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Heather Prins

Congrats Bonnie! I hope you like my kit!


Karen - Thank you so much for remembering our troops today, Sept 11th. I even dressed the kids in red,white, and blue today. I hope America never forgets Sept 11th, 2001. It changed the world.

I have trouble with my brushes too seems like I have a problem with them when on my laptop using Windows Vista...if that helps anyone. They work fine on my machiine with XP. ( Both are Elements 6.0)


I might have not won Karen, but you made me smile today :)

The Stampin' Soldier

Thank you so much!


I think my husband feels the same as Sharon's!

I talk about you and your class all the time, Karen Russell! smile.

I think we can all remember 9/11 and what we were doing at that exact time.

I appreciate our troops too. Sure, they voluntarily enlist, but to lay your life on the line everyday for complete strangers is the ultimate sacrifice. Real everyday heroes!



Hello Karen,

I have a photo editing question for you. This is not something I have done at all. What Adobe photoshop software do you use? I have adobe photoshop elements 6, but have not used it at all. Do you also us photoshop to organzie your pictures?

Thanks so much for all the advice that you give. I love reading your blog.


Congrats Bonnie!
Thanks to all the troops, their families and all that sacrifice for our freedoms everyday!


Tina Benton

oh I so love the little girl in back playing with her belly button, how cute is that

congrats Bonnie

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