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Erica Hettwer

Great post! This kind of thing is so cool to read. Very behind-the-scenes! Maybe if those fortune cookie things were actually little slips of paper and not stickers and sold in a little take out thingy. That would be cute! Oh, and please do a class using those cool new easel books at Scrapbook Attack. I'll be the first to sign up! And if you're lucky, I'll even dance on a table for you again! LOL!


This is so interesting to read! I love those fortune cookie stickers - I think we got some when you came to teach here. I still have them and use them. I never did see that paper lace - cute idea to cut it in half! You're got lots of creativity in that brain - so glad you decided to design instead of clean teeth!


I for one have bought nearly everything you've created, and I'm dying to get one of those easel albums. I use the paper lace (the blue & white pack) all the time on cards, and I recently bought a replacement pack at The Scrap Shack in Mooresville, NC. I must, MUST stop hoarding the 20 or so sheets of scalloped paper that I'm saving for "special" layouts, though. :) Keep creating.

Deb Wisker

Forget about what's "tanked" in the past. You just never know what the fickle consumer likes on any given day. It's a total crap shoot and I have to say that the dice have rolled in your favor more often than not. Love the easel books. Can't wait to get my hands on one!


Karen, I just really love the honesty you show in your blog. I guess I was the typical scrapbooker. I have all of the stuff that "took off" and none of the stuff that didn't. I am so excited because I will be getting one of your easel albums this weekend. Scrapbook Oasis is holding one for me. (They are just such a cool store.) I bought one of your easel kits and just really loved it. I can't wait for the acrylic stamps to hit the stores. Have a great weekend!


I love your stuff! And, this is really cool. I've never seen some of these products........... The two favorite products of yours that I have purchased are the Month foam stamp set and the scalloped white notebook cardstock. But, I pretty much love everything of yours- but those two I go back to time and time again. Your day long photography class this spring in OR was the most useful class I have EVER taken. I utilize things learned from that class on a daily basis. Those easel albums are awesome.........just need to wait until things calm down a bit financially- just started the back to school shopping for my kiddos, lol. You are such a talented and creative person and you seem like a really nice person, too.


It is really interesting to see what will go and what won't. I work at Treasury of Memories in Bellingham, WA and we have the easel albums in stock and they are LOVELY! All you line is the shaped papers. I'll have to dig around and see if we have any of the sheet that you that!

taammy t


I bet your paper lace would do well if it was released now. I see similar stuff all over. And I personally love paper lace. I think on that one you were just a head of the times.

Does that ever bother you as a designer? You design something, it tanks, then someone else releases a similar product that flies off the shelf.


i LOVE the paper lace. and the easel albums rock! I love the one I made from your kit. I am going to pick some up this weekend (hopefully they won't be sold out)

tara pollard pakosta

I don't get why the lace paper thingies didn't sell i just LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!
i can never find them anywhere, and it makes me so mAD~if i ever do find them, i am buying up a bunch! i agree with the person up above that said you were ahead of times when you designed the paper lace and it would probably fly off the shelves now!
love all your ideas!!!!!!


I love your Antique Cream collection--possibly my all-time favorite. Beautiful presentation on the shelf and in layouts and cards...."shabby wabby" at its finest! At least you know you'll have your faithful bloggers to support you into your old age. Ha. Hope y'all have a great weekend!


I love paper lace, and I agree it should be re-released! :) I know that sells the Easel Albums.


As a retailer, I have to say that most of what you created, sold pretty darn well. I did finally have to clearance out the first collection of narratives paper so I could have room for the new stuff. That lace is way cool but it was too expensive.
I think you are an awesome designer and seem to be quite the natural. Keep it up! :D


P.S. In the future, just tell us what needs to move on the shelves and we'll go buy it! ha.ha.

Tara Obrien

You know what? I LOVE the fortune cookie stickers and paper lace (maybe people didn't realize it was self-adhesive?). I am hoarding both in my stash right now, though I finally broke open my paper lace to use on a layout a month ago.


I love all your stuff and have bought it forever...The paper lace is pretty...I think if you had cream, black, and a toile (my personal favotite pattern)or damask paper lace it would be a gold mine!! Cuz I'd buy it for sure if you make it and sell it and make a mint remember me!!
Keep up the ideas...

All Moments Remembered

I love your creations! I now have the bloom books in stock!! They are gorgeous!
If any of your readers are needing an online store for Creative Imaginations they can check us out.


