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Yep, I'm one of the nerds that signed up for the San Jose class as soon as I saw you were teaching. :) I'm still hoping the B&B (in Ashland of all places) I'll be in on the 8th will have internet access so I can sign up for your 9-week photography class, but I'm thinking they won't. :(


There's something about being sick that makes us more emotional, doesn't it? It's kind of nice, though, to have some weepy moments of joy now and then.

Barbara Zea

It was so *great* to meet you....and look forward to your other classes.


I was excited to hear from you again. (Also known as your posting a blog entry.) I was going through Karen withdrawal. Rest and relax for a little while. And thanks again for the great big binder. It was funny to see the crew working on the mailing and to see all those piles of mailing boxes. Coley was probably thinking "What will Mom do next?" Ha.


Welcome home, Karen. I missed your blog updates but I'm glad you had a wonderful trip. The classes sound awesome. I hope you'll do one on the East coast sometime.
That book you received looks really great! It would have made me cry too. How sweet of them to do that for you. You deserve it!


Thanks for all your hard work for the online class.. and to Barbara for putting such a wonderful book together so fast!!!

I hope you are feeing better soon!


I received my binder in yesterdays mail. Thank you!It's awesome, and you're awesome for leaving a signed note in it! That love note on the door is so sweet, tell Josh he did good. Great pictures on your blog as always.

Melissa J

Thanks for the binder and matching pen! The OCD part of me is a very happy girl right now.
And that note on your front door from Josh Downs melted me...totally.


That Josh Downs sure is a keeper!

And I actually got teary-eyed reading those notes from the women who made you that album... how creatively thoughtful!! And boy if that book doesn't serve as a resume for you, I can't imagine what could! Congrats on the huge success of the class... there was never any doubt.

Ashely Schultz

What a nice gift the students of your first class gave you.

I got my binder in the mail yesterday. Thanks Karen. I love it! (BTW, I am in your current online class and I'm loving it.)


what a wonderful gift your students gave you. i am sure that your gifts to them through your class were just as special. i can't wait til the 8th.
hope you're feeling 100% real soon.


Karen so happy you liked the mini album! It was hard keeping that secret you know LOL. Received my binder and pen also It is so pretty thanks again your the best!


Welcome back Karen! I am glad that you are feeling better.



Y'all...RUN. Do Not Walk to the nearest class being taught by Karen Russell. We had the best time at the One Day Photographer's Workshop.

It's choc full of valuable information and we laughed and laughed the whole day (Karen laughs so hard sometimes she 'snorks' which made me laugh even harder). I loved every minute of it and am so glad to have made the trek with two complete strangers who I can now call friends.

Can't wait to take the online course to solidify ALL the facts we learned in class.

Thanks, Karen! You are The Supreme Easy Cheese Ex-Hygiene Queen and I'm glad to know you too!


wendy reaux

I can't wait to meet you when you come to Treasured Memories in Lafayette, LA. Janet the store owner called to tell me you were coming, we are all very excited that you are coming. I just had a friend call to tell me she read your blog and is so very excited, she said she reads your blog daily! Anyways, look forward to your class...your pictures are fabulous!


Karen I am so glad you liked the album from our online class. I had a great time in that class. I have learned a ton and have the resources to learn more. Thanks so much for the binder and pen. I feel like you are a friend.
Have a great weekend!


Dang! I wish I had a decent camera, Lafayette is only 5 hours from me and my oldest son just moved from there, so I know a few people I could stay with. Oh well, not to be.


Jennifer P

I am so excited that you are coming to Lafayette!!! I will see you in class!!
SO SO SO excited to learn and hear what you have to say!

P.S.: I'm the excited friend in the comment above. lol ;) Can't wait for November! Your class is going to be my birthday present.


hey karen - terri called yesterday to tell me i was famous b/c you posted my name in your blog - i was soooo excited! i can't begin to tell you how much i enjoyed every minute of last weekend. you have certainly found your calling - you are an awesome teacher/scrapbooker/photographer and probably a pretty good dental hygenist, although i'm really glad i didn't ever know that side of you as i have an intense fear of dentists and their assistants - yuck, yuck, yuck. anyway, thank you for being so approachable and just normal like the rest of us - you make us all want to be better in all aspects of our life. i've already practiced some of my newly acquired photography skills at the pool yesterday. my husband took the camera for a while and put the setting on 'auto' and i had to yell at him for that, but otherwise, we got some really great pictures and had a great day at the pool. thanks again for everything and i will be praying for your continued success and good health for you and your family. fyi - my my keyboard is messed up and will not let me use any capital letters - so sorry about all the lower case mistakes, but i just had to write to ya. love you girlie...........


Carrie Hicks

Hey Karen, thanks for the binder, pen, and little note. And thanks Coley for helping Mom out with all that packing. I'm glad you liked the album, Barbara did a fantastic job putting it all together for everyone. I'm so happy I was able to take that class. If I'm ever in G.P. I'm buying you a Dutch Bros.

Thanks again Karen!


Love the minialbum!!!


ok, I have to say, I spent 2 out of the three days with you while you were here in Texas and loved every single minute of it.....and want MORE! :) You inspire me and make me crazy in love with photography over and over again when I learn under you! And, BTW, I finished my "10 Reasons" album last night and cry everytime I show it to someone....and they cry, too! Thanks for the inspiration......I'm already looking for another "10 things" to scrapbook! Glad you made it home safe!


WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! you're coming to California!!! see you in October Darlin!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!

maryjo materazo

i'm about 30minutes from san jose & i'm hoping to get into both of your classes. they're closed today so i have to be patient 'til tomorrow. fingers crossed. i'm also in your next photography session online, so can't wait for that.

Corie in Indy

Karen, I just read your blog post about your grandfather (the one you linked to above), and I have tears in my eyes and a heavy heart. I lost my grandmother two years ago, and I still feel like I never had the chance to tell her exactly how much she meant to me. Thanks for sharing such powerful emotions with complete strangers around the world. I love your blog. Love that it's so real. Take care.


What a great mini-book! You were the Runner Up Mini-Book of the Week at Card of the You can see the original post here:

I did use a picture from your post, with links back to the site and the original post. I hope that is OK. Please feel free to email me if you need me to change anything.

I also have an “I was featured” on badge for you if you want it :D

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