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sounds wonderful! well wonderful minus the whining, fighting and lack of gratitude, but that is part of what makes me like your blog so much. I can relate.

Tanya Webster

mmmmmmmmm, we eat the same thing at spaghetti factory :) glad yannie was ok.....i love the zoo! hope you got to see the brand new baby elephant! :)


Bless you!!! The drama of is NEVER dull is it?


wow, sounds like a fun day to me. i wouldn't have been bored at all. kids, they just have a way of pushing buttons sometimes don't they. can't wait to see more beautiful pictures.

Stacey B

Alias...Rhode Island is perfect expect for the lack of Jamba Juice!!!Sometimes when I have to fly I plan my connecting airports around Jamba Juice (Raliegh has one...)

tara pollard pakosta

you guys crack me UP!
never a dull moment huH?!
great documentatioN! love that about your shots!



You know, I have to admit it's somewhat of a relief to read about someone else's family life being full of drama -- it makes me feel much better about mine! I'm glad everyone made it out of the pool OK, and as for leaving the house at 4am... I think you handled it way better than I would have.

Teresa B

Awwhhhh... Poor Yannie!! That happened to my nephew and now he wants nothing to do with the pool!



Have your kids ever played Zoo Tycoon or Sea World Tycoon? After playing that game our kids started looking for collection boxes, an and zoo keepers and analyzing how well the zoo maps are made. Go figure.
The pictures look like they all enjoyed it.


Love, love, love the story about the 'freakin' zoo'. We took the kids to Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. 1/2 way through, my 8 yr old exclaims, "I'm bored". I had the same sentiments as you - unfreakin' believable! And it's a 3 hr drive to this zoo! I love the story about Josh, the kids, 'Yannie' and the pool - hilarious. Most of all, I absolutely adore the pic of Annie jumping on the bed. I just want to catch and hug her to bits :) PS I received the binder the photography course. Thank you! Gloria :)


great post. what a fun adventure! i love the pool party action - it works awesome on that shot!


This reminds me so much of this past winter when I enrolled the kids in 8 weeks of swimming lessons... less Chloe, who I didn't take with me everytime because she has NO fear of the water and I, EXACTLY like you, have irrational issues with my own sausage legs (haven't worn a swimsuit in ohhhh, 5 years. And I was on an island, in another country where I was certain no one I knew would see me). The few times I did take her though... she'd walk straight in and over her head, not a fear in the world. And I'd desperately reach for her and plead with those swimming near her for help. It was so ridiculous (I was so ridiculous). They won't let them wear the swimmies at this rec ctr.


Hi Karen! You document your family events so well! I love reading your commentary just as much as viewing your beautiful pictures.


awww poor Yannie!!! Poor Courtney!!! Love the photos Karen!!!


OMG! Will you just sign MY name to that story?

You're sooo funny, Karen!!!!

I didn't get the Josh pun right off.....then I got it after thinking, "Is he wearing swim goggles for sunglasses?" Duh! ha.ha.

It peaves my husband and me when we go out to eat and our kids complain about WHERE we're taking them!


I always say, "Okay, then let's go back home and have tuna fish sandwiches. How does that sound?" "No good." (Even though they eat them for lunch sometimes and that's just fine!)

Our kids have NO clue how well we live. Maybe a mission trip is in order for them! (I'd be suffering too, though!) :) ha.


p.s. getting my LR furniture today! hee.hee.


Looks like fun!

BTW, is that the Hilton Garden Inn? I recognize their decor around the pool as it is about the only place we stay when traveling. ;)


oh...I can't wait to hear the rest!
you're THE best story-teller...cracks me up!


I had to laugh out loud about being bored at the zoo. 7 years ago after a trip to Disneyland friends asked our then 13 year old daughter how was the trip. She replied "BORING" How can a person be bored at Disneyland! LOL


Karen, can't wait to see more pictures from your fun-filled trip to Portland and Multonomah Falls. I hope you have some of the falls. I visited the falls
in 2005 and fell in love with it.

