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Karen, your photos always have such great depth of color, it's amazing. These are beautiful. What fond memories you'll have in the future.


Beautiful photos!! You so lucky to have those moments!! Treasure them as long as you can cause you never know when they could be gone forever.


That is what life is all about. Family, Food, Swimming Holes. How many kids today even know what a swimming hole is? That's just awesome.



just love your blog!! your family is just too dang cute!! LOVE ANNIE!!! she's just adorable!! i love when you "write" how she talks!! little "yannie!" and i'm becoming a BIG fan of Ross... especially since he's got a Led Zeppelin shirt!! sigh... memories!! such a cute little family!! thanks for sharing!!


ha! so much fun! what a wonderful family you have:)

what? asian kids? i did wonder who in your family that's asian. i'm asian myself:)

tara pollard pakosta

your family is so blessed!
how fuN!


what a wonderful family day. thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures with us.


Hi Karen! I love the pics of all the little ones playing by the creek. I have always loved Donnie's property and those made me smile. I used to play there as a kid - I remember Donnie having to carry me all the way home after walking up the creek and sprained my ankle. oh man, I still hear about that adventure! Love, Glendy


The scenery is gorgeous! So woodsy and GREEN!!! Love your family pictures. You look so much like your mom--and Annie looks so much like the both of you!

Did Ross happen to see Jimmy Page during the closing ceremony of the Olympics last weekend?

(I wouldn't think Ross would be WATCHING the Olympic closing ceremony unless he heard Jimmy Page was going to be on it!)


I love your blog. Its just so danggonecute! Really tho you are SUPERB at taking lovely pics. And for this, I worship you. Keep going!!

Carrie Hicks

Superman is cracking me up. These are really beautiful Karen. You are so blessed to have this big wonderful family and we are so blessed that you share them with us. Missing the class tons.


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