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OK, I am sorry for laughing, but number five made me laugh out loud ;-) I hope that your weekend is better and that you have a nice steamy mug of coffee in your hand by now.


Yannie is so funny!! I love that she thinks Mommy is going to time-out when Daddy gets home! Makes me laugh just thinking about it. I would love to see a picture of that!


How about those Beavs, eh? :)(Beaver Believer here too! Man that had to be INSANE to watch in person!!!! Lucky ducky, er i mean beavie! hahaha-no?)


and #7 made me laugh out loud....hope your weekend is better....or good or GREAT!!

ca longhorn

so sorry to hear that it has been a hard week, but we were cheering right along with all the Beavers last night! we only taped the last few minutes of the game, but i would be happy to send that off to you if you would like! (you know, when the hoards of fans were starting to climb out the bleachers before the game was over.) Go get your coffee now!

ca longhorn

oh, forgot to add that you might look for the game on ESPN classic as I am sure they will be replaying it as an "Instant Classic." But then again, they all love USC (gag) and might want to spare them the humiliation.


Cracking up about #5 and #7. Sorry you're having a rough week. Hopefully a good weekend is ahead.


i hope next week is tons better for you. kids, they sure make life interesting don't they.


I thought of you when I heard the Beavers won :-) Ahh the joys of motherhood. It really sounds like you've been living part time in my home. Hang in there - we all feel your pain.


I always LOVE reading it when you list things the kiddos said/ did! Just so funny and it is always so good to laugh! Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!


Karen, last night my boyfriend had the game on and when they won I said, "Josh Downs must be so happy!"

He was like "WHO IS JOSH DOWNS!"

I said he's really cute, and married to my favorite scrapbook-blogging lady.

He looked relieved.


Every text?! Oy!


Karen, I watched the game and hoped that your guys were there, but I didn't see Coley. Then again I was scrapping too, so that doesn't mean he wasn't on there! Yay! Go Beavers!!!! We're all for anyone who beats USC!


I can totally relate to the yelling at your child and can't wait til they get home to make up. Every time my son and I have an argument in the morning rush I feel sooooooooooooooooo BAD all day long until I can see him again. All I can do all day long is think about him.

It's good to know I'm not the only one with this problem.




Can I "1 UP" you?

#8 is mild--our 8 yr. old son walked in on us (ahem) this week.

It was 11:30 at night!!!! HE SHOULD BE ASLEEP!!!!

Try explaining all that.....we're mortified......

So it was a bad week for me. Thanks for making me laugh.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


What a great post! My husband is an USC fan and is bumming this morning, but I knew your crew would be ecstatic.


I'm sorry you've had a hard week, but your post made me smile. I'm so glad you are normal like the rest of us!


I posted in your last blog entry congratulating you for the win. We are huge college football fans (Florida State) and I knew while watching the game that yall were going crazy! I am so happy for yall!

tara pollard pakosta

i think you should print out 10 photos from this week and scrap them with this awesome list!
such a daily list of life! love IT!
have a GREAT weekend!
cheer UP!

Charli H

Thought this might be of some help if your'e having an issue with texting in class. T-mobile has a product called 'family allowances'where you can set up a restricted times where texting is blocked from sending or recieving. So texting during class or asfter a certain time at night is no longer a concern!! I'm not quite a parent yet but was so relieved when they came out with this product!!! Hope it's of some help!

- A Former T-Mobile Employee!!

Ann Grounds

Love your posts today....esp. "ummm that was awkward" and oh, of course the Beavs (even though they are the Beav's) beating up on those USC boys! Ohhh, how'd I'd love a Husky win over Stanford on Sat. Here's to a good weekend!



Hope next week is better..

Kristen Olson

We love you Karen!!

TerriB in Oregon

Gotta say, Bo Beavs! Even though I am a Duck fan, anytime a Pac 10 teams beats the Trojans, I gotta say Yay! And this post made me laugh out loud! That "Yannie" is quite a card!!


Wow Karen - I wish we lived closer. Our 2 year olds are soooo similar!!! AND throw in some older siblings too!


i am so thankful that finally someone else has owned up to the fact that their child still woke up at that age.
thank you for making me feel sane.

Rhonda P

You just make my day. I love reading all your stuff. It always makes me smile. Well, Yannie made me laugh.

Sorry it has been a bad week for you.


I was at the gym this morning and ESPN was on. I thought-I bet there is happiness in Karen Russell's house today! I have a 5 year old that says "Awkward!" all the time. (I think the teenage years are going to be ugly here!) Hope you have a great weekend!


Go Beavs! Glad the guys got to see it in person, what a memory!
I had to laugh at Ross texting. I did the same thing to mine a few years ago. Aren't you glad our parents couldn't catch us passing notes?
You have great blessings, with that the week isn't so rough really. Just seems that way sometimes. Hang in there!
L O V E the album! I may have to indulge.


You are a good mom. Stand strong!

Tanya Andersson

YEAH BEAVS!! Corvallis was still a twitter all day today. I work on campus and that win was all people could talk about.

I was wondering how Ross was doing with his phone. I guess if he did not know before, he knows now that mom does have eyes every where. lol

Enjoy your family this weekend and know monday is a clean slate.


Karen...I just love this post!!! You have a great attitude about life that will get you through anything.

I was thinking of you guys when my hubby was watching the game on ESPN (and knew there'd be some happy campers in your household that night).

Hope next week is better for you!


Alicia Sharp

#3 and #8 totally cracked me up! I so love Yannie!!!!

Sasha Farina

*Hugs* the next week will be better.. and I'm on you with the coffee! :D

Barbara Zea

Hope your weekend is better. Go Beavers! I am so not an USC fan!

Krista Lund

thanks for being there for us in class. i know there are a lot of people, especially your family, that depend on you. i just wanted you to know that you are appreciated!

Kim S.

So how was time-out? Yannie cracks me up. What a game. We live on the east coast and my guys were all cheering for the Beavers. I thought of your guys the whole time!


MOST of these made me LOL and I must tell you -- the minute I heard the news about OSU on Friday morning, I thought of Coley and Josh and how happy they must be. Heck, I'm happy about it and I'm not even an OSU fan ;)

And, as a 10 grade teacher, I have to thank you for being a parent that is keeping an eye on that phone use. This is one of my biggest battles all day long. I have a few kids who are literally addicted to texting and do it every chance they get. It distracts them from everything else! I can take the phone (as per our school policy) one day and they are doing the same thing as soon as they get it back.


LOL! You are having a ruff week, aren't you? I'm sorry, but no matter how ruff they are on you, they are sure cute to hear about! Going to time out, causing an awkward moment, cell phone bills... you LOVE it, we all know you do! They are all blessing's!


I hope the weekend brings godo things for you - maybe some relaxation? Best wishes.


oh my!
it's been one of those weeks for a lot of us.
if I lived closer, I'd run some coffee right over.

Kathleen Kraft

You should know that you make every single one of your blog readers happy every smile a little about that. (And coffee or a glass of red wine makes everything better...:-) thanks for sharing!


SOOOOO glad you got out of time-out in time to teach in Medford on Saturday. LOVED the project and, as always, loved seeing you again. And since it's not often, I'm thankful for your blog because, honestly, you absolutely crack me up!!


put you in time out... priceless!! we DO love you Karen Russell (with my sister's name!) smooch!!


#8 is hilarious! Sorry you had a hard week - the best part is that it can only get better.

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