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wow you are so generous, karen! great photo too.....annie looks so small there cute!


Love that picture.

p.s. .....i miss the photography class.:(

Donna B

Would love to win a kit!
Love the picture, as I sit here thinking how cool it is getting and seeing all the kids in swimsuits!

Crystal Smith

Would also love to win a kit!!! :)

Teresa B

Great shot Karen... I wish my kids were little again!!

tracy b

Hi Karen,
I love your blog! I took your photography class at Scrapbook Oasis in Irvine, Ca. Loved it and loved you. I would love to win the kit. Thanks for the chance:)

Sherri Butler

LOL! I love the little one in the back investigating her belly button! Thats awesome.


I LOVE the pictures you take -- AMAZING. Thanks for the change to win the kit! You are a very generous soul.

Kim Holmes

WOW---amazing photo. You must have been in the water or on the other side! Fabulous perspective.

Rebecca Coolidge

I love this sweet little picture. Would also love to win a kit, it is such a cute one.
Rebecca C

Judy Grubbs

Great picture. I love fall, but I feel the summer just flew by!


What a sweet photo!

angie (CKMB & AMR: craftyscrapr)

your photo is awesome!!! an AMR kit subscriber, i can honestly say that this kits are AWESOME and FULL of product!!!, whoever wins will be so happy!!!...i literally stalk the mail "person" every month til the kit arrives!!!....

Peggy Lucas

I'm hoping an early entry is a lucky entry! Going to look up the type of zoom lens you're using and "rent" it. Looking forward to your Houston visit!


I would love to win the kit! Also, that shot is beautiful- have a great day!


I would love for you to pick me...I need a pick me up, and some new inspiration with the cool feeling in the air, and a treasure would do me some good.
God Bless and thank you for sharing so much inspiration with us...

Amy Jenkins

I love that shot- it just says summer.


Love Courtney's fly-away hair. What a great shot.

Vicki Hall

Thank you for your kindness! I love my visits to your blog for inspiration. Blessings,

debbie susee

Love your photos!
Love kits too--all that coordinted goodness at your fingertips.


like I really need more scrap supplies, but anything free I'll take! LOL!


Such yummy summer colors in this kit. Lovely!! I would be TICKLED PINK to win one!

Emelyn Magpoc

THANKS soo much! Your blog is such an inspiration..I stalk it daily!!


I love this photo! Can you pick me, please? lol =)


I LOVE AMR!!! I would REALLY love to win that kit! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

Elizabeth Lombardi

I wish it was acceptable to pick my belly button (ok, not really, but it's so dang cute!) Hope I win a kit!!


I love reading you blog, but mostly I love looking at your pictures. Beautiful!


awww look at Yannie in her polka dot bikini!! Too cute!!


Is it perhaps a rock that the little one on the right is trying to put into her bellybutton and has stolen her attention for the moment? LOL
What a great photo and what a generous giveaway!


Love that picture, Karen! Thanks for the chance at the great RAK! Hugs! Happy Wednesday! :)


Love the photo, and would love the kit. Are they just peering into the water?


I agree - it went way too fast! I would love love love to win a kit! Thanks so much for the chance! And I agree with every poster, you are an inspiration, I love your photos and your products!

Dawn  M.

I agree. Summer went by way too fast. The only good in it all? Kids are back in school and more time to scrap! :) Love the photo.

Sara R.

Great summer photo!

Gloria Martens

Wow! Another chance to win that gorgeous AMR kit. Here's to hope. This is the first time I've visited your blog. Are those four little girls yours? They are adorable. Loved reading your comments about your little Annie's language. Brings back sweet memories of when my own were in that stage. Some things just need to be recorded to keep them alive.

I saw that you will be in my state of Louisiana but down quite a few miles south of here. Always wishing some kind of good classes would come this way.

Enjoyed reading your blog and will be making return visits. (Even when you don't have such a wonderful giveaway!)


Love that photo! Would also love the kit ;)

Thanks for sharing your photos, stories, and photography tips.


Love the photo it seems kids and water just go together. Looks like a great kit and I was not familiar with that site so thanks and I will check into their kits.

Rachel V.

WOW! Great giveaway! And I just love checking your blog. Thanks for the chance to win!

tamara dunkin

love that photo.... do you remember what was so shocking to them?


Thanks for sharing so many great pictures in your blog...I love reading your posts.

Erin Glee

You really have talent and an eye for photography, but it sure helps that you have the cutest "Models" on Earth! This is too adorable...and sweet.
Thank you for a chance to win this awesom kit. I've never gotten any Monthly Kit, but they sure are popular right now. I'm so "out of it"!

Kim Remer

Love all your pictures! I would love to win the kit. Hope I'm the lucky one.


I read your blog daily. Love the picture, and I would love to get the kit. Thank you!

Terry Enge

The lovely days of summer......The kit looks beautiful.

Congrats on selling your photography class so quickly.....I hope to join one in 2009.

Thanks for your inspiration!



This is sweet of you!! Thanks for the giveaway.

By the way, what are the kids so intrigued at?

Christie E.

I would love to win an AMR kit! Thanks for giving one away!

Gayle VandeMaele

Cute picture!

Got to love the AMR kits!



I would soooooo love to win this kit. At east it would bring me out of the depression of not getting into any of your classes this past Monday. Yes, I'm still hurting, and honestly have lost all hope of ever being able to get in since I'm number #60 on the waiting list! Oh how sad. My husband encouraged me to look into other classes (I had been talking about you and your class for weeks, so I guess he just wants me to shut up and start a class already! LOL), but I want YOURS! Love yours. Sigh. Anyways, I won't whine anymore, but this
K-Kit looks unbelievably cute.
A-A look at it just left me wondering about all I could do with it!
R-Really, please pick me because it would make me so happy, and
E-Even if I couldn't get in your class at least I would get something from you!
N-Now that would really make my whole week!
Thanks Karen!