Fantastic post, I really love the Easel albums.


What a fun post! Can't please all of the people all of the time , but I hope you have more things that take off than things that tank. I always love all your stuff and hope to see you creating for a long, long time! Have a great weekend!


Cool post. I don't know why but I never could find those fortune cookie stickers ANYWHERE! I even asked my local store to order them and they couldn't find them in the catalog at the time. I have wanted them forever. I did find the pink set and I use them sparingly. :-) Your products are among my very favorites and hope to see you designing for years to come also.


Karen, your so amazing! I love reading you blog and posts like this are some of my fav! I think your Fortune Cookie stickers were before their times. I personally love them and am hoarding the ones I have LOL. oh and I scored 26 of the pink ones... heheh.. I haven't been able to find the blue ones I had though :-( OH I'm I'm going to need to get the paper lace ASAP if it tanked.. I need to get it before it's impossible to get anywhre!

On a side note i'm stocked with plenty of your product and working on getting the new stuff in ..Site should be up before the end of this month! Trying to stay positive!


Hi Karen,

I read your blog all the time and decided to say hi today! Hi! I love your products. They are all divine. I wish we had of gotten your paper lace over here in Australia because I think it is absolutely gorgeous. I think it would have been way too expensive though. Do you know, we pay $3.50 for a sheet of your scalloped paper over here? I would so love one of those easel albums. The aqua one looks divine. I wonder how much it will cost once it gets to Australia. Anyway, keep up the wonderful work.


I remember being so excited for your easel albums to come out and now that it has been so long.....I almost forgot about them! They look so cool! I love all the things you design.

Stephanie Ainsburg

I LOVE the fortune cookie stickers and still use them. can't wait for ALL your new stuff.

Jo E

How spooky! Before I read this post tonight I opened a pack of the Paper Lace Border that I won as a door prize when you were teaching at Scrap Fever in the UK. I used it this evening on a card and was just thinking how great it is and wondering where I could get some more!! Tanked? I can't believe it. It's FAB!


So glad to read your easel albums were finally in stock- I ordered one of each, and have your Snapshots kit so there's one that I'm making, too. Best idea ever. Didn't want to miss them, so ordered them right away! Probably won't use them til next spring, but they have been on my MUST HAVE list since you sneak-peeked them on your blog. Loved all your stuff since the beginning, just sometimes hard to find. But I bet you the easel albums will turn out to be your biggest seller of all time. Don't even think about quitting on us now!!


Okay, I must live in a cave, but I didn't even know that you were a scrapbooker or that you designed scrapbooking stuff! And I myself am a scrapbooker and even have some of the above in my stash! I just come for your inspiring photography, and now it's great to know you're a scrapbooker, too. Forgive me, I'm emerging from the fog that is two toddlers.


Oh Karen, I HOARD your fortune cookie stickers and only really special layouts or cards get them (I just made a card for a friends wedding last weekend and covered it with LOVE fortunes.) Thanks for continuing to make beautiful,fun, original products, I love to use them.

And nice job blogging all week long!

Lisa B.

I think the 12x12 album with the insert is a GREAT cannot imagine how many hours I've spent searching for just that type of album. I picked up a paper pack at Hobby Lobby yesterday and I recognized your children before I did your name!

Michelle OKeefe

Really? I love the paper lace & have never been able to find it in any stores. I did receive it in a kit though not that long ago.
I love all of your ideas.

Lori Goldberg

Karen, you forgot to mention that your "LOVE" 12x12 transparency contained the words "intercourse." I remember getting angry calls from stores in the bible belt wanting their money back. One store manager even counted the # of "intercourses" in the transparency. Awww, those were the days.

Ps. I am not spell checking this comment =)



Okay, call me crazy but I have everything but your first transparencies. LOVE your stuff!



I love all your designs (even the fortune ones!LOL) I still have half a piece of the music transparency in my stash. It's so pretty I can't bring myself to use it!

janine kaye

i love that paper tape!!! LOL!..i struggled to find it in Australia and happily paid more to have it shipped to me from the states!! and i love the fortune cookie notes..wish they were still in existance..I'd buy them in a flash!! everything you design is as fresh and fun as you...thanks for sharing this interesting perspective though!

