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I don't know how you do it LOL 1300 sq ft ouch! We're a family of 6 (no home business or warehouse LOL) and we're always bumping into each other with 1750 sq ft!

Great usual!


poor coley...didn't even know what hit him.
and I'd give in and be mauled right along with you!


Your more recent pictures have such a wonderful color tone (or undertone? glow? something......) To what do you attribute that to??


Our house is the same size! We are a family of 7, usually. This summer we are short one as our oldest is off working in another state, so we are six too. We have the one living-family-mutlipurpose room also with one couch. I don't know about your kitchen, that area for us is teeny tiny, we call it our 2-bottomed kitchen, 'cause that's all the bottoms that fit at one time!!! I'll agree with you on the 14 million loads of laundry, I have a page I am working on that has one photo of a laundry pile and one of a pile of dishes, that's my life, I thought I should scrap it!!

Jen Cozzens

Great pics! I've been looking for the acid wash action over at polkadotpotato but can't find it. Any ideas? I got the Polaroid Transfer and Vivid Color and your package of frames. Love them!


Great pictures and I love Annie's bikini! Do you remember where you got it?

tara pollard pakosta

these are so fuN!
i love your everyday life shots!
keep em'coming!
you are so inspiring!


Maybe if there was a cool $$$ lens dangling in front of me like a carrot I'd run a mile (then i would die of exhaustion ~ with the lens clutched in my cold dead hand :)) And your house looks like mine with the laundry piled on the (14 year old) smelly couches LOL.....

Dawn Madigan

I love your everyday shots, oh and Annie, ahhhhhh, i just love to see her. I can relate to the many piles, laundry, papers, projects, ebay pile etc~!
Can't wait to see your week!
Dawn M


OK, I always think Annie is too cute for words, but in that bikini...A.MAZING! And I am totally jealous of the new couch. We are waaaay overdue for one, but furniture shopping is really low down on my shopping priority list. Finding that bikini is much higher.


Happy happy, fun photos. Someone once told me that the bigger the house the harder it is to fill it with happiness. Your house seems to abound with smiles and fun. Love it.


Well, no one blames you if you don't blog every day, but I sure enjoy your pictures when you do! You've inspired me to do more post-production processing on my favorite pictures than I have in the past, and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for the inspiration!


I cannot wait till you are back in Amarillo! We are counting the days till we get to dance on the tables again (and see you in a BEAVER shirt!)

Have a good week girl -



love the blog post this week! so fun just hanging out, isn't it?


Our house is in desperate need of new couches too. I try to overlook the stuffing that's pouring out of the corners from the cat's claws, the stained off-white damask cloth that's now tan and gray, and, of course, the dust that flys out of the pillows in direct sunlight. Our next major purchase will probably be a washer and dryer before couches, I'm afraid. boo. hiss. I love your everyday blogging. Makes me realize my life is as "normal" as yours. I'm just a tad envious of new the new couch, ha.ha.


Yes... I did call you lame. And yes... it's best to be lame together.

Paola Norman

Thanks for sharing the everyday life it. Annies bikini is the cutest. Your couch looks pretty good. And hey when you get the bigger house your own beautiful couch will come too.
Have a great day with your wonderful family!


I love the photo of Annie where you pointed out her heterochromia iridis or eyes of two different colors. I actually have the same eyes as Annie, light brown on the left and darker brown on the right. I've only met one other person in my life who had two different color eyes. Our family story is that when I was small, my aunt kept changing the subject when people spoke of my eyes because she didn't want me to get a complex for not having matching eyes like everyone else! Thanks for sharing that - it's one thing that will always make her special and unique.


Annie is so cute! My daughter also has two colored eyes, one brown and one blue. I love it!


i must say... you are fast becoming my favorite blog these days!! your family is so dang adorable!! and love your overlay's and brushes!! got a bunch of'em!! love polka dot potato too!! just need to learn how to use my Photoshop now!! HA! enjoy your day Karen Russell (you have my sister's name!) wink!!

Sasha Farina

what a beautiful everyday moments!

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