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This is how I learned to edit my photos

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in response to point #7: i AM having a good day, i'm on vay-cay, soaking up some niece/nephew love.

and man, i HOPE you find your way clear to sell the manual for the photography class...i'm just not having any luck signing up for the class, but maybe i might have luck in September...

...but i really, REALLY hope you sell the manual.


I will be up bright and early on sign up day!!

Leslie Collins

Hello Karen,

Found your blog thru another. I was curious to know if you have any plans for teaching a class in Michigan?


Wow, you're a busy lady! That cruise sounds like such fun.


hey karen! awesome pics as always! re: point #5 ... totally understand and it makes complete sense. can you please tell me whether your online class touches at all on post shot instruction/production? in other words, once you've touched on how to take GREAT photos (in RAW??) (because you've already taken your class of course - heehee), do you spend any time on what to do with them once you take them? if not, are you thinking at all on a photographer's workshop II to cover this? i've just received my adobe photoshop cs3 software and figured who would be the best person to teach me what to do with it ... YOU!!! i'm not looking for any magic or huge editing lessons, just the basics. any ideas?? thanks!


Sounds like a best-seller to me!!! ha.ha.

I want to do the class, but like so many others who read this blog, I might be elbow high in spit and can't get away to sign up! (It's already stressing out my OCD-ness! ha.)

I would much rather do the class with your instruction and critique, but if it becomes impossible to get through, that might not be such a bad alternative until we can get a spot. (I'd be willing to pay big bucks for your instruction manual!)


You've been tagged luv!! I'm sure you'll never do it lol.. but I still tagged you. Hope your day is great!!


I am another who would love to see your class binder and lessons offered for sale.

As others have mentioned, my first choice would be to participate in the on-line class, but, the printed materials would be a good second choice in my mind.

I hope you'll consider it!


...well unless you're willing to come East I might not get the chance to take your class. I just popped in here after my friend Marlene (who DID take your one day class) gave me the blog addy.

I just finished my night of work tho and have to hit the hay lol. SO tonight, IF i'm very lucky and work settles down (not real likely in the labor dept hehe) .. I will read thru your Entire blog.

I'm told you are THE best. And I bought myself a lovely Canon 40D and I need to learn how to properly use it. =)

Ok well enuff of my ranting. Off to bed. But I'll be in touch soon. Lemme know when you're in NJ =)~

Beth P. ~ Knoxville

Two things (a question for Karen and a tip for your readers):

1) I just bought the Canon XTi Digital SLR from for $509.99. They're kind of hard to find right now, and that's a pretty good price.

2) Just so I know how urgent it is to get signed up for your online Photographer's Workshop as early as possible.... how many students do you accept per class?


Have fun on the cruise!! I'll probably act like you just described if I ever get the chance to meet you :))

And I'm putting this comment here because I doubt that you'll have time to go back and read it on the correct day - it looks like the camping trip was a ton of fun!! I thought of you all when we drove through Brookings last Saturday. The Oregon coast was beautiful and we walked several beaches. Couldn't believe how hot the sand was at noon though! Thanks for sharing so many beautiful pictures!

And - one more thing - where did you get Courtney's polka dotted swimsuit? Thanks!


Another SB Fever class....I am so there!! (I just hope it's not scheduled for the end of Sept.) I'm also hoping to be one of the lucky ones who get in on your photography class this time around!!


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Hi Folks

Just thought I'd post to say hi. I've been a lurker on here for a while and as a natural introvert, I thought it was time to "man-up" and make myself known.

Anyway, hopefully I can add some value on here and don't get flamed too badly ;-)

Cannon Fodder :-)


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