Laura Plunk

Funny thing is I seem to have quite a bit of that stuff, think I even have the fortune cookie quotes......
Guess I am a dedicated customer...
Or a big fan of yours and don't want you to return to scrapin tarter and suckin spit ( will take care of that in my office for ya)
Keep up the good work
Your loyal fan
Laura P

Laura Plunk

PS now that I learned that the paper lace has adheisive ( peel off backing) I have been using the stuff like crazy ! Thanks for sharing that in the class.
Laura P

Frances Mileski

Aaaah but five years from now I think you are going to be one of the country's most sought after photographers and photo instructors!!!!!

Love all your designs....and am so excited that I now have in my possession your 10 reasons album and kit...weehoooo! Can't wait to do this but having a hard time figuring out the 10 photos I want to put in the album!!!!


I loved reading through this post! I have been wanting to tell you a little story and this post gave me the opportunity. The most romantic thing my husband has ever done for me is to go into a scrapbook store on his lunch break (picture dirty sweaty landscaper in your lss) and he picked out four sheets of patterned paper and a sheet of stickers for me. The stickers were absolutely AMAZING and I loved them so much I was afraid to use them on a layout. I've been hoarding them for two years. This was before I had ever read a scrapbook magazine or heard of your or Creative Imaginations. When I started to read you blog I thought "some of that stuff looks really familiar" and so I grabbed those treasured stickers and looked on the back. Sure enough "Karen Russell for Creative Imaginations" They were the ones that had the negative strip, and the word LOVE in block letters and everything is transparent. So long before I knew you were one of my favorites, my husband picked you out for me :) I love your stuff, Karen, keep it coming!!

Trisha Peterson

I love the paper lace! We sold it in the LSS where I work and it all sold out! The easel albums just came in this week and I snatched two of them for myself! And the cream scalloped paper? An all-time favorite! Have many sheets (all the colors, too!!) in my stash. I hope to never run out of it!

No matter what, if it has your name on it, I will buy it! Keep up the great work!!


I love all your ideas and the paper ribbon looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing with your blog.


Your paper lace didn't tank here on Long Island. We ordered it a few times for the store. Your stuff is always beautiful!


Okay - I laughed sooooo hard when I read this:
'Even funnier; that musical transparency above has a whole bunch of inspirational quotes on it. Once of them reads "None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper that is heard by him alone", but in the first run of these transparencies, part of that quote was deleted, so it simply read "None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding.'

That's hilarious - in retrospect! :D

Know what? I just realised, scrolling through these (and looking at my not-very-big, but extremely brilliant, digital folder) that you are my absolute fave designer. For sure. Of all the things I LOVE so much I can't live without them, I think you alone designed 20-25%
Out of all the designers in the world.

Impressive! :D


That is fun - will you please let us know when the new acrylic stamp set is in the stores/online - I NEED, NEED, NEED that is awesome!

Keep up the great work!

Jenn A.

The funny thing is, I did a search for the Narriatives line recently (trying to find some of the new papers) and when I was scrolling through the products, there were s many that I have used in the past. I just never put it together that they were all the same brand, LOL.

My favorite online store, All Moments Remembered, is carrying the easel albums. I am so excited to finally see these coming out-I can't wait to get my hands on one or two myself. I think they would make great Mom and Mom-in-law Christmas gifts. Here's the link to the CI stuff at the store:


I have that music transparency and never once noticed the typo until I read it here some time ago! LOL! Yes, observation IS my greatest asset, thanks for asking. ; )


Karen, can't wait for the stamps! I've just bought one of the easel albuns, think I'm going back for a second and the self-adhesive lace paper strips came in one of the Cocoa Daisy kits I have (with some other Narratives papers and heart stickers). Love all you create and I have soooo much, just need to use it! Hope you had a great weekend away?


Hi, Karen -

I actually laughed out loud when I saw your Easel Albums at Scrapbook Fever! I'm one of the people who did it the hard way--several times, in fact, and I gave kits to my daughters so they could make them, too. We all LOVE them, and now I'm jazzed about the shortcut. Bought several, mostly pink :-).

When are you coming to Salem to teach 10 Reasons?


it's official. this is the craziest sort of connection to grants pass i've ever experienced. i've been in chicago and run into people flipping through pictures of their trip on the rogue river. i've had a few "whoa, that's crazy" moments. but-- i came across your blog very randomly, and it's awesome that we share the same small hometown :) random. i love the blog world!

the calendar/date designs are out of this world.



