a lurker on your lovely blog for quite a while - I love it so much I gave you an award! Have a wonderful day!

Kim Bolyard

These photos are amazing...It just blows my mind of the eye you have for shooting the greatest them all. But my favorite is the last....what an awesome shot.


Carrie Hicks

Love that last picture. And the lens envy picture...I cracked up. It was nice to see the Beavs can win one. Congratulations.

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