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oh yummie! cute photo! happy weekend to you! :)




So I guess that means bananas are out, huh? :-)

Jeanette B

ok, I think that's the cutest outfit of all!!! :D


oh cute.... what a sweetie with this shirt - love it


I said it before but Annie is so cute!!!!


Send that picture to Smuckers (jelly people). She's a doll! Thanks for the link to Polka Dot Potato....I just found a place to take a Photoshop class!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!! Y'all have a great weekend.


I always loved it when the blackberries were ripe enough to start picking! Growing up in nearby Gold Beach, we had plenty to choose from as well!

Phyllis R.

Love them blackberries!! I'm farther north than you so it hasn't started here yet. Can't remember if I told you during last summer's blackberry season the trick to getting berry and any other fruit stains out. Don't (DO NOT) try pre-treating it with a stain remover first. Just boil water and pour the water directly on the stain. I do this over my kitchen sink - I lay the article of clothing over the center divider (stain on top) and pour away. The stain just disappears! It's a bloomin' miracle, I say!


Always love your photos of Annie. This one reminds me of picking wild blackberries that grew where I grew up. I still LOVE blackberries, but the wildones picked from the vine are always the best. I wish I had some growing in my yard because now I have a craving for a bowl of vanilla icecream with blackberries. Yummy, enjoy blackberry season at your house!


she is such a doll!!! yummy on the blackberries and I have been shopping for frames after you posted this photo with the frame :)


hahaha!! she is a cutie patootie!! i have pix of my nephews eating/picking black berries too... except then we found out how horribly alergic one of the boys was to blackberries!! and their mom took pictures of the phenominal rash Luke got from them!! ohmydog!! needless to say, their blackberry bush was cut down!!

ca longhorn

she is just too cute! cute frame too!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Very cool site with the actions. This could be a dumb question......but how do actions work? If I bought one, would it be easy to use through my PSE 4.0 that I don't really know how to use????
Kim from Today's Creative Blog

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