Very cute picture!! Love the picture of Tater (that's her name, right?) checking out the belly button!! :-) Very fun! Thanks for offering the give away! Hope I win!!


How cute is that picture. I love when kids find their belly buttons.


i really enjoy reading your blog daily. would love a chance to win a kit. your pictures are awesome! thanks.

Susan W

The looks on their faces are so precious - great shot. I would love to win that kit - it is stunning! Now I have another kit club to stalk!


Hey Karen! Great picture! and pick me!

laura j

Your photos are so great.... I just love visiting your blog! Thanks for sharing and offering the opportunity to win a kit! Hope you have a great week!


what a great pic! miss my girls being that little, if only because i think that's when they actually got along lol!


Such a great photo. The kit looks really cool too!


I love your blog, thanks for the chance to win!


so cute!! LOVE the belly button investigation going on at the left of the picture.

Katherine McKamey

Love this photo! The expressions are priceless!!!

Got my fingers crossed you pick me and Ike goes somewhere else to play. (If you're gonna
make a wish, make it a doosy! -as my Grandmother used to say!

Thanks for the opportunity to win to AMR & lovely You!


Always so generous, Karen. Just awesome...


oh karen ... first of all, the photo is awesome as always!! i have to know though ... were you wading in the water?? and thanks for the new website for AMR. now i've got yet another site to shop from and more blogs to read. will i ever have time to do my own scrapbooking now??? so much inspiration and so little time!!! ahhh!! seriously, what a great site! great product too!! so, go on and pick me, it would be just fine!! i would love it! thanks!! :) BTW, i took your 1-day photo class in june in CT and i STILL haven't put my camera in auto mode since then ... thank you for that!!!


What a sweet picture! What are they all looking at?
I agree summer went way too quickly.


What pretty colors!


Four girls... Three look for treasures in the water, one looks for treasure elsewhere... Too cute!!!

Kelly B

Wonderful photo! Thank you for hosting the giveaway!


Love, love, love Yannie's red bikini!!

Sue M

I love checking your blog for your photos! I hope to take your photography class soon! Would really love to win this kit!

kimberly A.

Thanks for sharing that great summer photo- love the kit, thanks for the chance to win!


Love your blog!!!!


Adorable photo ;o)
I can't wait to meet you this October in San Jose ;o)


Hey Karen! SO looking forward to your class in January. Love checking in on your blog also!


How awesome that you are hosting an AMR giveaway!!! I LOVE your work. Maybe one day you'll come near me and I can take your class!


Love the girlies!


love that pic! thanks for the give away! you're awesome!


I will join the "bummed that summer is over already and grouchy about doing the back to school thing" club in a heartbeat! I love this shot! And thanks for the chance to win this kit! :-)

Liz Butler

Great picture, as always,... I love the little cutie checking out her belly button. So sweet.

Lorraine M.

What a great photo! You are so generous with your readers! I actually come for the visual treats, but the blog candy is a bonus! Thanks!

Becky W. in nothern VA

Wow - those are my colors! Thanks for this chance!
Love the belly shot on the right side!


What a cute picture. I love Annie's little red polka dot bikini and the little girl in the background sticking her finger in her belly button! So cute!!!
I would love to win the kit. it's beautiful.


The paper in that kit makes me swoon - thanks for highlighting them. The photo is lovely, I would call it cute times four.


aww, i LOVE baby bikini's! :) such a sweet summer photo.

Sarah H.

Summer did go by too fast! Thanks for the giveaway!! Yay!


Thanks for the chance to win. I got in to your photography class, even though I was so nervous I spelled two things wrong and had to go back. I guess the Comcast internet is worth the money. I have to say just like everyone else it felt like Christmas morning as a child getting in. I can't wait for January now. It is nice having something exciting to look forward to in the middle of winter. Thank you!


Wish your lived on the East Coast & not the West Coast. You need to teach a photography class in NY.

Tanya Andersson

Summers over? Did it ever really start?? Hard to belive that I now have a 2nd grader and he might officaly be to big to pick up. :(


Your photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing your family and
life's moments with us.


Beautiful photo!!!! I check your blog every day!


Beautiful photo. thanks for sharing it.

Vicki A

Love this kit! Pick me, Pick me! Thank you for the giveaway. :)

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!}

Fun! I'd love to win the kit. I don't comment much here, but I read every post. I absolutely love your photography.


As busy as you are, you still manage to give your kids such a charmed life!

meg duerksen

hi karen.
i asked my husband a few weeks back "IF i actually got registered and made it IN the class would you let me take karen russell photography class?" he asked "how much" i told him and he thought for a second and said "sure. go for it"
and then i forgot on monday until noon.
oh well...i'm not quick enough anyway.
but just him saying yes was exciting enough for awhile. :)

i love scrapbook kits. what a great idea. i am so glad this is the new thing because it makes it so easy to find what you like.

congrats on selling out in 2 minutes.
you are that awesome.


That's a great picture. I would love to win that kit! Thanks for the chance!


I agree with you.....summer went by much too quickly. I like having the kids home from school! I would also love to win the kit.


Great photo and I'll keep my fingers crossed that I win this kit. Thanks again for all you do.


Love that photo. :) Courtney and Annie look like they're looking at creepy creatures in the water.


Summer does go by so quickly, but what precious summer memories you've seemed to capture! :)


Aw -- that photo is sweet! I was thinking that my summer passed too quickly too. I've got lots of photos of my guys to scrap, so I'm hoping the winter goes slowly...

Angela Mannina

What a gorgeous kit!


This summer did fly by and I wish I took more pictures. What an awesome kit!

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