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Will they be going back on Sept 12th to see the Smothers Brothers? :)

Nita B.

It's such a sweet, but sad day when the "big boys" grow up! At least you got to take their pictures, even with all the "stipulations"! But I have to admit, I would have had to yell something just to embarass them :) I wouldn't be able to resist!

Hope you're feeling better!


I love the fact that G.P. gets Queensryche and the Smothers Brothers. Now that's diversity, lol!
I think they will love to look back and remember someday.


My son went to an Ice Cube concert tonight...I would've been very conspicuously out of place there! that Robert Cray on the board there? Wish I could come down for that!


Oh, a glimpse into my future 10 years from now. I hope my boys are good boys like yours.

Heather V

LMAO...hope your little oats had fun!! THanks for the early morning crack up!!!

tara pollard pakosta

how CUTE is that?!
i would have crossed the street and yelled it HA HA!


Karen...this is just TOO funny! Love it!!! The photo looks really cool too (did you use any actions on it, and if so which ones)?!?

Thanks again for the awesome's just perfect! I just got mine and it's gorgeous. Hope you're feeling better!


LOL! Can't wait to embarass my kids like that!


That's too funny -- I'll have to start calling my boys names like that in public now so they'll be used to it when they get to be that age. On a completely different note, I wanted to tell you that I was in my local scrapbook store the other day with my three year old, looking for another mini album for a new project. He knew what I was looking for, and spotted the display of your easel albums. I already have an easel album that I did from your Snapshots of a good life kit sitting on the table in the living room. He assumed that I was looking for another one like that, trotted over and picked up the black and cream one, and then started going through the papers. We left the store with his choices, and I have to tell you I love them!

Laura Plunk

LOVE IT !!!!!!!

Glad you are home safe and sound and feeling better......

Laura P


you should totally start!

Carrie Hasson

so strange, i too sometimes use honey bunches of oats as a term of endearment (seriously!)...
i also have an aunt in Boston named Karen Russell...
love your work~~
& really love your blog header! so desperately need to spend hours on mine...


You ARE such a great mom.
Smiling to myself here...have done similar things myself when my kids were that age. Have a great weekend.


I stepped out of the car and yelled my 14 yo sons name in front of the high school so he could see me ( I was parked in a different spot) MOM WHY DID YOU DO THAT, DONT YELL MY NAME OUT. Oh Im sorry I thought you wanted the ride home,SHEESSHH. At least they let you get out of the car and do what they knew you were itching to do!

I so wish you would come to So Cal to teach a class, I would be there in a heart beat.


That really is a bittersweet picture.

Makes you want to holler, "And don't TOUCH anything when you go to the bathroom!"



LOL! I don't have sons but i remember that stage with my younger brother. "little honey bunches of oats" just cracks me up!


Yeah, I may start using "honey bunches" myself. Thanks!

stephanie Howell

HA!! love it. or you could have yelled "don't forget your sweaters boys, it might get nippy!!". I SO would have done that. hehehehe


I didn't get a chance to get my picture to Barbara for the book but wanted to thank you again anyway. THe class was amazing and i just loved every minute of it. I also got the binder this past week and i am so excited to put everything in order and go through it all again. You are so amazing! THANKS!

Charlotte Cramer

Hi Karen!!! I just found out that you will be coming to our LSS, Lafayette, Louisiana to teach your photography class!!!! I LOVE LOVE your work and your photography!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! Thank you for coming and I can't wait to meet you!!!!
Charlotte Cramer

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