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Tonia Borrosch

OMG....too cute, too sweet and too heart breaking ALL at the same time!!!!! LOVE your stories of Yannie! :) I also LOVE those class notebooks!!! Can't wait to get one! Karen, you are THE BEST! Though I didn't post assignments the class was fabulous and I will STILL complete each and every one of those assignments!


Can't you decorate those pallets somehow? ha. You're becoming World Class, Karen. Y'all might need to move into a warehouse!


oh my...she could not be any cuter!
and you know she'll ALWAYS be yar tiny widdle baby.


Awwww! Yep tho, no matter how old or how big she gets, She's always be your baby. Just ask my 21 year old, 6 foot tall baby boy!


Tanya Webster

super super super super sad :(


She could still change her mind ;) Cute though


Oh, how bittersweet for you. My little bitty baby has wanted to be a big boy for quite a while now, and now that he's 2 1/2, I guess it's true. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow she'll be your little bitty baby know how fickle toddlers can be. I'm crossing my fingers for you.


that makes me sad, too.

keep us posted if it changes please.


Sniff sniff. Bittersweet indeed. Tiny widdle baby or bid girl, she is always adorable.

Rebecca Boyer

Gulp. I've been lurking on this blog for a while...and have grown quite fond of that tiny widdle baby!


awww. that even broke my heart a little! As long as she doesnt stop calling herself Yannie, all will be well! ;)


bittersweet moment. she'll always be your widdle baby in your hearts.

Love the 'salt water sandals'- funny I was just thinking about how my kids wore those every summer and wondered if they were still around.

tara pollard pakosta

oh break my heart! you poor mama!
but i bet she will change it around to her
advantage whenever it will convenience her!
just wait and see LOL!


that is heart breakingly adorable. i loved that. you know she's always gonna be your tiny widdle baby though. :)


Awww, just love it!


I love "babying the baby"! I was never one of "those people"(ha) that rushed my children through their extremely short toddlerhood. Enjoy that precious, fleeting season in her life. Kiss those baby feet while they're still "chubb nuggets" and don't stink. I MISS those days (but wouldn't want to go back now. hee. hee.)
p.s. I like whatever actions you did to that photo--and the angle! Awesome!

Gena - MI


My kids are all teens -- the days go by too quickly! At least my baby (nearly 15) still likes to snuggle!

The binders are beautiful! :) One of these days I'll get to get into a class! Thanks for being a great blogger this week!


Have no fear - my baby boy - - still likes to cuddle with me from time to time. Still falls asleep if I rub his ears softly, and still hugs his Mom everyday. No matter how old (or how big) they get, they are always your baby.


I just adore your little "mini me"! Love how you tell us about her cute sayings and how she changes each day--yup my girl is 20 next week and she's still and always "my tiny widdle baby". She used to to always want to be a baby too--she would say: "I'm not Carolyn, I'm BABY Carolyn!!! LOL!

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