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Tonia the shots with the mtns and water as the backdrop...gorgeous! Totally cracked up at the one with Courtney putting on a show for Cole when he was in timeout. Fun shots Karen. Love the idea of the quarter to size up the fish too!

Can't wait to see all of your CHA stuff.


I thought of you on the 4th! I was wanting to try and get some cool fireworks shots. I read up about it online, we went down to see our towns fireworks to meet some friends, it ended up they couldn't come (suddenly ill child) and we went home! Maybe next year!! Crater Lake is always beautiful.


Oh my goodness, Coley and Courtney would fit in PERFECTLY in my house right now! I have a DS (9 next month) and a DD (8 in two months) that seem to spend all day, every day, bickering and picking at one another this summer! Grrrrrr... And my DD would be right there with Courtney dancing and singing away as to most surely annoy her older brother! That is one of her all time favorite ways to tick him off. It is too funny that we seem to be living parallel lives ;-))

Frances M

I'll just say again... I love looking at your photos!


I've argued with mine about doing my laundry before, too. When we moved in together he ruined way more of my clothes than I could gracefully put up with! ;)

Sylvia H

I just learned about you and LOVE your pictures! They are wonderful. I've been reading so much of your stuff I feel like I know you. I am so bummed that you are not from the Northeast but hope you will do a trip back here sometime soon (just saw that you were here not too long ago), I'd love to take one of your classes. I am into photography too, an amateur really, but I've always loved to take pictures since I can remember! Question for you, what is a typekey or typepad? Is this related to having a Blog? I would love to set one of these sites up, any suggestions. Again, LOVE your pictures!!

Penny Smith

Wonderful pictures, as usual!
We don't have lake views like that around here! Incredible!
You still usin' your 50mm here?

OK, so I am so darn lame-I have not mastered even CHANGING my Aperture setting on AV-I so needed your class! But I went to Ranger U instead. {sigh} :)


Sounds like you had a good time with a little side of wearing on the nerves, much like my weekend as well. Maybe that's why I am still so cranky now! Hope that the weekend ended up happy despite all the little stuff. Have a great day, and I hope that Annie is feeling better!

Vicki A

I had to laugh out loud about the laundry fight. My husband and I have had the same fight and so have my sister and her husband. I am constantly telling him, thank you, but don't touch my laundry or our daughter's laundry. He just doesn't get why they can't all be done on warm or hot/cold and then thrown in the dryer on Hot! Ahhhh! :)

Love your pics!


Hey Karen! Love all the pictures! Great job on the fish Coley! Doesn't Josh know you are always supposed to give the credit to the kid! Have a great day!


By the way, I used to have the laundry fight with my husband. He started doing all the laundry when he realized that I had more underwear than he did, so he needed to dictate when the laundry was done not me.

What worked for us is that as he is moving laundry over from the washer to the dryer (we wash everything on cold!), he comes and finds me and asks if something should be dried or not. I have just started hanging up quite a few of my clothes to encourage their longevity. That way the only clothes that are being dried are the ones that I know can handle whatever the dryer may be set on.

This worked really well for us because he is still doing the laundry, and it isn't something I have "taken" away from him, and I still feel like I have some input on what happens with my clothes. Just an idea!

Kathi (Irish Catholic Good Lass from the Midwest who loves Donna Downey too!)

You's amazing to me that the photos you say did not turn out alright seem so great to me...they tell a story and I think that's what's always so important about photography. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

stacy t

please tell me that isn't snow in the background of the lake pics?

and men - they're always wanting to compare sizes huh??


I lvoe these -- thanks for the reminder to take shots of the bad and the good. I could get a good number of fighting and time out shots in any given day, but I could also (usually) get some of their hugs and happy times together too. Maybe I just need to keep my camera around my neck all the time...


You take the best photos ever!!!

lashell darby

I love the pictures did you get the one of the fireworks??? What setting..


looks like it was a fun time. Some year I'm going to get to Diamond Lake for the fireworks. Spectacular photo!


i love this post because a) it looks like you guys had a great time. b) love the outfits for all. c) what a beautiful setting @ the lake and your cabin. d) the pictures are amazing.

i would LOVE for you to share your settings on these shots...i love the way they turn out. beautiful!


Ah, the laundry thing. My husband and I started doing our own laundry years ago. Jon was always getting to the laundry first and he washed everything in cold water, then he hung all this stuff that I didn't think needed hanging. I do as much of my wash in warm water as can stand it and if things aren't tough enough to go in the dryer under gentle heat, they're not tough enough to hang in my closet.

PS Love the pictures of your kids fighting and aggravating each other.

Jennifer Bueck

okay you life always makes me laugh out loud because except for the names and the fact that josh is much cuter than my husband and oh yeah i only have two kids and i live in ohio. I think that your stories are very similar to our life here. keep smiling.



Oooh no i don't think it's odd to argue about laundry. A month or so after the wedding i flipped out over him putting some of my shirts in the dryer. He never did my laundry again. He does his and i do mine. It works fine that way.

Beautiful shots of your family - i had to laugh at the shot courtney dancing in front of cole!


About the kids arguing &'re gonna miss this! Seriously! Having raised three boys, this house sure is quiet now.



Sounds like our beach vacation last week! Ugh! Didn't know I had a twin. ha. Except, MY husband mops the floor!!! I was talking to my sister on the phone one day mad at him for mopping. She said, "OMG! Take a picture!" I said, "No! HE DIDN'T SWEEP THE FLOOR FIRST!!!" ha.ha. He was banned from laundry 12 years ago.

Your kids are precious. Y'all have a great life up there in Oregon. It's absolutely gorgeous!!!


Okay, the very BEST part of the whole post was Courtney doing the dance in front of Cole! You have such normal kids!
P.S. The photos were awesome, as usual.


I love your blog posts and the way you "keep it real"! Some of those photos are fantastic! BTW I also have a husband who won't stop doing the laundry!!! Drives me crazy! He loves to have the house (including laundry room) tidy and has no problem doing it himself (which I love) except that he has not concept of sorting laundry! But since I do less housework than him I appreciate how lucky I am and bit my tongue on the laundry thing!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

we are heading to Crater Lake next week! I can't believe I grew up in Redmond and I've never been there. We are staying at Diamond Lake resort......I hope it's nice. Then we are heading to Wild Life.....never been there either.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

ooops, forgot to add that I love the dancing shot! And that my husband messes with my laundry too.....grrrr I basically now tell him "Do NOT dry anything that goes over my butt" He still messes it up.


we own a cabin in union creek were the mosquitos bad there too ? goin up in a couple weeks and i was wondering. i thought i was the only one whose honest enough to say the kids fight and tend to damper trips. cant wait for your class at s c on the 26.

julie k

i just love your photos. they're beautiful, but they also reflect the normal little moments in life. i also had to chime in and say that i too have a hubby that i've encouraged to 'back off' the laundry! your comment made me smile! :)

Shanna Fudge

I have never seen picture this beatiful before....What an amazing photographer you are....I am beyond jealous.....TFS

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