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My favorite shot is the one of Coley in the folding chair. Love the angle of it and it makes me want to try more angled shots. So I'm learning from your blog as well as your class -- really getting my money's worth here! Thanks for posting these.


I really enjoyed looking at these trip photos! You told such a story with them that I almost felt like I had been there. Annie looks so adorable in that last shot. I also want to say that I love your ten reasons album - it is BEAUTIFUL! I love the product and page design - you have outdone yourself. Any idea when it will hit LSS's?


seriously that picture of Josh holding Annie is the greatest picture ever, and the last one where it looks like Annie has just about had it is precious! I can't wait to suck all your knowledge out of your head and into mine in the next few weeks! YAY!


those pictures!! that one of Josh holding Annie!!! ohmydog!!! like the gal just said, the greatest picture ever!! you should enter it in every contest and send it to LIFE magazine!! haha!!

thanks for sharing your trip with us Karen Russel (that's my sister's name!! haha!)

lashell darby

Thanks for the link Karen....I had pretty much given up on the fireworks shots.


Hi Karen, I love the photos from your weekend.
I was looking at your blog last night and my son Colin saw a picture of Courtney and Cole and asked who thoes kids are? I told him their names and how I know you. We looked at all the pictures of your weekend and laughed at the picture of the fish "eating" the quarter.
Colin thinks we should start our own blog. Funny how a connection and a moment can come togehter. Thanks!!


Looks like an AMAZING, relaxing time! Good for you guys for going away :) We all need R & R its good for the soul.



the black and white in the bed reading books..........ohhhhhhhhh, I see a poster. Is there anything that screams "family" more? Seriously- what an amazing photo.


Lucky you that you could take your camera on the horse. We've been on two horseback rides lately, one at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington and then here in Washington. Neither would allow cameras on the trail and in KY our pee-wee of a 7 year old was too short and they didn't allow double riding. She had to ride a pony. Looks like we need to head down your way, so I can get the horseback riding shots!!! I am going to read up on "shooting" (ha ha) fireworks now. PS- We've had the laundry arguement too!


Hey Karen---

Sounds and looks like a great vacation!! You did a great job of photographing your weekend adventure. I have a silly question for and your family always seem to come up with the coolest ideas and are always on the go. How do you come up with your ideas and keep so busy between life and work and kids. We never seem to get much done around here and never really go anywhere. Where do you get your fun ideas, do you have a website that you look to or some good books on your area?

Thanks for sharing and love the always!


Amazing photos as always, and thanks for always throwing in a little bit of "keeping it real." Your outings always look so perfect that it's nice to know your kids squabble and whine too. :) What wonderful memories your children are going to have.


I can't believe Josh wore shorts riding a horse. I did that once and got too much rubbing on the saddle for my taste. I rode a lot as a kid even in competitions so that's why I find that strange. :)


LOL! Just noticed that the book Josh is reading is about going to the dentist!!!

Denise H.

Okay I rarely comment but have been reading your blog for over a year now. I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! I have ome question though... I can never figure out my settings in low light situations and your pictures always look amazing. I was wondering what settings you set your camera at for night shots? I shoot with the Nikon D200 and have the Nikkor 135 mm f/2D lense.

Thanks so much!!

Susan Beth Breuner

Oh my gosh! I knew you were a great designer of papers and embellishments, but your photos are absolutely amazing! First time visiting your blog, but it won't be my last! Wow!

Becky Poole (Rebekahboo)

I LOVE your photos. They are wonderful!!! But it must have been a phantom photographer, cause I noticed you weren't at the cabin. ;-) You need to get on the other side of the lens. Can't wait for the new releases to come out. Thanks for sharing.

rachel whetzel

Doth Mine eyes see BEAVER goodies in your photos?!?! I had no idea you were so close to ME!! (I'm assuming you must be NEAR Oregon, if not IN Oregon...

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