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Hey glad you took some time off this weekend and really excited for this coming weekend when I will take you photography workshop Sunday!!! Hope it was a great trip for you thou love all the photos

Erica Hettwer

I just rented the Canon this weekend for a wedding that I was "volunteered" to shoot. I was scared to death so I rented it just as an additional safety net! It's a great lens but, I think my next purchase will be the Tamron. :D

Deb Wisker

Awesome pics! And thanks for the lens info too! I'm looking for a 50mm and also looking at a Tamron too.

Jenn Gent

Great photos as usual! I love the one with Annie being a butterfly!

I've been thinking about getting the Canon 24-70 but since I currently have the Tamron 28-75 I'm not sure if I just have a case of "L" envy or if it really would be a better lens. Do you notice a difference? Is it worth upgrading?



how much fun! this is totally my kind of get away. awesome shots - great memories! thanks for sharing your recipe with us too! :)

tara pollard pakosta

yuppers that lense SO ROCKS my every day!
i use it all the time and barely anything else since i bought it!
lOVE these fun shots!

Brooke - in Oregon

Thanks for sharing your camping trip, felt like I had a nice little break looking at your photos! I forgot your little niece was born so close to Kaylie, they are less than a month apart.

I LOVE TRA, they are so much FUN!!

Miss seeing you at NBP :( Still totally bummed about that.

Doing a GNO on the 20th at my house, margaritas and snacks and catching up with friends if you are in the area. Lots of NBP gals will be there.


Awesome photos as always Karen!! I LOVE all the beach shots!!

Laura Plunk

Almost as good as being there, really need a beach break of my own.....

Thanks foe the awsome pics, as always.

Laura P

PS maybe see you at Brooke's ????


It's hard for me to imagine wearing sweaters or jackets in August living here in Texas. Karen, you better pack your thong bikini... it's gonna be in the 100's this weekend here in North Texas and Wichita Falls isn't that far away! ha. Love your photos. That lens takes awesome shots. Your angles (spelling doesn't look right, somehow) are incredible! Looks like a fun time. I admire you for being an outdoor(sie)-girl!


Looks like everyone had a wonderful time - and it's always good to just let the kids wear themselves out getting dirty. Glad you had such a nice time at the beach !


Yeah, Ross!!! Metallica ROCKS!!!! :-)


I love LOVE seeing all your photos!


Love the pics! Thanks for including the info, I hate when people post really cool photos without giving out the secrets, lol :)


loving all the photos, love your HS story, but this just cracks me up

"Funny how when you're a mom, you're always 'base' for any kid who is being chased"
i just sat here giggling, nodding my head, so so true!

have a lovely weekend xx

Carrie Hasson

thanks for sharing all of your photo info, this is a GREAT group of pics! i am shooting Canon and only have a 50mm 1.4 lens right now and have been considering the 24-70L as my next lens. I'm also dying to use the Totally Rad actions, but am only working in Lightroom and unfortunately they don't have anything for me either they develop some presets or I cough up the big dough for CS3 *cough *cough!


I'm so inspired by your blog and photos and really want to start taking better photos - hoping to get into your next class! I'm considering getting the 50mm f/1.8 but alot of the reviews say that it breaks easily (wihtin a year). I don't know if I can spring for the 1.4 right now, but also don't want to waste my money. What do you think?

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