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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Ashely Schultz

Wow! I'm so impressed and excited! I'm really enjoying your class so far. Thanks Karen!

laura vegas

you have totally outdone yourself! i'm loving the class so far, even if i havn't had much time to devote to it yet (kids go back to school on monday though, which should help!). i can tell just how much time and energy you have put into this ... and i think it is well appreciated by all your students!

Andrea Devisser

Wow! These are gorgeous, I can't wait to get mine! :) This binder is seriously the icing on the cake! You really don't miss a beat. Thanks again for everything.

Laura Carter

You are one class act Karen Russell. I can not wait to take this workshop in the Fall!!!!! :)


holy moly! I can't wait to get mine!!!!!!I am sooooo loving the class. it is so well organized and informative. I have found myself actually talking back to you while listening...LOL. yep, crazy here.


WOW - that's incredible!

cheryl smith

Yummy goodness...9/8 on my calendar :)


Wow! I wish your classes weren't sold out... maybe I'll catch the next one.

Nicole Varner


You are a rockstar! Thank you!! So looking forward to getting the binder.. it will remind me of how much fun your class was. I am going through MAJOR withdrawls this week!!! thank you :)

tara pollard pakosta

when you do something, you sure do it with style!
and with all the energy, creativitiy and talent put into it too!
i admire yoU!

Michelle Gauthier

Amazing! Just gorgeous! Now I definitely need to get me that SLR and get into your class. :)


Holy mackarel! That's so cool. Wish I could have afforded to be a part of the elite classes. So excited for your students, they will surely love it.


I couldn't get in to the class yet, but I am totally impressed. That is a huge amount of work! 7 months is pretty close to giving birth, and I'm sure that's about how it felt. Congratulations on getting to the end of it!


Oh gads, that make me even more excited! I am counting the days until our class begins in the Fall! I can hardly wait. The binder/book looks FABULOUS!
Thanks for your talent and great taste! Your cute kiddos aren't bad either. Have a wonderful day!
You could always rent a "pod" for behind your house! :)


okay I've got to get into the next class!!!

Kathy C.

HOLY COW...two pallets worth...can't wait to get mine..please thank your mom and Dotty and of course yourself (pat on the back) for assembling and mailing them out to those of us lucky enough to be in one of your classes!!!


OMG (as my daughter would say)!!! These are amazing Karen...and so are you. Thank you (and thank your Mom & her friend too)!


Oh my goodness I am so excited Karen!! Thank you so much for the binder and class. I miss it!

Barbara Zea

Wow! Thanks so much.


When I see that binder here, the amount of work that you put into it simply boggles my mind! Honestly, my family is getting tired of hearing me say "I can hardly wait until Karen's class in September!!!". But it's true....I can hardly wait!! You are one special lady, Karen!


I cannot wait to get my binder!!! Loving the organization here! I am loving this class so far, this is the cherry on top!!! Thanks Karen (and your MOm and Aunt too!!).

Domestic Chicky

*sigh* sold out.:-) Any chance you'll offer the binder by itself or your classes on dvd?


I have to say that is about the coolest class perk I've ever seen.

Tanya Webster

i LOVE your cute toes showing in one of the pictures LOL!! :)


you are freakin' amazing girl.
reason #2341 i want to get into your photography class: sweet materials. :)
props to your little helpers too!


WoW!!! The packaging is so awesome I can only imagine how totally over-the top-terrific the class is. You do fabulous work Karen, from start to finish. Certainly something to be proud of!


OMG I love it! Who would think you could get so excited over a binder! But I am... I am! So cool!


Wow. I love when people like you are willing to make something generally boring (like a class manual) look totally beautiful, like yours does! I'll have to look into your classes. Good luck finding a place to squeeze them into the house!

amy m.

i am absolutely loving this class and am thanking my "lucky stars" that i got in!! you have totally outdone yourself for this class-it is everything that i thought it would and then some! the work that you have put into making this class what it is has not gone unnoticed. thank you, thank you!


