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Enjoy your week off - well deserved! :) Just wondering which lens you used for this gorgeous photo of Annie?

Angela K

Great photo! Have a good week!


Great picture of Annie! Goodluck with the deadlines!

Shelly VanWormer

I just got back from a long weekend and my kits and album were waiting for me. Just looking through your stuff sends chills up and down my spine with how beautiful it all is. Then I come get caught up on your blog and find the CHA summer stuff up, and again...more chills. I just love your stuff. Keep it coming, even if it means you have to take a blog vacation.


Well deserved!
I just got my kit today. I almost wish I weren't going on vacation, I want to play with this kit so bad!!!! Awesome kit!



Have a great week - I am sure you will be busy!


love your shot of annie
need to order my 10 reasons kit but things are tight until the beginning of the month....hopefully there will still be one by august 1-wink!


what a gorgeous picture!
Can't wait for the photography class! yay! yay! yay!


what a gorgeous picture!
Can't wait for the photography class! yay! yay! yay!

Sara M

First glance at this picture and she looks like Courtney.
Great picture, Karen.
Have a good week.


That is such a beautiful picture! I love how the sunshine highlights her hair and makes it look a different color!


Everyone needs a vacation once in a while! About standing in the river, anything for a great shot!

Laura Plunk

That is just a sweet picture...
11 days until class with you, Yippie
Laura P


wow!!! i love that picture!!!!! she's so adorable!!!

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kathy (kathyb)

Beautiful shot of miss Annie, as always! Thanks for the link to the firework shots article. I just got this weeks newsletter through, and it said there were 2000 new sign ups! I wonder how many they got through your blog?? Enjoy your week off.

kathy (kathyb)

I meant to say I put the tips in the fireworks article into practice - they are on my blog. I was pleased with the pictures I got, however the ones in the article are out of this world!


Ha! Kennedy has that same swimsuit. Gotta love Gymboree! :) However, I don't think I could ever get such a cute shot of her in it. Even if I stood on my head in the river...I need your photography class. :)

DawnS this picture of Annie (and I can just see you standing in the river...wish someone had gotten a photo of THAT)! Enjoy your week off from blogging. Something tells me you might be using some of that time commenting on a "few" photos from your class!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

Have a fantastic time with your family! That picture is gorgeous BTW... nothing is more beautiful than a picture of a child that doesn't know they are getting photographed!


HOLY CARP! What an AWESOMELY delicious photo of your daughter! I just love, love LOVE your photography! (doesn't hurt that you have a family of *super models*!) Hope you're getting some much needed rest!



What the.....your week is up, must have pictures!!!!!! just kidding, get your schtuff done!


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