Karen, I've never seen those fortune cookie stickers before but I love them! You are such a talented individual and so humble as well. That's what I love about you. Thanks for being such a great inspiration! Have a great week!


Love the paper lace... and alot of what didn't make it! Will they reissue it for a second go-round?

Rebecca Vavic

Karen... I am sure you have 1000000000s of ideas :)
Thanks for sharing, being so inspirational and encouraging...
NOW - your course has sold out!!!
Whats a girl to do?
Bek :)


I happen to LOVE that paper lace!!!


Go figure........I like the fortune ocokie stickers! And Right at Home Scrapbooking has those yummy easel albums in stock - I'm going for the blue!!


Oh this is a great post! I happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE the paper lace! Can't believe it tanked. Now I'll know to snag them whenever I do see them. They're one of my favorites from you. And I just picked up 2 of the frame books on Saturday! My first reaction was "YAY! Karen made it happen!". I know how much you were trying to make those become a reality and they turned out fantastic. I'm making one for each of my sisters who just turned 50 last week.

Mary Lou

I loved the paper lace too so it is hard to understand why they tanked. Ditto on the question of when can we expect you at Scrapbook Fever to teach "10 Reasons".

Tanya Webster

am i a loser because some of my favorite stuff is all the stuff that "tanked" LOL!! I think everything you design is the bestest in the whole scrapbooking world missy! :)


This is my 2nd comment under this blog- ordered the easel albums from Create My Keepsakes the day I read this blog this first time- Friday, right? Got them in the mail this afternoon (Monday)! They are just great- got one in each color (and have the original kit, too). I can't say enough about this item, it's just lovely, sturdy and flexible- you can add more pages as needed from a transparency or heavy cardstock. It's DEFINITELY a winner!!


Well...being that you are my fave scrapbook designer I am a bit partial..... I love those fortune cookie quotes! Can't imagine anything you designed as tanking. I had my LSS order your new line and old line for me at CHA....I even showed her in the catalog exactly the styles I needed. Particularly the cream and black paper with the small die cut edging. I was on my last sheet of it and getting nervous. Love the new easel books...hmmmmmm she better have ordered those too....anyway, keep designing!!

Amy O

There hasn't been anything to date that you've created that I don't love! I've been a fan since the beginning. Now, I gotta go dig up a "Karen Russell" inspired layout I did years ago and post it on my blog. Just showin' ya some love!


I loved reading this post. It answered what had previously been a mystery to me. I remember seeing your fortune cookie stickers on one of your layouts and thinking, "ooh I want those." Then I searched and searched the internet for them. Didn't know they were called fortune cookie stickers at the time. I finally gave up, thinking they were something you created just for yourself and always wondered why you never released them. Now I know. Too bad more stores didn't buy them because I think consumers would have loved them.


Do you have any idea how cool it is to be reading your blog (which I found by way of someone else's and someone else's ...) and then realize that I own most of the items you were showing?! And I love your new items - can't wait to find them in my local stores!! I'm certain you have at least five more years' worth of ideas :)


We have lots of Karen's products in stock in our store and online...

Plus, if you check out this link you might just get an easel album FREE

To see all the products we have in stock go here..


can I just say I love your creations? and how real you are? it's awesome! and it gives me courage to be real too.

Kelly Lanley

OK, I have that paper lace and I LOVE it!!! It goes on/with so many things, and the fact that it is self adhesive rocks my world.
IMHO, it is not a "Tanker"!!!

ady abreu

I loved your post today... I definitely think you are here to stay. Your work is amazing and very versatile. I really love it and I own a lot of it too. Keep up the amazing work and this wonderful blog...


Hi Karen,

I've been an admirer of your work for some time now and thought I'd finally leave a comment on your blog. The transparencies and negative strips you designed have been by far my most favourite scrapbooking products to use on layouts.

I live in Australia and only wish I could get more of your older stuff as I'd love to use them on current pages that I've been working on.

You are a talented scrapbooker and your photography is just amazing.

Keep up the great work you're an inspiration to not only me but to other scrapbookers as well.

Kind regards


Yvette Adams

Really? The paper lace was a flop? I love it!!! It did take me a while to track some down, after I fell in love with it on some of Jamie Waters' layouts. But I got myself the melonberry pack. I'd love to get myself the Bluebell one too.

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