That totally rocks! I love how your signature brushes are on it. I'm so lucky to have taken your first class and looking forward to receiving the awesome thing. I miss being in class already but I"m still practicing shooting everyday. Thanks Karen!


I think you need to get a storage unit now. Would be a tax write-off but I'm sure you already thought of this idea. Fantastic job on the binders.

I love the photos that you took of the concerts in the park. What kinds of music do they have? I went to one in Tualatin, Ore., where people were playing irish folk music and the kidos could play in the water park and it was amazing fun.

Bobbi in KY

totally awesome and unexpected-thanks Karen :)


You never miss a beat Karen Russell!!! You are AMAZING GIRL!!!!!!!!


wow...those look really nice!

Angela K

WOW!!! This is like the whip cream and cherry on top! Thank you so very very much!! I am sort of having withdrawls this week, I miss class alot. I kind of feel like a good friend moved away or something. This class was the best thing that I have done for myself in a long time, I have learned so very much and am so exited about taking pictures! I will keep practicing and learning, and going over the lessons for a very long time I think! You ROCK Karen!! Thank you for a most wonderful experience!!!!


OMG!!! That is so cool, all my papers have ridden around in my tote for the last 10 weeks they are torn, bent and squashed so I will probably re print them all but what a AWESOME home for them. Like Nicole I have been having major withdrawls and great saddness that there is no place to go anymore:( Miss you Lots!!!

Sarah van Wijck

Oh wow!!! I am SO excited to be getting one of these then. What an awesome surprise!!


You are the best!!! LOVING class!




Hi Karen, I just bought my camera and I took your advice and got a 50mm 1.8 lens. I am so hoping to get into your photography class because honestly I am just about lost.
When is the next class? I will look back in your blog and see if I can figure it out. Do you think you will be teaching the photography class at Oasis again?
By the way, Annie is the cutest little/big girl ever.


AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... I would so love to take your class, but my fanschy smanschy point and shoot won't cut it. :( Eventually I'll get a DSLR and take it. I'd love to learn how to use it all!

Carol Dillon

Ohh another reason why I want to get into the class. I will be setting alarms in the early hours of the morning to make sure I get into the next.
And just letting you know the 2 kits arrived safely over in Australia, thankyou so much.


Yummy!!! I can't wait to get mine. Your class was the best thing I've done for myself in a looooooooooooong time!!! For those of you who are thinking of taking it.....DO IT!!!

Nita B.

OMG! WOW! Can I say, I can't wait until my class! Where do you find the time for all of this, I have no idea! I can't even begin to do half of the things around my own house, let alone scrapbook in my "down time".

You aabsolutely ROCK, girl!!



When you said you had 2 "pallets" in your driveway, I didn't really believe you. I thought you were maybe exagerating just a bit. Holy Toledo girl! You have 2 giant pallets in your driveway!!!!!

I can't wait to get my binder. I'm so glad I took your class.

=) Nona


Oh my goodness!! Where have I been??? I didn't know we were getting binders too!! Woo hoo!


WOW, They are GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to get mine so I can fill it up!!!

cindy b

I am SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous! That manual looks yummy!! :-)

Wendy Molnar

Wow! Best class binder ever!! My family is also getting annoyed at me when I say "have I mentioned I'm taking Karen Russell's photography class in September?" They have threatened not to pose for any photos until I stop....... They were, however, impressed by the binder!! Thanks Karen. Can't wait until the class starts!


ACK, I'm SOOOOO excited!! I'm in your September class and I can't hardly stand the anticipation. Seeing these binders sent me over the edge. I didn't even know we were getting anything like that--Bonus! :) And I also wanted to say that I just adore your little stories about Yannie. She is the CUTEST!


WOW Karen! That is the most beautiful binder I have seen. And I get one!! Ok picking up my jaw from the keyboard now....
Thank you again...


You just keep amazing each of us who have taken your class! And if anyone reading this is thinking of signing up for your wonderful workshop I say "JUST DO IT".


wow! You really know how to make "the full package". It's just amazing to me the detail and care you put into everything you touch. I really admire you and the work you do. HUGE kudos!

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