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Are you kidding me? I had to click the link just to be sure...that's a bath fizzy?! It just looks too delicious. I really do want to eat it. Even though I know it's for the bath, that's how perfect it is. Wow!


Seriously? That is not a real cupcake? WOW that is amazing! It looks so real, and yummy!


wow, I was going to say how good that looked!! I want one in my next bath!!

beth s.

Thanks for sharing. My order is being shipped to me today! You'll have to ask her if she got many orders from your post. I think those cupcakes will make great birthday gifts. I'll have to be sure to tell them not to eat it though! I hope I don't forget and eat it myself!!!


I sooooooooooo wish I had some money to spare!! I'd be ALL Over those cupcakes!!!!!!!


Oh my goodness!!!! These are so yummy looking! They are almost too pretty to put in a bath. Thanks for sharing these. I know of a certain little girl who would love them!


thanks for the sale link Karen!! I went and stocked up on my very favorites. I LOVE the apple,peaches and cinnamon and i am trying the new peach lip stuff. YUM!!!!!


schweet! it looks like a real cupcake! i went to the link... and i hope i made jill happy by buying some stuff! i know i'm gonna make all the lucky gals i'm giving these treats to happy woozy!


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