Rhonda P

A typical family outing, huh? Look forward to the pics from Multnomah. My husband and I were there a few years ago and have some great pictures. All sorts of falls up and down the Columbia River Gorge.


What a eventful weekend albeit the drama! You're such a prolific blogger, I never fail to read your blog each time I get to the office. While the kids may be whinning and seem ungrateful...these will form precious episodes that you'll look back with fond memories.

Susan L (lily40au)

Ah, the sweet sounds of a perfect (well, normal LOL) day with the family. You really crack me up, I love your posts; they are so wonderfully real!

PS Is little Annie's drink falling over in that last post? It looks as though it's just starting to tip.

Leann Gregorio

This story cracks me up. My husband HATEs to make a scene too and once we were at the lake in his boat and our teenage daughter had her boyfriend with us and he went to jump over the side of the boat and he got stuck on one of the hooks that you use to tie the boat to the dock, and the poor kid is just hanging there and all my husband could say was "Be quiet, somebody is going to hear us, there are people around! We were like, HELLO! He is hanging from the boat by his shorts, I dont think it matters what people think right now!" It was funny!


Karen almost every time I read your blog I just bust out laughing out loud in fact so loud that my girls come running saying what's so funny. Thanks for the enjoyment and I am very happy Yanny was safe!


Seeing every one of your photos on your blog makes me start singing "these are the good ole days"....Great memories. I love the photo of Annie looking into the display case, as I love the reflection of her sweetness. You are an inspiration.


I am so sorry but I am laughing my a$$ off reading about Annie falling in the pool and Courtney freaking out about it. It certainly isn't funny, but the way to tell it, it sure is. I bet you are glad you didn't see it happen, although if you were there, it wouldn't have happened.
as usual, great pictures!


Aww what a great weekend! Well minus the pool incident. My daughter has the same bikini from Gymboree! Bad thing was, I got it while she was still in diaper size but she was potty trained and then the bottom was oh-so draggin... hheehee.


I can only imagine!!! Never a dull moment, huh?!? :-) lol

Amy Emery

Cracking me up! And to think, I was contemplating a trip to the Oregon Zoo to see the new baby elephant. (But only coming from Sherwood, OR.) Hmmm... but maybe if I could stay at a hotel. That would make a fun "getaway" close to home. Where did you stay? Love the food choices. YUM. Glad everyone survived! (did you threaten to throw them in the tiger cage or anything?) and MAN how you can capture those everyday shots. I see them in my head, but they don't quite make it out. (Hence the reason WHY I should be doing my homework from your class right now instead of reading your blog!)


I love it! I really enjoy reading your blog daily and love all the awesome photos!!!


Karen, so nice to know that you have such NORMAL kids, ones that fight and are bored at the zoo! At least everyone else now knows that they aren't the ONLY ones with ungrateful children!

Heather Prins

can I just say I love you? Your posts always make me feel normal, that my family is not the only crazy, whiny , "bored on a fun family vacation" family. You're awesome!

Carrie T

Hopefully he didn't get his book wet! That's a very cute story. Poor Courtney I bet that was just horrible for her to witness.


Hi Karen! There is nothing better than waking up in the mornings and drinking my coffee and reading your blog! Seriously, I love it, thank you for sharing all your funny stories!


wow big day !!if all that happened in the first part how did you stay for part two??? and speaking of remind you later this gal from Texas took you photography workshop in Wichita falls was wondering about the other photographer you had talked about the one who took such Great photos with her little equipment???

Erin R.


You have a wonderful way of telling a story. I was cracking up.


Oh hey, I think I saw you guys driving down I-5 and I was wondering why Josh had goggles on! LOL!

cindy b

Everything about your weekend just makes me smile!!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

My husband can't even drive through Corvallis without sticking his tongue out and blowing raspberries..... and what's wrong with a helmet on the slide? I made my son were safety goggles playing with a hotwheels toy. LOL :)

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

You have no idea, but you are my support group. And you make me laugh so damn hard various liquids come out my nose. Thank you!

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