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meg duerksen

you always look like you are having a good time karen!
that's the way it should be.


Great pics.
Good times.
Life is great, isn't it? :)

Thanks to your husband for his service to our country.


Looks like the other AF guys enjoyed the company of your children too!


Cute pictures! Love the one of Courtney with her arm through Josh's arm.

I was just wondering why you sometimes refer to Josh as Josh Downs, using his first and last name. Not trying to get personal, just an observation:)

Tanya Webster

every single one of those pictures makes me smile....and the one of courtney with her arm through her daddy's arm makes my heart melt...seriously.


beautiful as always!

Deb Wisker

Good old fashioned family time...doesn't get much better than that!
Congrats to Josh on his promotion!
Great pics!TFS!

Val from Down Under

Love your pictures Karen, especially the one with Annie on the swing. How did you get that effect?


these shots are so incredible. love the ones @ the park! you just have a way to capture the moment! congrats to josh on the promotion! :)


Love the pic of Annie on the swing. She really is getting to be such a bid girl! ;)


Karen, I simply adore how you call your husband by his full name at all times. It cracks me up! There are just some people I have to do that to, too.

I love the ring around the rosey picture! You have such a beautiful family! Congrats on the promotion, Mr. Downs!!!


Oh yay! Congratulations Josh Downs on that promotion!!

The 2nd picture in this thread of Courtney sitting next to Josh with her hand through his arm is priceless. When I looked at it, I immediately thought "THIS is the picture Courtney will treasure for the rest of her life". What a photo! Well... all of them are spectacular! And a big shout out to Courtney for learning how to skip rocks!


So sweet - you can hear through your comments on the pictures how much you love Josh and those kids. Glad you had a nice time and that Josh was promoted !


congratulations to josh downs. wonderful photos!!!


Two questions...
Why is it that as of lately you have been calling Josh by his full name?
And where oh where did Yannie's cute baby chub go?? She is getting tall and losing it all!!!
Yannie can't be a bid gurl yet!


How are you liking the 24-70 f2.8 lens? Do you think that IS is necessary at that length?


Okay, So I've been stalking your blog for about six months now and I know you are a fantastic and knowledgable photographer but can I just tell you...YOUR PHOTOS ARE GETTING EVEN BETTER! Love today's series w/ the family. The pics are starting to take on this dreamy yet classic feel. Way to go woman. Looking at your pics is just so inspiring...and what you've really got going on is seriously capturing all the love in your every day. So very very cool. Not sure if I'm explaining myself well there...but I can just feel the emotion when looking at your photos...and your processing just enhances the emotion! Awesome!


I love, love, love the way you capture moments in time with your photography. Wow, I'm always blown away by your skills. I am SO excited that I am signed up to take your Photography class and Interactive Scrapbooking Class at the Scrapbook Junkie in Houston. I can't wait to meet you!!!! Keep up the great work! Oh, and Annie melts my heart....she is too cute for words!!!

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